03 February 2008

Best of the Infidel, 2007

Recently passing the 1,000-posting mark has brought home the realization that 1,000 is a heck of a lot of postings. So at the risk of appearing to blow my own horn, I thought I'd put together a list of the ones I think are most worth reading. This is just for 2007. I'll do the same for 2006 later.

Pessimism and paralysis

How to argue on the internet

Cultural appeasement

Fermi's Paradox

The deadliest battle in history

Uploading the mind

The supercomputer and the musket

The longing for defeat

Taking a stand for life

Debunking the stagnation argument

Debunking the boredom argument

The wacky world of creationism

The conspiracy-theory mentality

What's going on in Russia

An important point about illegal immigration

Establishment of religion vs. national unity

The obesity epidemic

The day the Christians tried to "get" me

My trip to Kiev (see also here and here)

Why the rightist and leftist lunatic fringes aren't the same

How I decided to support Hillary (see also this)

My Aubrey de Grey review

Is Islamic imperialism "fascist"?

Speculation on life after death

The persecution of Christians in America

My visit to CHCI

The decline of America

Ideology vs. stem-cell science

Insularity, elitism, and the internet

Humans are apes, first and foremost

Religious fanaticism is rooted in fear of death

The fight conservatism needs to have


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Bookmarked to read while working, very impressive for a regular guy.

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