04 December 2016

Link round-up for 4 December 2016

It's time for ducks on ice.

Cheer yourself up with some baby elephant videos.

Medieval warrior pwns drone.

They're escaping!

I defy you not to chuckle at dog vs. wall.

There are no penises in any of these pictures.

This comparison probably offended the pelican.

Check out a Star Wars blooper reel.

Bailey's Buddy has a humor round-up (I liked the water buffalo).

Tillie Walden has a happy, spacey view of life.

I think whoever drew this comic-book cover knew exactly what he was doing.

Here's how religion works in one cartoon.

Most movie aliens are not well thought out.

Satanists are the good guys.

Choose the right Bible quote.

The savage Vikings were far more fabulous than you think.

A cat could make life more interesting.

Gays and spelling come under attack in Topeka.

Here's how to deal with critical people.

Legal marijuana is good for America.  What's evil is this kind of travesty of justice.

Bill de Blasio is a leader for these times.

40% of employees are seeking to leave their jobs, and management is the problem.

Texas is considering a truly horrific anti-gay law.

Here's some advice for Trumpanzees that they should find familiar.

Facebook's "community standards" are a disgrace.

Religious nutters are freaking out over another innocuous commercial.  No wonder they tend to ruin the holidays.

If people hate atheists, it's because we remind them of the truth.

This is an example of the kind of smug nonsense that provokes people to vote for someone like Trump.  The world can't re-train millions of truck drivers and assembly-line workers to become software coders and "brand influencers".  The real solution is basic income.

Here's a suggestion for preventing identity theft.

We need to tell stories, not just recite facts.

Bad people are bad -- very bad.  They should remember we can see them.

A journalist responds to Trumpanzee hate mail.

Wingnuts seek to destroy history.

How pervasive was medieval anti-Semitism?  This pervasive.

The Catholic Church scams the Norwegian government for millions.

Icelanders believe smart.

A top European Union bureaucrat begs member states not to hold referendums on leaving -- since he knows damn well how people would vote.

Poland is testing solar-powered bike lanes.

Good riddance to bad rubbish (found via Fair and Unbalanced).

Sunny North Africa is becoming a colossus of solar power.  But on domestic violence, attitudes remain backward.

We've entered The Twilight Zone.

Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain (found via Squatlo).  Was it worth it?

Trump is already making his mark on international relations.  Meet his new foreign-policy adviser.

If things turn nasty, don't make excuses.  But it may not be that nasty.

Some Republicans may not want to abolish the filibuster.

Don't give up the fight on global warming.

It's stupid to protest Trump.

The Electors' right to vote their conscience is part of the intended design of the Electoral College.

Florida, too, may hold a recount. And no, the push in Pennsylvania isn't over.

Some wingnuts suspect Ivanka Trump of being a closet liberal.  And maybe they have a point.

Trumpanzees are starting to realize they were conned (found via Progressive Eruptions).

Mattis as Defense Secretary could have an upside.

Conflicts are arising in Trump's inner circle, and he's not taking it well.

Government should get out of health care, except.....

The Spanish civil war offers some insights into our situation (read the comments too).

P M Carpenter is in the crosshairs of the Republican threats to Medicaid.

We've been here before, and Pelosi handled it.

The recount controversy has again provoked Trump to reveal his true self.  Maybe we need a nationwide audit.  Here's how voter disenfranchisement works.

Trump is already at war.


Blogger Rosa Rubicondior said...

Thanks for the shouts again! Nice to know someone appreciates them! :-)

04 December, 2016 05:16  
Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

Quite a few interesting links here ... this link round up thing is kind of like a trademark of the infidel blog to me, you dig up quite a selection, sort of alternative news/ views.

I didnt know a damn thing about the latest LGBT bitch fight in schools here in Texas ... so I will look into it, since I live here. But it's the same old shit brewing up ... as you may know (I posted some crap on it not long back), up here in the Metroplex(DFW), fundamoralist panic broke out because area school districts made transgender bathroom use open/ accessible ... BOOM! ... all Hell breaks loose, fundi's start flying up here from Austin in retaliation, thinking were trying to turn everyone into queens or molesters, etc ... then you have this new governor and attorney general here, both right wingers with the red ass (angry), that make Perry and Bush Jr look liberal, and their right crew trying to start damn wars on the LGBT folks ... it's sickening man ... and just old school shit in new crafty packaging. Now you see why I wanted Wendy Davis as governor here, it wasnt the idea so much of party/ getting just a Democrat ... but to break up some of this political monopoly here of right wing dominance (of all places, our Capitol Austin, which is actually a liberal city population ... it's like so f'n twisted here man), and with this new right wing landslide in Washington, that only gives these Texas SOB's bigger balls. We need more "state" powered political diversification (not only major metro areas), this is a very growing and diversified state and population, to have such an unbalanced state political strength it has of the right. And it's not just on the LGBT folks here, there are many others here they are attacking, too much to get into.

I been watching this selection of Trump as far as this new administration coming in ... I have no idea what this crowd will start to do first, but expecting a shit- storm of confusion ... I can tell you that several of them I think are lousy choices, I question them alot more than Trump.

Thanx for the funnies (much needed) as far as the great penis/ photo art, dog vs. wall (love them little guyz to play with), Baily's Buddy stuff, and how religion worx in a cartoon ... so true! {;-)

Christian like "Satanists"???? ... perhaps ... some actually view the Jesus Christ figure of the gospels as a type of early day Satanist ... (I wont get into that though)

The Bible quote suggestions for Starbucks coffee cups was cool .... I would love to see how Christians react to that, eh? ... would they be mad or happy?, heh, heh, heh, heh, heh ... I mean, they cant buck their own words, eh? {:-)

What an incredible story about life without parole on the pot distribution thing and no clemency ... I'd have to review that case in more detail, just to understand what in Hell happened at that trial too, and how it falls into federal category.

As far as Rosa's piece on the Catholic Church alleged fraud in Norway ... this shouldnt surprise folks ... alot of people dont understand what kind of entity the "Catholic Church Corporation" is, what it consists of, and much of its closeted monetary and political history.

Juncker pleading to EU leaders for no referendums of in/ out of EU, heh, heh, heh, heh, heh {:-) ... looking forward to what is going to happen actually in the EU, with these changing times and frustrations.

Glow in the dark solar bike lanes in Poland is really cool too ... it can be a start of much else.

... Have a good one Infidel ....

04 December, 2016 11:18  
Blogger W. Hackwhacker said...

Thanks as always for the links, Infidel. Still the broadest, most eclectic review out there.

04 December, 2016 17:16  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Rosa: Thanks for the posts.

Ranch: I expect to see efforts to purge or intimidate non-wingnut populations in red states like Texas. Like the Islamotards, the Christianists and other knuckle-draggers don't want diversity. They want a monoculture society where they never need to fear encountering anyone different from themselves.

I figured we could all use some humor these days. Here's some more.

Hackwhacker: Thanks. Actually it takes me no effort at all to collect these. Each round-up is just a bunch of stuff I noted as interesting during the previous week's roaming around the net.

05 December, 2016 04:09  
Anonymous Zosimus the Heathen said...

I liked that "advice for Trumpanzees" piece - the bad arguments it mentions always get my blood pressure up whenever I hear some asshole use them. Usually, I find, the people who use arguments like that are the sort of folk who try to justify their callous attitudes by claiming they're only trying to encourage "personal responsibility": a phrase that seems to be becoming just as much of a dogwhistle as "family values". (I can't help thinking that most of the time when people bang on about "personal responsibility", what they're really saying is "Everything bad that happens to you is 100% your own fault, even (nay, especially) if it's because of something I did!")

05 December, 2016 05:11  
Anonymous Zosimus the Heathen said...

I also liked that item on the fabulous Vikings - I found it a nice corrective to the perennial whine I hear on the Internet (usually from those of an "Alt-right" or "red pill" persuasion) about how "unmanly" modern men are becoming, and how so much more macho (and therefore "better") the men of centuries past were by comparison. I was particularly interested to learn that an ability to compose poetry was regarded highly by Viking men - I remember once reading that Somalis (another group of people often stereotyped as a proud warrior race) were also very big on poetry* - and also to read that the Viking men's practice of regular bathing made them popular with the women of Britain (that made me think, in a funny way, of the repellent "pick up artist" Roosh V, who once complained about modern women having the nerve to expect men to be halfway clean and presentable. Apparently, he even considered being expected to clean his teeth and wipe his ass a terrible imposition).

*I suppose you see echoes of that even today, in things like hip-hop culture, where macho men pride themselves on their ability to compose what is essentially poetry (and often dress very flamboyantly too).

06 December, 2016 04:19  
Anonymous Marc McKenzie said...

Speaking of Aliens...(since you had the pic of my two favorite alien bad@$$es up!)..have you seen the "teaser" poster for the upcoming ALIEN: COVENANT?


Speaking of THE TWILIGHT ZONE--one of the actors who appeared on the show (and also in the revival in the 1980s) passed away in early December. That was Fritz Weaver, who also appeared in BLACK SUNDAY (1977), DEMON SEED, and FAIL-SAFE, and many other films. He also played a Cardassian lawyer in STAR TREK: DEEP SPACE NINE.


06 December, 2016 14:02  
Anonymous Marc McKenzie said...

Also--in regards to your comments on the article on robots replacing workers--you are absolutely right; it's a smug way of thinking that completely ignores harsh reality. I have a friend who is a truck driver, and my father works with truck drivers in his job as a dairy chemist--and it would be a disaster if their jobs are taken by robots.

Asking serious, honest questions about this does not make one a Luddite or an anti-technology zealot. Look, I love Asimov's robot stories but I do fault the good Doctor A for not really addressing this potential conflict (although if he did, I never came across it, but that fault is on me). As an artist, my occupation is not going to be overtaken by a machine--sorry, all the talk of AI is meaningless drivel if a computer cannot come up with an original work of art that is distinct (and my art style definitely is). But other occupations are in danger.

Hillary Clinton did address this, but it was ignored by the media too anxious to focus on emails and a far Left more interested in landing purist body blows. And the GOP and Trump have said nothing at all. Silicon Valley has not been asked harsh questions about this, and time is running out.

Apologies for the rant...just had to get that off of my chest.

06 December, 2016 14:10  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Zosimus: It's funny how the Trumpanzees push that personal-responsibility thing for everyone else, but are all too quick to think of themselves as victims. They don't seem to have much introspection.

Our modern concepts of masculinity are hopelessly drab and two-dimensional and, I think, reflect a lot of insecurity. There's nobody bigger on poetry than the Bedouin, and they've been pretty effective warriors at various times, notably the early Islamic conquests.

Marc: That's an impressive poster, at least. I hope they've done a good job with this one. I ended up far less impressed with Prometheus than I was when I first reviewed it -- the scientific and logical absurdities were just too much, and the giant-human aliens in place of the classic "space jockey" creature from Alien were a real let-down. If they're making yet another movie in the series they'd better have gotten back on track.

That's a very interesting point about art. A machine could do many forms of work in place of a human, but it could not create art, unless its mind worked so much like a human mind as to essentially be human.

We can't stop the progress of technology, and in the long run we'll be better off for having it, if we can properly manage the transition to a mostly non-working society. More and more writers seem to recognize that basic income should be a part of that.

06 December, 2016 19:28  

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