26 March 2017

List of posts on the European Union

Looking back on all these, I see more clearly than ever a pattern of rebellion against the anti-democratic EU gradually becoming more organized and politically successful throughout the various member countries, with last year's independence vote in Britain being a natural organic next step in the process -- and doubtless to be followed by other countries breaking away.

The EU elections (June 2009):  Some anti-EU parties really are "far-right"; others are not.

The EU elections (2) (June 2009):  Election results show the magnitude of mass discontent with the EU.

Europe's crisis: the people will be heard (January 2011):  The EU, as its own founder acknowledged, was always designed to unify Europe by deceiving the masses.

Political upheaval in Finland (April 2011):  An early example of revolt against sclerotic consensus politics.

European resistance (June 2011):  Revolt spreads, south and north.

Land of discontent (October 2011):  The worst examples of, and damage from, Republican-style austerity policies are in southern Europe, not the US -- and people are getting angry.

Europe: the empire vs. the nations (November 2011):  The EU's war on democracy and national sovereignty comes out into the open.

The EU delusion (December 2011):  Claims of an emerging trans-national "European identity" reveal staggering levels of arrogance and self-delusion.

Britain's new defiance (December 2011):  Early signs of resistance.

The liberation of Europe (April 2012):  Further signs of resistance.

The liberation of Europe -- France leads the way (April 2012):  Socialism wins, nationalism emerges.

The liberation of Europe -- socialism rising (May 2012):  Socialism is a revolt against the EU's disastrous austerity policies.

The euro crisis -- the basics (May 2012):  The EU's chronically problem-plagued common currency, and why the EU can't be like the US.

Bullies blind and oblivious (April 2013):  Historical memory and the sinister psychology behind the EU's cruel austerity policies.

France's nationalist wave (March 2014):  The stances of Marine Le Pen's National Front party, and the reasons for its success.

Nationalism resurgent, from Donetsk to Donegal (May 2014):  A "political earthquake" brings wins for anti-EU forces everywhere.

Cultural nationalism (June 2014):  Nationalism can take forms other than political -- this post uses examples from Britain.

Europe's refugee problem in perspective (September 2015):  The intense political reaction to Middle Eastern refugees in Europe belies the relatively small number of those who have gone there.

Declaration of independence? (June 2016):  The issues in the British referendum.

Independence!! (June 2016):  The land of my ancestors finally votes to leave this anti-democratic project.

Brexit under way (April 2017):  The real issues at stake in Brexit.


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