10 October 2020

To the trolls

OK, it's obvious by now that you have the reading comprehension of coleslaw, but please pay attention as I try to explain this in the plainest and simplest language possible (normal readers, who I assume already get this, can disregard).

I really don't give a rat's ass if a man wants to claim he's a woman or vice versa.  I think the concept is balderdash, but hell, whatever floats your boat.  What I do have a problem with is the specific, concrete dangers to women and infringements on their rights which arise from certain actual applications of trans ideology in the real world, such as incarceration of biologically male sex criminals in women's prisons, or allowing biological males to compete in women's sports, or giving biological males access to shelters for battered women which are supposed to be male-free spaces.  That's the issue.  Then there's the fact that in some countries hormonal treatments that disrupt normal body development, with life-long consequences, are being given to children too young to meaningfully consent -- most of whom are probably just normal gay people but have become persuaded, thanks to this fad, that their feelings are evidence of transgenderism.

It's like my opposition to religion.  The problem isn't that some people believe that the Earth is 6,000 years old or that they'll get 72 virgins in the afterlife or that a child molester can transform a cracker into the flesh of Jesus by reciting some Latin phrases over it.  Such beliefs are obviously ridiculous, but that isn't the issue.  The issue is when people with those beliefs try to ban abortion for everybody, or plant bombs in the subway, or hold super-spreader church services during a pandemic, or try to revoke gay people's right to marry and live normal lives.  That's the problem.

You can self-identify as a hammer-headed shark for all I care.  But if you start biting people, I have a problem with that.

Meanwhile, your relentless trolling of this blog (invisible to readers due to comment moderation, but it keeps on keeping on) has convinced me that you're mentally unhinged in ways I would never have expected.  You never have the guts to click through and challenge the writers I link to, who say the things you don't like -- you just hassle me for linking to them.  When I wrote my first and only post on the topic last year, I imagined this to be a simple difference of viewpoint like any number of others which arise when one writes an opinionated blog.  Your incessant troll commenting has shown me you're obsessive and deranged.  Probably every single reader of this blog could find some post of mine, or some link in the link round-ups, that they disagree with -- even strongly.  None of them behave like you do.  That impression is reinforced by the menacing and ludicrous rage I see directed against people like Rowling or Navratilova for expressing Incorrect Thought, and against anyone else who challenges your delusions.  After seeing this and this, nobody will ever convince me there isn't some kind of dangerous mental aberration at work.

There are a million blogs on the net which express ideas I find wrong or even abhorrent.  If I find someone's views to be intolerable, I just quit reading and go elsewhere.  I don't hang around for months pestering the blogger with troll comments.  That's abnormal behavior.

In short, your OCD has transformed me from someone who casually disagreed into a deeply-committed opponent.  All you're doing now is doubling down on that.

But no, nobody will ever see it.  As I've said before, this is a blog, not a debating forum -- and I'm not obligated to provide a platform for views I find repugnant or hateful or insulting, or for arguing and bickering I find wearisome.

I'm not persuaded (or intimidated) by harassment.  I don't care about "woke" taboos, and I'm not going to do a cringeing soul-search every time you throw a stupid label or an irrelevant link at me.  So fuck off.  You are wrong.  Deal with it.

[Comments are closed.  This is a one-way broadcast from me to the assholes.  Please respect that and don't post responses to this in the comment threads on other posts.]