10 July 2010

Infidel interview

The comparative-religion blog You, Me & Religion interviews me here. It's an unusual concept: there's a standard list of questions for people of various religions to respond to, and interviewees have included several atheists. A list of upcoming posts is here.


Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

For me it was an interesting read, just to hear where folk's stand on these thing's. I was on YouTube watching a gal get interviewed sometime back who was a supporter of that hardcore Texas crackpot church/ cult up there in Amarillo (Repent Amarillo is their name) this gal was really severly freaked out on the stuff man, I kinda felt sorry for her, they probably started on her mind at a young age or something, and she looked a nervous wreck ... sometime's not believing a damn thing is the best thing for folk's when they get so strung out like that I reckon.

Good piece Guy ....

10 July, 2010 10:25  
Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

Actually the gal I was just previously talking about as a crackpot up in Amarillo Texas, is not in Texas, my mistake ... but she support's that cult group I wrote about up there called "Repent Amarillo". But her name is SisterSunshine, and she has several video's on YouTube, but she live's in Southern California actually.

10 July, 2010 10:39  
Anonymous Tim said...


That was really good. I tried to imagine what I would have said. You said it only better...
Good job!!

10 July, 2010 11:26  
Blogger tnlib said...

I thought you handled that quite well considering the questions were geared toward people with a religion or belief system of some kind.

10 July, 2010 15:11  

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