24 July 2010

Link roundup for 24 July 2010

Somebody gives a dog a cracker, and all Hell breaks loose.

Four Dinners takes a stand on the burqa (in cars, anyway).

Ranch Chimp looks at the ultimate abusive parent.

Racial identity lets others try to force their definitions on you.

Constance McMillen has won her legal fight against the Itawamba county school district (found via Bay of Fundie).

Robert Firth's predictions for 2009 didn't pan out too well.

The Mark Williams flap deepens divisions within teabaggerdom. More here (found via Oliver Willis).

Sharron Angle is getting campaign advice from God (found via Dissenting Justice).

Byron Williams carried right-wing delusions to their logical end.

Sarah Palin's incessant whining will come back to haunt her if she ever runs for President.

Americans oppose the federal lawsuit against Arizona's illegal- alien law, 50%-33%.

PZ Myers looks at some lessons learned from the right-wing lie machine's misfire in the Shirley Sherrod case.

Most Americans are more concerned about jobs than the deficit, and the Democratic party should follow that lead.

Rightists who flirt with treason should consider the precedent.

Big oil's lobbying undermines US national-security interests.

Christopher Hitchens looks at the roots of Mel Gibson's bigotry and hate.

A "child of God", unless.....

The "New Atheism" is not harming the cause of science education in the US, and may even be helping. The Atheist Camel dissects theistic whining here.

As much of Europe stagnates, Britain begins a "startling" economic recovery.

Stonehenge had a wooden twin, or perhaps prototype.

Yet another health threat pervades China's food industry: "gutter oil" (found via Mendip).

Our ancestors were snacks.

Carbon dioxide and solar activity only partly explain a recent contraction of the thermosphere (sent by Ranch Chimp).

Globally, June 2010 was the hottest June on record.


Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

I just wanted to say Good Morning and thank you for the link round up Guy. I am still reading though , but you alway's round up some nice pic's. Been away from my computer (working)and hadnt access.

Have a good un Guy!

25 July, 2010 06:21  
Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

I must say, I did like the piece from Discovery first as far as our ancestor's being snack's! :)

I been looking at some of the fossil's and such that were being dug up in and around the Dallas/ Fort Worth Metroplex, and it is amazing what kind of monstrous creature's there were here at a time, and even sea life as well ... million's of year's back. Even digging through solid limestone 120 ft underground building subway tunnel's year's back, the worker's were literally knocked out just from the methane gas from ancient sea turtle's, and this is prarie land at that! Some of the fang's that some of these creature's had were devastating, and I doubt they were vegetarian's. :)

25 July, 2010 21:44  

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