18 April 2010

List of posts on healthy life extension

This is easily the most important topic I write about, so I'm assembling links to all my posts about it in one place for easy reference (will be updated as necessary).

Review of Aubrey de Grey's book Ending Aging (technological feasibility of radical life extension in the near future)

FAQ on common objections (to be updated as necessary)

Debate with a Wiccan on life extension

Discussion with Mendip on threats to life-extension technology

Some further observations on the above discussions

Debunking the stagnation argument

Debunking the boredom argument

Our present situation is intolerable and should be treated as an emergency

Our present situation is an outrage

The most important thing that happened in 2008

Achieving immortality is natural for humans

Aging robs humanity of creative talent just as war does

Humanoid robots are a step toward artificial bodies -- and we're making great progress on brain-machine interfacing


Anonymous Janni Lloyd said...

You may enjoy reading my paper 'Healthy Life Extension / Physical immortality - the mass possibility' http://drjannilloyd.wordpress.com/

I agree with you that this is a very important area for humanity to consider.

Cheers Dr Janni Lloyd

06 July, 2010 07:59  

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