11 December 2016

Link round-up for 11 December 2016

Check out this cat watching a horror movie.

".....so I don't like labels."

Dave Allen pwns religion.

Keep doing what you do.

Pop culture matters -- it really does.

Here's a Trump joke.

Don't force vegetarianism on carnivorous pets.

He wanted to be an artist.

Best crash survival ever.

Don't censor others -- you are responsible for yourself.

Alphabet fail!

My home city takes aim at the obscene wealth of the oligarchy.

Abandoning a deeply-held delusion is hard (read the comments too).

Twitter is contributing to extremism and polarization.

It's easier to get away with racist violence, but the media can still help bring justice.

We can win the fight to save Medicare -- if we really do fight.  Same with the Republican plan to wreck Social Security.

Stop celebrating sexism.

This list of the ten happiest countries holds few surprises.

Here's a book of notes from a small island.

Tuesday, Dec. 6 was Finland's itsenäisyyspäivä (independence day), a patriotic occasion.  As a sovereign state, Finland is 99 years old.

This town can't be real (actually, it's in Colombia).

The Russian regime has a nasty new tactic against its enemies -- framing them for child pornography.

He watches over us.

Who is the real burden?

The Cassini probe's final mission takes it to the north pole of Saturn.  Here's a glance in the other direction.

We may be able to search for life on Europa without having to drill through miles of ice (found via Mary Madigan).

It's time to recognize the worst killer disease of all.

Alzheimer's can be treated with light therapy, at least in mice.

The new regime looks like it may target scientists who reveal uncomfortable truths.

Putin stole our electionWhat will our two parties do about it -- and about possible collaborators among us?  (Maybe now Americans will start to get why Iranians were so angry about the overthrow of Mosaddegh and re-imposition of the Shah.)

Hackwhackers noticed something interesting about that Time Trump cover picture.

Republicans don't want to let the Indians win one.

Want to boycott all of Trump's businesses?  There's an app for that.  And what's he up to with Romney?

Trump won partly by exploiting the Dunning-Kruger effect.  And Stein was this year's Nader.

Pence's new neighborhood welcomes him with flags.

Regretful Trumpanzees practice selective indignation.  But save your sympathy as they reap what they voted for -- did anyone ever doubt that Republicans are hypocrites?

"You are not fooling anyone. You're scared, and overwhelmed, and you have absolutely no idea what you're doing. And it shows."

Trump is bringing people together.

Who's going to educate this dumbass about the outside world?

Badtux looks at minority rule and how a break-up of the US might play out.

Renegade Elector Christopher Suprun says there are more like him. Some of them are at Hamilton Electors.


Anonymous NickM said...

Very little would surprise me about Russian "antics". But the UK doesn't help. Kiddie Porn here is almost an obsession. You in the USA have your war on drugs. We have this. We have exceedingly draconian laws. It is illegal as a strict liability to possess an image that might be construed as representing a minor. Even a crude drawing if a reasonable person thinks so. That is the wording of the law. And no birth certificate or model release form is gonna get you off. By which I mean if there is an old copy of The Sun showing Samantha Fox "showing her assets" on page three in my attic then I am a child pornographer. That I didn't buy it is no defense. That when Sam posed at the age of 16 was legal at the time (but isn't anymore) is also no defence. Nor is it a defense that the very reason Sam posed for the Sun was here "large naturals". It is vicious and arbitary.

11 December, 2016 03:39  
Anonymous Zosimus the Heathen said...

The Trump joke made me laugh. America's smartest president indeed!

Interesting piece about the folly of trying to put carnivorous pets on vegetarian diets. Years ago here, some twit wrote a letter to my local newspaper's daily advice column, asking how she could put her cat on a vegetarian diet. The person responding gave her very short shrift, basically saying, "You don't, you fool!" (only a little more politely!).

I'll be very charitable to the guy who didn't know what the N in NAACP really stood for, and assume he thought it meant Negro (which I gather is still a fairly taboo word in the US nowadays, but not quite as bad as the other "N word"). He reminds me of people I've encountered online who think that the USA should be renamed the USSA because Obama's a filthy commie or somesuch nonsense. Obviously these folk don't realize that the R in USSR didn't stand for Russia!

The Colombian town was trippy. I'm sure there's a joke to be made linking it with that country's reputation as a major drug producer!

NickM, unfortunately there's a lot of hysteria about child porn and paedophilia here in Australia as well. It's gotten to the point where I hesitate to have any pictures of children at all in my possession, and I'll often think twice about making any positive comments about a child's appearance. I've also noticed the staff at some bookstores acting very strangely towards me if I'm in the children's section (which I often am - I like to see how many of the books I remember from my own childhood are still being published and sold!), which can be more than a little annoying. I also remember my father lamenting how hard he sometimes found it working at a school, which he did for about ten years before he finally retired. According to him, if he had to walk across the schoolyard during break periods, he'd feel compelled to make a conscious effort not to look at any of the students; to do otherwise, he said, was just asking for trouble.

12 December, 2016 03:33  
Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

I noticed alot of stuff here about the Trump/ GOP thing, I'm not much into the funnies part of it, but, I would hope hope that Dem's give them the same deal that they gave Obama for the last 8 damn years ... if I were a Dem on the Hill, I would f'n filibuster and buck every goddamn f'n thing they propose ... f**k all them bipartisan grand bargains or the other crap. I hope the GOP dont get a goddamn thing done frankly ... and Trump is a lazy SOB as far as politics, or it is as stagnant as they alwayz love it to be ... I'm sick of this shit man, the games, the bullshit, and all of it.

I know about the new "saving" Social Security transformation/ expansion talk and plans that been going on, even with the establishment Democrats, I cant remember the guyz name off hand (but he is a Wall Street hustler that worx with etablishment Dem's), but he was trying to design a new plan for the the left to negotiate with the right to try to meet some common ground or deal (guess it aint that bad, but have to see what the entire draft is). Basically the idea is what I gather, to start a new type payroll tax of sort, say 3-4-5% (wild estimate) ... this would supplement the existing SS (run alongside, but a separate entity, that would be managed strickly by Wall Street for investments) ... it would though be a mandatory legislated tax, that would probably replace the last 401K's hustle/ gig, but be made mandatory (kind of deep to get all into it here). The bright side I guess, would be that it can act as a separate gig, so they dont dip into the other ... but the legislation could get tricky on that, things like dipping into one for the other or whatever ... I mean ... they got that original SS $2.5 trillion trust ... I know they want a piece of it anyway you slice the situtation, Wall Street hustlers look at it as "sitting money, dont make money" ... as far as they're concerned, everything should be game for the gamble/ investment. I dont know guy, these SOB's are slicker than owls shit. I do expect if they did just try to focus on f'ing with existing SS without some deal like I mentioned to milk a few extra bucks on a side gig ... many American people will be outraged on both damn sides. The Medicare/ Caid gig or whatever ... you know what they want to do to that ... you know, the $7K voucher scam, that will be put into accounts to only use as you need it, while in them accounts, will be also subjected through some tricky legislation to have it managed and invested by someone. Frankly, $7K grand a year, wont get you shit in todayz med market in America. Enough from me on this crap, because I expect the bite somehow.

Anywayz guy ... some other good links here ... beautiful neighbourhhod colours in Colombia ... excellent Cassini photos of Saturn's North Pole too.

Geeezz ... I wondered if those pencil drawings of grandma in the 1030's were real, they looked so good!

Poor cat having to watch a horror flick ... I felt sorry for the little guy actually .

What a story about raising taxes in Portland on those with big bucks!! I started to laugh, trying to envision if they tried some shit like that in Dallas ... it would be hilarious (this town is saturated with wealth) ... they (rich folks) would probably be protesting in the streets here, threatening to close all their investments and move to China or whatever ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh {:-)

"He watches over Us" in Japan ... made me laugh ... I thought ... dont give these f'n christians any ideas! ... they'll have inflatable Jesus's floating around!

Crash level expert piece ... what a landing on that car after hitting it!

12 December, 2016 06:30  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Nick: It's an example of how legitimate concern can morph into dangerous hysteria. Actual child molestation is genuinely abominable, but in some countries that natural revulsion extends to persecuting people who are no danger to anyone, over material that doesn't even involve actual children.

Zosimus: An acronym in wingnut hands is a dangerous thing. On the other hand, a White Association for the Advancement of Colored People would be perfectly harmless, so he should go for it.

Latin Americans seem to be more comfortable with colorful surroundings. I don't know why the US prefers drab. Maybe it's a Protestant thing.

Ranch: If the Republicans do produce anything positive, I hope Democrats will go along with it -- it's more important to help people than to preserve some sort of ideological purity. The case seems unlikely to arise, though.

Make no mistake -- their plans for Social Security and Medicare mean the de facto destruction of those things. I don't think they'll succeed, though, because enough Republicans in Congress know such an action would be wildly unpopular and will join with Democrats in voting against it. That's what happened in 2005, the last time they tried this.

The motorcycle crash was probably in Russia (everybody has dashboard cams there). A lucky landing, especially since he might well have been drunk.

13 December, 2016 05:43  

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