18 August 2010

The Ground Zero mosque

I haven't said much about the Ground Zero mosque/cultural center, on the theory that whenever the bad guys (Islam and the right wing, in this case) are fighting each other, it's best to just stand aside and let them get on with it. In any case, regardless of whether one thinks it's a bad idea or not, the First Amendment issue is straightforward; there is probably no realistic way of stopping the project, unless its proponents were to voluntarily abandon it.

(Atheist writer Sam Harris has an overview of the broader issues here; try to put the "Islam is a peaceful religion misinterpreted by extremists" clich├ęs on hold long enough to read it with an open mind.)

In any case, mosque opponents are not wrong about Islam being evil; what they are wrong about is the proper way to respond to evil. We've been through this kind of issue before with groups like the American Nazi party, NAMBLA, Fred Phelps, etc. However repulsive their ideas, the proper solution is not to prohibit the expression of those ideas, but to refute and attack them with free expression of one's own. That's how conflicts in our society should play out; that's what the First Amendment was intended to provide for.

Rather than trying to stop the mosque from being built, how about trying some of that "free expression of one's own"? One possibility would be a museum or center in the same area, dedicated to Islamic crimes against humanity and their firm roots in Islamic sacred texts and theology, encouraging people to get the truth for themselves. There are ex-Muslims such as Ibn Warraq and Ayaan Hirsi Ali who could serve as consultants on such a project (the biggest challenge would be to prevent it from being co-opted by some other cause like the political right or Christianity). Based on the level of opposition the mosque has aroused, financial support wouldn't be a problem. For that matter, on balance the mosque itself is probably already a public-relations loser for Islam, and a vote-winner for Republicans (especially given some liberals' knee-jerk denunciation of opponents as bigots) -- which is their real reason for raising a fuss about the issue, of course.


Blogger trencherbone said...

The Victory Mosque is just the visible tip of a very large iceberg. Beneath the surface of Western societies, Muslims are waging a campaign of infiltration, subversion, sedition and social sabotage, with the objective of destroying our countries and way of life from within.

18 August, 2010 03:25  
Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

Buenos Dias Senor Infidel!

This was an interesting posting and perspective link from the "Daily Beast". This issue has just had me confused from here to sundown on how to please all side's and be fair. My opinion or approach in my posting on the mosque, was for the islamist community to show perhap's some compassion since they are actually a religion of compassion as well .. and voluntarily because of the 9/11 event victim's familia ... just choose a different location, but they want it there to "heal" I reckon, and I understand that this was a NYC Metro/Tri State issue. I also know there are alot of political motivator's behind the scene's, the political correctness, and the list goes on. I myself am probably looked at by some as a nazi I reckon just for proposing the compassion idea. I have spent so much time around Arabic muslim's myself, who were some cool guy's actually who not only gave me my first Quran, but took time to explain it too me, actually giving me reason's as to why certain law's exist, and why women are to be on a different level than men, and they didnt hate women at all, these were mostly young fella's in their 30's who I know wouldnt beat up gal's .. but simply feel that gal's have a different role or responsibilty in society, actually reminded me some of old school christianity value's, but yes, they should breed and serve their men, so similar to the bible I reckon. A couple though such as Rasheed were a lil more strict (he's in his 20's and single) and is very strict on women/ men kissing in public, he wont even where short's if I go to his apartment because he feel's it is insulting to me to show his leg's, no ... this is true. So I know a lil about the variation's of the faith.

When it come's to freedom of speech and expression, I agree that's all fine and dandy, but frankly what we say and do are two different thing's. You can go just a few miles Uptown around 90th street for instance to a mosque (up Harlem way)... and even though moderate muslim's worship inside,outside extremeist's stand shouting and tryin go recruit, and chanting death to American's .. yes .. there is video of it (with YouTube,NBC and CNN), no one say's anything, because it is "free speech", they say on camera their goal is to destry Israel and all Jew's, and to terrorize American's, in clear english, even the Imam of the mosque itself dont like it! Is there really free speech I wonder Guy?

I could go on and on ... but will leave it here ... Thanx dude ....

18 August, 2010 04:25  
Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

I would also like to add here if I may ... that there is a sect/ segment of muslim population that think's exactly as Trencherbone say's here, without even having to read his link ... it is all out in the open to view straight from the mouth's of those who are on this mission, not just mainstream known or self proclaimed jihadist's, but some feel that it is their mission to "convert" and to "teach" the world of those who are "lost" in their opinion, the way to light, which is islam, and the rule's that are set forth in the Quran. Weirdly it remind's me so much of old school christianity actually, which include's changing the minset of the society your in to think in accordance with the law of the book ... and frankly if you oppose, your life is not worth that much. Dont take my word for it ... just research yourself straight from the source's mouth's.

19 August, 2010 03:33  

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