18 June 2024

Truths and inspirations for 18 June 2024

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My hope for these posts is that they will provoke thinking, not mere agreement or disagreement.  If I can get you to consider even one idea which you would not previously have entertained, or which would not previously have occurred to you, then I've succeeded in what I'm trying to do.

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These days YouTube is basically in a state of open war with its viewers.

France, with each district colored based on which party got the largest number of votes (not necessarily a majority) in the recent European Union Parliament elections.  Dark blue represents Marine Le Pen's Rassemblement National party.  They came in first everywhere in the country except the inner Paris metro area.

The vote for independence in 1991 was overwhelming.

All who eat of it are complicit in it.

Note the date -- this person posted this eleven years ago.