06 September 2014

List of movie review posts

Like the list of book reviews, this will be updated as necessary.

Agora (2010):  The story of Hypatia, the woman whose life and death came to symbolize the fall of Classical civilization.

Carol (2015):  Romance in a dark time, but with a happy ending, for a change.

District 9 (2009):  The originality of this South African science-fiction film puts Hollywood's endless sequels and rehashes to shame.

Frozen (2013):  The colossal pop-culture phenomenon carries a subtle but powerful message of self-liberation.  On claims of a hidden pro-gay agenda in the song "Let It Go", see here.

Frozen 2 (2019):  An beautiful and worthy follow-up with many points of interest, even if it leaves the is-Elsa-gay question ambiguous.

Ghost in the Shell (2017):   A visually-stunning and philosophically intelligent film dealing with issues we'll actually face in the not-too-distant future.

Lincoln (2012):  A superb exploration of the messy moral ambiguities of real-life politics.

Prometheus (2012):  The Alien prequel clutters up its SF with too many religious themes (I'm a lot less impressed with the movie now than I was when I wrote this).

V for Vendetta (2005):  A visually-brilliant, morally ambiguous fantasy of rebellion against fascism in a future Britain.

The Wicker Man (1973):  Two views of paganism, both thought-provoking, and good music too.


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