06 March 2009

Stimulus, schmimulus

OK, so the $787 billion "stimulus plan" is now a done deal. I guess this gargantuan misbegotten Cthulhoid abomination is the best we could have expected from the political system as we have it. But is it the best was to jolt the economy out of a recession?

$787 billion divided by 210 million adults in the United States is $3,750 per adult. If they want to spend that much to stimulate the economy, then just mail a check for $3,750 to every adult in the country and I can guarantee there will be plenty of spending. But they don't want to do that -- they want to spend the money on a bunch of programs so that administration (bureaucrats) can bleed off a good share of it, and the rest can be directed to companies that have lobbyists and connections, and maybe some benefit will trickle down to the average person in a year or two, after the economic crisis has already come to its natural end anyway.


Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

I'd bet my Dallas Cowboy's training short's(my favourite short's BTW)if we mailed a $3700 check to every adult in this country...the economy would jolt into high gear so damn quick, that even CitiGroup wouldnt know whether to crap,wind their watch,or text message their personal broker's! :)

06 March, 2009 07:38  

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