03 January 2017

Best of the Infidel, 2016

The Middle East's historic dominant power is re-emerging.

Musical re-editing of videos is fun.

We're better off being unnatural.

US culture has turned against homophobia (and this remains true despite the election result).

Much of the most interesting stuff on the internet originates from one rather small country.

Americans still can't cope with lesbianism in global pop culture.

One of the world's most important books is now in one of the world's most important languages.

Here's why I can no longer be an anarchist or libertarian.

The Orlando massacre cast a bright revealing light on bigotry and stupidity.

The land of my ancestors has declared its independence from an imperialist, anti-democratic quasi-superstate.

This one time, teh stoopid was too much for me.

Here's to ten years of bloggery.

Do wingnuts need sanctuaries?

The rise of the Trump movement holds important lessons.

Perhaps it's time to consider dividing the US into two separate countries.

Mistah Chick -- he dead.

Liberals can guarantee a permanent Republican majority by doing this.

Trump is basically a con man.

Trump isn't Hitler, he's Gilderoy Lockhart.

The Electoral College is a form of minority rule.

I salute an unusual and fascinating blogger.

Rogue One is the latest wingnut target in the culture wars.


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