27 November 2016

Link round-up for 27 November 2016

Let your dog help with the cooking.  But then, let sleeping dogs lie.

Grammar is scary.

Crazy Eddie looks at Westworld and Jurassic Park.

No stamps needed.

Boo Mike Pence!

Cool tables.

Trumpanzees R dumb.

Progressive Eruptions has some spectacular nature scenery.

So that's what the B is.

Do not use this picture.  Probably shouldn't use this one either.

I've noticed this (found via Squatlo).

Murr Brewster looks at dead Russians.

Check out Radisson Claire's fantasy sea-creature art.

Ranch Chimp looks at the most wonderful time of year, when people celebrate Jesus by fighting over consumer electronics in shopping malls.

Any day of the week is a good day for Small Business Saturday.

Don't worry about making nice.

It's still our America (found via Fair and Unbalanced).

Here's video of the water-cannon attack on Standing Rock protesters (in sub-zero weather).  People are suffering serious injuries.

A wingnut struggles to defend the Electoral College.

Another Trumpanzee shows his true character.

So, how should people protest?

Christians are not exempt from the law, at least for now.

What does "alt-right" really mean?  Here's a high-profile example.

For women in countries where abortion is banned, the internet offers help.

Finland's Parikkala Sculpture Park may be the creepiest park in the world.

Enough with the adulation for a tyrant.

Why don't they just go back where they came from?

Palmyra is liberated, but the damage done by Dâ'ish (ISIL) is tragic.

I'm a bit skeptical of this report on electromagnetic space propulsion (found via Mendip).  The referenced paper is by NASA personnel, but doesn't seem to suggest a major breakthrough, and I can't find anything about it on NASA's own website.  Still, the subject may bear watching.

The Dawn probe has been sending back beautifully-detailed images of Ceres.

Another way to search for alien intelligence:  scanning the atmospheres of planets in other solar systems for evidence of industrial pollution.

Some of the world's poorest countries commit to strong action against global warming.

Some people are happy about Trump's win.  Here's a quick summary of what's going on.

Hillary's popular-vote victory margin just keeps growing -- she probably got more votes than any previous candidate except Obama.  Harvard law professor Lawrence Lessig makes the case that the Electors should choose her, not Trump, on Dec. 19.

Green Eagle suspects Trump is just an ordinary Republican in a Nazi clown suit.

After years of ranting against Obamacare, Republicans are now the dog that caught the car.

Trump is softening his position on the Paris climate agreement, and other countries are not backing down.

The wingnutosphere is aghast at Trump's reversal on persecuting Hillary (found via Mock Paper Scissors).  I suspect there's a lot more "being aghast" in their future.

Trump verbally disavows the "alt-right", but I think the real test will be whether he sticks with the Bannon appointment.  Stop being afraid.

Only one thing makes the media do their job.

Trumpanzees voted to hurt themselves, but we all have to live with the results.  How soon will they understand what they've done and who he really is?

If you want to take action, these groups can use your money.

No longer a party, but a criminal enterprise.

Best news from the election:  North Carolina's McCrory lost, even if he doesn't know it yet.

We haven't heard the last of Obama.

Should Democrats cooperate with Trump on some issues?  Our leaders take a pragmatic view.

[Image at top:  the Lion of al-Lât, an ancient pagan statue in Palmyra destroyed by Dâ'ish]


Blogger Shaw Kenawe said...

Because of the situation at the Shaw Kenawe house, I've not be able to catch up on what's going on around the internet during the week. Thanks to your blog, I was able to find out what's going on. Thanks for the link as well.

27 November, 2016 17:35  
Anonymous Zosimus the Heathen said...

That item on what the term "alt-right" means was informative. I think I first encountered the term myself nearly a decade ago now, when I saw it popularized on various (seemingly moderate) conservative (or otherwise right wing) blogs, and, yes, it fooled me for a long time too. In a lot of ways, the "alt-right" came across as simply a young, hip version of the political right - for example, many of those who claimed the label for themselves came across as the sort of people who took great care in dressing well and otherwise looking after their appearances; were into exercise, good nutrition* and healthy living in general; had fairly liberal views on things like sex** and drug use; and didn't eschew popular culture, the way so many other, older conservatives seemed to. Hell, they didn't even come across as all that racist; they simply believed in "race realism" or "human biodiversity" (to use an even more anodyne phrase they were fond of). It was only later, much later, that I found many of them beginning to drop the aforementioned facade, and showing themselves for the Nazis they really were.

Talking of the Nazis (the original ones), a lot of them apparently came across as fairly harmless, civilized individuals themselves. I believe Hermann Goering, for example, was quite the charmer, while Heinrich Himmler certainly didn't look as though he'd be capable of hurting anyone. Then you had individuals like Reinhard Heydrich, who apparently played the violin beautifully; Adolf Eichmann, who inspired the phrase "the banality of evil"; Josef Mengele, who was also apparently quite the charmer - the list goes on. I suppose the present day "alt-right" could be considered the equivalent of the SS and other higher-ranking Nazis, while the more stereotypical neo-Nazi knuckle draggers could be considered the modern day version of the SA or stormtroopers. All highly dangerous individuals in any case!

*A LOT of them were big fans of the paleo diet, for reasons I've never been able to understand.

**A lot of them hung out on pick-up artist blogs, for example.

27 November, 2016 22:54  
Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

I havent kept up much with the politics (just burned out man), I voted though (and lost), but, yeah, I have posted about the voting myself as far as one person one vote thing, I can understand way back when they started the electoral college, but this is 2016 and times have changed, it's not needed anymore, just the whole voting deal needs drastic revisions. Trump won on the electoral, however, if I recall correctly, he criticized the electoral back when Romney ran for President.

Yeah, the Standing Rock water cannon deal ... they sure wouldnt have pulled that shit on that Bundy deal ... they know that those rednecks would declare war on their ass, and some of them are armed to the teeth (you wouldnt believe some of the arsenals I saw here in Texas)

Rosa Rubicondor piece of teaching mythology as science is fitting, and the teacher firing was in order ... I'm not against ones beliefs, but I shouldnt have to pay for it and cater to it, or my kids shouldnt have to be subjected to have science class replaced with Disney like fantasies. The religious ass sucking to christians, muslims, and the rest in this country is awful as it is.

Looking for technosignatures, scanning atmospheres, a lengthy but interesting read at least. I dont think were as intelligent as we should be ourselves, or at least, money/ God wont allow us too. I actually believe that there is probably other life forms in the universe, just one of those "by chance" things.

Ohhh, the Finnish art park thing is NOT creepy ... I thought it was pretty impressive and quite beautiful ... just my opinion though.

The physics defying EMdrive was interesting, to at least have vision if anything, I believe in the next 30 years or so, we are going to make some historical breakthroughs in space travel, technologies got a on a damn roll! ... some folks thought it was impossible to run a car engine on air too ... who knows what we'll come up with.

Some awesome detailed photos of Ceres though ... impressive!

Small business saturday ... glad at least they came up with it, nothing like the service and unique items you can find in the small businesses too ... today is Cyber Monday craze ... I wonder if they have a tuesday and wednesday deal? No, I dont even get out in that bigbox ratrace to shop for a damn thing, I actually prefer small businesses too. Friday morning on the news radio while driving, they were excited about Thanxgiving day BF early sales, and that investors/ markets were exciting about Trump, and cant wait for him to deregulate every damn thing ... then they said there was a BF sale on Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump merchandise, I laughed and thought it was a joke ... but looked it up, it was serious ... geeez.

I laughed when I seen how you worded my Thanxgiving post, heh, heh, heh, heh, heh {:-)

I was on LBJ Frwy/ North Dallas rush hour this morning, the rain was incredible (I mean like really heavy!), I couldnt even see a damn thing with the wipers on full speed, we were backed up for what looked like miles before daybreak ... we had a 4 day weekend of beautiful sunny high 60's dry weather, monday morning comes and we get hit harder than ever! Fixin to cook up some oatmeal and blueberries, one of my favourites! ... Later Infidel

28 November, 2016 06:52  
Anonymous nonnie9999 said...

As the saying goes, "The Holocaust did not begin with killing; it began with words." There were lots of good little Germans who went along to get along. There were even Jews who supported Hitler early on.You can google Association of German National Jews (I probably read about them after clicking on one of your links previously, Infidel). Of course, that changed pretty quickly. There were too many people who were complacent and thought that rhetoric doesn't hurt anyone. Just mollycoddle those adorable Nazis, and they won't do any harm. We know how that worked out. Now, we are told we have to mollify and respect racists, homophobes, sexists and bigots who supported Trumpelthinskin and those he is choosing to rule with him in his gold-leafed Oval Office. Hell, no! Zosimus is 100% correct. There was a recent article about Steve Bannon by Matt Viser at The Boston Globe. It was all about how charming and brilliant Bannon was when he attended Harvard. This is how these bastards are normalized. He is not charming. He is a hateful racist who gives audience and attention to the most virulent people amongst us. I would have had a very large family, but dozens and dozens of them died in concentration camps. If they think I am going to go quietly this time, they are sadly mistaken.

I guess I started to ramble a bit there. My apologies. I just get so angry at those who say we have to give that orange turd a chance or who try to minimize the harm that can be done by the likes of Beauregard Session, the evil Betsy De Vos (keep the kids stupid so they'll keep voting Rethuglican) or even the vile James Comey. We can't bring a featherduster to a knife fight. Resist, and do it loudly.

28 November, 2016 14:19  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Shaw: Glad to help, with my own favored corners of the internet at least.

Zosimus & Nonnie: People overlook the obvious fact that the original Nazis in Germany could never have come to power if they had started off as blatantly evil as we now think of them. I used to have a recording of some of Hitler's speeches when he was running for office and I understand German fairly well, and he could actually sound pretty reasonable back then. Mein Kampf contains some rhetoric so extreme that people should have been warned, but perhaps not many people read it all the way through, at least not before Hitler was in power.

A LOT of them were big fans of the paleo diet, for reasons I've never been able to understand.

Well, Hitler was a vegetarian and a fervent opponent of smoking. People do have their little quirks.

The efforts to normalize Bannon have got to stop. His winning a role in the administration is actually the most frightening thing about Trump so far.

28 November, 2016 18:52  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Ranch: I'm certainly getting burned out on it too. Even anxiety can't be sustained week after week.

Good point about Standing Rock vs. the Bundys. Different groups are certainly treated differently, and it didn't start with Trump.

I hope the EM drive pans out. Continuous acceleration without having to carry fuel would revolutionize space exploration. I'm not going to assume it's for real until it's clearly accepted as such by NASA, though.

We're going to be up to our eyeballs in shopping deals (and e-mail spam about them) for the next month or so. Stay out of stores and let the lunatics get packed in like sardines if they're so into it.

28 November, 2016 18:58  
Blogger Kevin Robbins said...

Enough with alt right. They're racists.

29 November, 2016 12:58  
Anonymous NickM said...

emDrive is nonsense. The energy to thrust ratio is dismal and from what I see it's just good old fashioned radiation pressure - like my little solar windmill. Having said that obviously there are immense drawbacks to rockets as we know them and research into alternatives is most welcome.

NickM BSc Physics, MSc Astrophysics

29 November, 2016 17:26  

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