19 June 2021

Resources on trans ideology

To be updated as I discover new items to include.

The famous JK Rowling post -- read it for yourself to see that there's nothing hateful or bigoted there

Threats of violence compiled by TERF Is a Slur blog

Threats of violence compiled by Jane Clare Jones, with extensive commentary

Threats of violence and projection

Violent crime, persecution of dissenters, and more threats

Silencing women about biology

Vile misogynistic insults

Men in woman's sports

The "murder epidemic" myth (more here)

Psychological effects of transitioning

Effects of lupron (puberty blocker) (1)

Effects of lupron (puberty blocker) (2)

More links on puberty blockers (scroll down)

The "cotton ceiling" concept

Pressuring lesbians into sex with males (1)

Pressuring lesbians into sex with males (2)

Sexual and other violent crimes

Sex crimes including attacks in bathrooms and other women-only spaces


Butterflies and Wheels (Ophelia Benson)

But This Never Happens

Dead Wild Roses (Canadian)

Jane Clare Jones

Legal Feminist UK

Peak Trans Stories



Hallucinations Are Nations (snarky Twitter account)

Lesbian and Gay News

Merched Cymru (Welsh activist group)

Ovarit (discussion forum, mostly women-only)

Sex Matters (UK activist group)

Transgender Trend

Woman Are Human (news)

Women's Liberation Front (news/activism)