16 August 2010

Video of the week -- priestly lusts

Warning: seriously creepy. Background here.


Blogger tnlib said...

I went to the link, which was bad enough, but I couldn't finish watching the video. These people are part of the criminally insane.

16 August, 2010 08:12  
Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

Good piece by Pharyngula, because this whole deal has been one big pay off across the board nationwide here. Vatican has bookoo buck's. And frankly 7 year's of lock up on O'Grady isnt even much time, considering all he was credited to, I mean the guy was working overtime it seemed like, shagging the whole familia ... I dont see how the ole boy had much time to do anything else. There are drug dealer's and mover's/ transporter's, who get more year's than that ... and didnt even do anything physical to anyone or much of anything except conduct business that was in high demand. But that's the way the law is designed too, it's complex, and full of loophole's and break's, etc. I myself utilize all I can in the law ... and when you have money behind you, you get the better defense is all.

As far as the music video ... I can understand it being "creepy" to some folk's, I reckon listening to what it's about and that, and having that thought, expecting it ... I kind of got a chuckle out of it though, but not because I care to rape deaf boy's and girl's, or would endorse it, it just seemed funny in a weird sense. As far as the a capella style of it ... I thought it sounded pretty good music wise actually.

Thanx Guy ....

16 August, 2010 08:44  

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