31 July 2010

Link roundup for 31 July 2010

Comic-con fans know how to handle the Westboro Baptist Church.

What if we knocked on doors too?

Now you can create your very own conspiracy theory (found via DemWit).

Mad Mike weighs in on weight.

If you think your job stinks.....

There's a new wrinkle in e-mail scams.

The Senate has made one thing a priority.

The end of the world is coming, again (yawn).

The Church hierarchy still doesn't get it. And now even Santa wants to sue (sent by Mendip).

The Bible tells us how to recognize a false prophet -- and how to get a wife.

The Catholic Church has always been stupid about women.

One NOM supporter has a "solution" to gay marriage. Latest NOM "rally" pictures are here.

PZ Myers looks at the cliché-addled "New Agnosticism".

Jack Jodell analyzes a cliché-riddled e-mail.

American Black Chick in Europe replies to a cliché-filled comment.

Jen McCreight dissects Phyllis Schlafly's latest blather.

Tim McGaha has an intriguing look at the roots of the Civil War.

Is J. Christian Adams a whistleblower? The Crossed Pond gives some background.

Ron Chusid looks at HCR and Medicare.

Politics Plus has more on filibuster reform.

Republicans are succeeding.

Dissenting Justice considers Shirley Sherrod's prospective lawsuit against Breitbart.

Which are the four safest big cities in the US? The answer might surprise you.

Pamela Hart tells of a proud moment.

Mexican soldiers have killed a top man in the Sinaloa drug cartel.

Germany has really changed, as its modern ally/tutor knows.

A ban in Catalonia could herald the end of Spain's ghastly "sport" of bullfighting.

Michael J. Totten is in Israel, where things haven't changed much.

Here's an example at what happens to losers in North Korea.

Arguing about boredom is boring (see also the third item here).

Researchers have succeeded in re-growing limb joints in rabbits using stem cells (sent by DemWit). More here. This development is of some special interest to me since my own artificial hip joint is expected to last only 20 years; this new technique or something like it should be available for human use long before it wears out.


Blogger mendip said...

Excellent selection of links - thanks for posting!

31 July, 2010 12:12  
Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

Greeting's Mr. Infidel!

Thank You for the round up of link's ....

01 August, 2010 05:40  
Blogger Pamela D. Hart said...

Infidel: What a great list and a lot of work! Thank you for including me!

03 August, 2010 06:01  

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