07 March 2009

Best of the Infidel, 2008

Much of 2008's posting was election-related and no longer very relevant, but these may be of some interest.

Six important ideas

The relentless carnage


The Old Testament is a forgery

The deluge

Holy shit!

Debating transhumanism

Claiming our rightful destiny

The Democratic party's class problem

Anti-gay fanatics are weird

How to deal with global warming

The road to energy independence

Hysteria over a cracker (1)

Hysteria over a cracker (2)

Religious ideas are not interesting or profound

Against death

Responses to pro-death arguments

How to deal with a shady landlord

Why I favored McCain over Obama

What is nationalism?

An epiphany of swine

The operation

Should PUMAs form a third party?

The bullies' last stand

How badly did McCain really do?

Obama's citizenship

The world's biggest health problem

Still melting.....

Technology, freedom, and space colonies


Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

I just wanted to point out my favourite's of the "Best of 08" here Mr.Infidel.

They are 1)Debating Transhumanism
2)Against Death 3)Response's to pro-death arguement's 4)What is Nationalism?

First of all ...in the current era of the species...I think Nationalism is healthy..or I know it's healthy.

On the topic's of anti-aging, anti- death,artificial intelligence, Transhumanism..and related subject's...I found these subject's of importance. At this time I dont feel there is enough of this discussion in the mainstream. All of what you are talking about is going to be the "saviour" of the species, but this time "for real".. not some prophetic talk, a species to come that will trump any of the human species there ever was. And NO, I am not saying this because I am in my 50's,or am a sci-fi fan, which I am not. But I know this is the future of the species and much more to come. How do I know? That isnt important, nor do I have discussion's about it.Folk's are free to believe what ever they want...and die all they want to, or at least pretend that is what they want and think, simply because they know nothing else at this point.

I'll shut up now, thank you Sir...

BTW, one more thing, when the species does evolve to it's next stage,it is THEN that Nationalism wont be needed,or nuclear weapon's, or pretty much anything that we need now...period.

08 March, 2009 06:40  

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