26 January 2011

Best of the Infidel, 2010

There are things we just don't know yet

Why do sex robots make some people nervous?

A memory of Berkeley

From January: probably my best politics-related posting ever

The real revolution is in the laboratories

The moral status of animals

Artificial stupidity and spam comments

The book of evil

The real revolution: cancer

The third-party delusion

Home-grown terrorism

Atheist first, liberal second

Israel -- a serious liberal view

Are we too hard on Texas?

Evil, crime, and madness

How the left misunderstands the far right

Honoring treason

Pay does not reflect value

The nature of the Infidel

A lesson from the salamanders

The right wing uses illegal immigration to out-maneuver the left

One origin for all

Racial category-think is doomed

The destroyer of minds

Ode to orthography

New sensory experiences

The best way to deal with religion

Non-literal interpretation

Hiroshima -- another view

The Ground Zero mosque

Meditation: the bond of fire

The threat of theocracy is receding

Burning the Koran and freedom of expression

Despair and hope on September 11

The Nazis and the theory of evolution

RedStaters have the right idea

Not all Christians are to blame, but Christianity is

The last mystery

Misconceptions about evolution

No, there is no such thing as a gene for being right-wing


Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

Thanx for the reference listing Infodel, although I am certain with over 2000 posting's now you say you have, there must be quite a few more as well.

Later Guy

26 January, 2011 05:41  
Blogger mendip said...

One of my favorite Blogs - Congrats on another great year!

26 January, 2011 06:16  

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