04 July 2010

Meditation #2 -- K K M

Decades have passed now since I first saw you, but I never forgot.

You turned me against myself, then, but the fault was mine, not yours. I had not yet learned to see through the lie behind the lie.

I was enslaved by a false dilemma, zig-zagging in a path others had drawn for me, going nowhere, year on weary year, uncounted.

But now never more.


Your reflection in the mirror of the world has dazzled me, shocked me to myself, saved me.

The dilemma vanishes. Artist and canvas are one.

And we, you and I, are far too mighty in mind and deep in feeling to harbor anything so trite as a soul.

They gave me a lie beyond all lies -- I shall reply with blasphemy beyond all blasphemies.

You have saved me, yet you are not here. You were never here.

Still I must acknowledge you, even though I know that you will never read this.

But there is one other thing I know: that I will see you again, at the end of the long arc of the century of transformation -- and then there will be an end to the lies, and I will show you the way life was meant to be.


Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

Nice piece of work here!

Have a good un Guy ........

05 July, 2010 01:50  

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