07 August 2010

Victory in California -- reactions

Wednesday's ruling striking down Proposition 8 in California was a historic event whose eventual implications could be immense. The gay-marriage ban was declared to be in violation of the federal Constitution -- if the ruling survives the appeals process and is finally upheld by the Supreme Court, it will presumably make gay marriage legal all over the United States, at one stroke.

The day after the decision, NOM held one of its "rallies" in St. Louis. After the news from California, the expected "backlash" should've turned out hordes of furious attendees, right? Actual turnout was 35 people, compared with over 200 pro-gay counter-protesters. And this was St. Louis, not San Francisco or New York. More on the backlash issue at The Crossed Pond.

California Attorney General Jerry Brown won't defend Prop. 8, but this November's election will bring a new figure to that office; not surprisingly, it will make a big difference whether the Democrat or the Republican wins.

Governor Schwarzenegger has joined calls to let marriages resume immediately, without waiting for the outcome of the appeal.

Judge Walker was a Reagan appointee and was once considered to be a conservative, but he's now under hysterical right-wing attack.

Opponents of the ruling don't understand its precedents.

The Supreme Court's decision will depend upon Justice Anthony Kennedy -- and FiveThirtyEight leans toward thinking he'll vote to uphold the ruling.

Dissenting Justice looks at Obama's position and an accusation of bias against judge Walker.

ZJ explains why the ruling is so devastating to the opposition.

DR Tucker asks if there's a conservative case for gay marriage.

TomCat looks forward to the final victory, and posts commentary by Rachel Maddow.

See also more blogger reactions from Gothic Atheist, Hello Mr. President, Mad Mike's America, and Urban Koda. Update: See also Momma Politico.


Blogger mendip said...

I believe that the sainted Betty Bowers has something to say about this... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OFkeKKszXTw

07 August, 2010 12:16  
Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

You know Guy .... frankly I know that same sex marriage will eventually be legal across the nation, Why? Because it has been proven to be clearly discriminatory not to allow same sex couple's to marry ... the problem I alway's had with this issue, is these folk's are expected to do everything else and pay equal taxes that every other citizen has to do as far as obligation's, yet dont get full benefit's and right's .... Hell .... wetback's get more goddamn right's than gay American's. I hope through this deal knocked down the other day .... that it will act as precedent .... to do not just California, but a nationwide sweep and get this in motion. Especially Texas with these sudden group's wanting to hang or castrate gay folk's or whatever fundamoral fantasies they have, Texas has a very large gay population. Beside's ... it's great for the economy to have same sex marriage legal ... and it wont damage the institution of marriage ... look at what marriage has been throughout history, every damn thing beside's one man and one woman. Hell .... straight folk's already damaged it .... you cant top what straight folk's have done to it as far as damage.

But a decent set of link up's and posting here

08 August, 2010 05:36  
Blogger TomCat said...

Thanks for the shout out, my friend. One of my readers commented that California (Brown) wont defend it, and nobody else has legal standing to appeal other than the the state of California. SCOTUS may refuse to hear the case on that basis.

10 August, 2010 13:04  

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