30 November 2016

The evil and the good

Last week I posted this round-up of hateful Trumpanzee behavior, and recently there's been much attention given to the asshole on the Delta plane and the asshole in the Michael's shop.  Now comes a case of Trumpanzee trolls celebrating the suicide of a trans woman and taunting her family.  Trump's "victory", even though it's an artifact of the Electoral College, has brought a lot of evil out of the woodwork, and we're going to see more of it over time.

But there is good as well, and we will need to rally its power to fight the evil, especially when Trumpanzees target the vulnerable, as they seem so inclined to do.  This hidden-camera test of human reactions to bigotry in Farmers Branch, Texas, was done five years ago, but it remains an example of what people can and will do when challenged.

There's more, of course.  Here's a current case of ordinary people rising to the occasion.  2,000 military veterans have signed up to act as "human shields" for Indian protesters at Standing Rock.  Delta has permabanned the above-cited asshole and refunded the ticket prices to at least some passengers who were afflicted by his diatribe.  And remember the private-sector boycotts in response to anti-gay laws in Indiana, North Carolina, and other places.

Our side has temporarily lost the Presidency.  We still won the popular vote, we still have humanity on our side, and we will still win the war.


Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

I didnt even know about the 2000 vet's standing up at Standing Rock thing, which is a plus ... but I do expect former and current military to step up eventually to various issues in this country, which I have blogged about in past, reason being, is most of those that serve(d), really believe and stand for what we call democracy and American values, and defending what we have ... much different than many politicians in our country ... my point, if shit gets too deep and we need to retaliate more, many vet's are going to jump in ... but, I'll have to leave that there.

I think I recall the Norma's Cafe deal on your website a few years back actually, I live by Norma's, and even though I'm in the City of Dallas, am in the Farmers Branch community (NW Dallas) ... I dont know if it was the best choice to find anti- LGBT folks though ... I mean ... there are quite a few LGBT in my neighbourhood and community, a buddy of mine next door, Jay Lopez, is very opening gay for example, you have gayz all over this town, despite what some folks in the north may think about it not being acceptable in Texas or whatever ... I mean, unless you been here, it's difficult to imagine, since much media sayz that Texas is just anti- gay, anti- minorities, anti- women, or whatever, which you would commonly hear, in places up north in particular. My own mother, back when I was younger and even cousins, aunts and uncles, were scared for me, and wondered why in Hell would I live in a place like Texas (not my Dad though, Dad was really open minded and listened well).

30 November, 2016 03:51  
Blogger W. Hackwhacker said...

Here's another example of decency worth noting: the guy in Texas holding up the sign in front of a mosque, "You Belong. Stay Strong. Be Blessed. We Are One America." http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/texas-man-sign-muslims_us_583edc1ae4b04fcaa4d5d6eb

30 November, 2016 08:15  

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