04 January 2016

Best of the Infidel, 2015

Architecture hints at the greatness of Middle Eastern civilization, despite the religious barbarians infesting part of the region.

Now that the battle for gay marriage in the US is won, I turn my attention to these other battles.

The internet is giving rise to a new, "hyper-modern" dialect of English (and it's exposing us to the dialect of the enemy).

Never forget the truth about the Civil War.

Ad-clog is ruining the internet.

Here's why Hillary Clinton is my candidate.

Know the enemy.  It's important.

Gay marriage is a decisive battle in a very long war.

The Middle East is part of the same civilization as ourselves, fighting the same internal fight (if you read only one of my posts for 2015, let it be this one).

Events in Syria and Ireland make this the worst of times and the best of times (related post here).

The Conservative party victory in Britain's election probably dooms the country to break up.

People who want to compromise freedom of expression are the best illustration of why it must not be compromised.

The Christian Right indulges in absurd persecution fantasies.

On Independence Day, we had much progress to celebrate

This year, Pluto changed from a dot to a world.

Donald Trump is Mr. Hyde to the mainstream Republicans' Dr. Jekyll.

But it's not just Trump -- the Republicans in general are extremists (more here).

Decriminalization of sex work is a vital cause to fight for, but one must make allowances for allies who are not yet on board.

If Trump became President, he would plunge the US into a disastrous feud with a rising power.

Movie review:  The Wicker Man.

The flow of Syrian refugees into Europe is only a small part of the real problem.

There's another regime in the Middle East almost as barbarous as Dá'ish.

A murder sixteen centuries ago marked the fall of Classical civilization.

There are good reasons why the Christian Right focuses so much on popular culture (and why their efforts are doomed to fail).

Call it Dá'ish as the Arabs do, not ISIS or ISIL.

We must marginalize extremists regardless of religion, not succumb to the lie of a "clash of civilizations".

Dâ'ish is being defeated.

I review events of 2015.


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