18 December 2016

Link round-up for 18 December 2016

Annoy your fundie neighbors with this festive Flying Spaghetti Monster display.

Gingerbread house?  This is a gingerbread house.  For Star Trek fans, there's the gingerbread Enterprise.

Vegetables terrify cats, apparently.

Still looking for that perfect book for kids?

Beware of the dog. Well, maybe not these dogs.

Check out this amazing variety of skull-themed art (found via Lady, That's My Skull).

Libraries are outdated, right?

Read the amusing Trump Grill(e) review that got the President-elect in his latest snit.  I'd prefer this restaurant.

Turn around, bright eyes.

Even benches can be works of art.

This Lovecraftish-looking critter really exists.

Paulie's Penguin Playground entertains kids and raises money for cancer.

Please support the UnSlut Project.

Can we somehow put this guy in place of the real one?

Hackwhackers looks at Rogue One.

Yes, you can judge beliefs.

Paranormal "researchers" reveal the true cause of homosexuality (found via Fair and Unbalanced).

Don't believe anything the fundies say unless you've fact-checked it.

Here are some sensible principles for atheists.

Sometimes people aren't what you expect.  But sometimes they're worse.

Michigan is the first state to allow self-driving cars to operate freely -- but are they really ready?

Teen drug use is at an all-time low.

Kentucky's Governor should have been careful what he wished for.

A church in Maryland is being fined $12,000 for giving homeless people a place to sleep.  Why don't those wingnut "religious freedom" laws defend churches in this kind of situation instead of just targeting gays and abortion?

Badtux has some politically-incorrect observations on labor.

USA is number one!

These people exist.

Daryl Davis fights the KKK in his own way.

An ancient bigotry flares anew.

Stonekettle Station looks at the wingnuts' world of delusion.

Trumpanzees respond to critics.

Remember Joseph Beyrle, who showed the original "alt-right" who was boss.

Yes, Wikileaks is a tool of Russian propaganda.

Nativity scenes can be fun.

This is winter in Finland.

Many people hugely overestimate the number of Muslims in their countries.

Here are some before-and-after pictures of Aleppo.

One of the year's top science stories was a potential Alzheimer's breakthrough.

Top stars don't want to perform at Trump's inauguration, so he's reportedly offered ambassadorships to promoters who can bag big names.  (He should have just made the offer directly to the stars -- I'm picturing Lady Gaga as ambassador to Saudi Arabia, say.)  Then again, what will the audience be like with these guys around?

Finally a real leader!

David Frum tells Trump off.

"Walls work"?

Help those who will be fighting Trump on the legal front.  Here's more on resistance.  Be ready to join the coming backlash.

"GOP" now stands for something new.

The warped spirit of Ayn Rand will saturate Trump's administration.  But civil servants can resist him.  He's already backing down on some things. And he's made a serious mistake in insulting the CIA.  He's not the first to disregard intel briefings.

Trump brutally humiliated Romney, but remember that Romney too was a champion liar in his day.

Person of the Year?  Here's a couple of better covers.  He's a clever boy.

Evan McMullin has some inspirational tips for life under Trump (found via Hometown USA).  Trumpanzees are starting to realize what they voted for.

What are the chances of an Electoral College surprise?  Here's what the Electors are up against.

Max's Dad looks at Trump's cabinet -- more in this post.  George Takei has his own take.  The newest member of Trump's team is a defender of animal cruelty.

Michigan's recount was aborted, but we still learned things.

Trump's attack on union leader Chuck Jones isn't going down well.

Better days are coming.


Anonymous Zosimus the Heathen said...

Re the "these people exist" link, I remember a similar blog to the one you linked to (blowed if I can remember what it was called, though!), which featured lots of photos with an "America: then and now" theme. On the upside, it had some great historical pictures on it; on the downside, it had a fairly unsubtle message of "America is in decline because of uppity darkies/an erosion of traditional gender roles/increased tolerance of "deviancy"/[insert other favourite right-wing bugbear or boogeyman here]". Needless to say, the version of American history it promoted was rather distorted to say the least: the past was portrayed as positively utopian, while the present was a virtual hell on earth. Ironic how a couple of the comments on the post you linked to are speculating that the old man in the picture was a veteran (and how far he's "fallen" if that's the case). "Yeah," I found myself thinking, "if he was a veteran, he was probably fighting dumbfuck Nazis like you wankers!"

Re the bikers for Trump, I can never get over the fact that despite frequently portraying themselves as the scourge of conservative, churchgoing society, outlaw bikers so often seem to share the politics of that selfsame society*. That certainly seems to be the case here in Australia too, at least if the opinions that were frequently expressed in the outlaw biker magazines I use to buy on a regular basis were any indication. It drives me nuts sometimes, mainly because I can't deny that there's something cool and badass about bikers. It's just that the political leanings so many of them seem to have - ugh!

*It's also ironic that so many of them seem to idolize the Nazis, when those same individuals would've no doubt regarded them all as a bunch of "asocials" and tossed them in a concentration camp!

19 December, 2016 01:23  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

People like that aren't good at thinking things through. (There are even Russian neo-Nazis, of all the ironies.) They're seduced by dramatic imagery and vent absurd prejudices without noticing their incoherence.

20 December, 2016 04:27  

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