03 July 2010

Link roundup for 3 July 2010

I guess this is what they call auto-eroticism (found via Mendip).

Meet the hillbilly preacher family next door.

July is blasphemy month, apparently.

It looks like Iron Sky, the tongue-in-cheek Nazis-on-the-Moon movie, may actually get made after all (found via Mendip).

"Inspirational" Jesus pictures work better with new captions.

Stupid Evil Bastard ferrets out a subtle internet scam -- beware of things like this if you're job-hunting.

Clues to Amelia Earhart's fate may have been found in the Pacific.

Boehner seems to be losing it these days.

Journalists find yet another BP cover-up.

Sharron Angle is as scarily nutty on abortion as on everything else.

The rise of teabaggerdom is a result of Obama's success.

It's not just Charlie Crist -- many traditional conservatives, even Reagan, would feel out-of-place in today's Republican party.

PZ Myers presents the 24 types of libertarian.

17 of the Senators who filibustered the unemployment-benefits extension come from states with unemployment over 10%.

What did Obama's illegal-alien speech really mean? Not much.

The Montana Republican party joins with its Texas counterpart in advocating bigotry and persecution (some conservative bloggers seem not to agree, though).

Liberal blogger Capt. Fogg celebrates the Supreme Court gun ruling. It broadens federal authority to protect civil rights.

Sensible conservatives should avoid science-bashing.

Oliver Willis looks at the Democrats and national security.

Totalitarianism is not the key to good education. (And here's an even worse idea.)

I'm liking Australia's new Prime Minister Julia Gillard better and better. Not this, though.

The International Trade Union Confederation refuses to boycott Israel.

Data on French collaboration with the Nazis will soon go online (found via Mendip).

Iceland's Prime Minister Jóhanna Sigurðardóttir becomes the first head of government to marry a same-gender spouse.

British actress Afshan Azad, who plays Padma Patil in the Harry Potter movies, suffers an attempted honor killing.

A lot of Muslim terrorists are donkey-molesting bunglers (found via BlondeSense).

The Catholic Church commits bankruptcy fraud to shield assets from judgments in favor of molestation victims.

The Atheist Camel looks at the blessings of God.

ZJ remembers Alan Turing.

Radical Christian Mel Gibson delivers a thoughtful dissertation on race, sexuality, and relationships.

Iranian Muslim clerics fear dummy lust.

The people of Morris, Minnesota are tormented with religious noise pollution.

Christopher Hitchens's cancer diagnosis evokes some predictable Christian vileness.

Tim McGaha looks at the difficulties of moving to a post-fossil-fuel economy. And here's an analysis of electric power from Bob Jones "University".

There's now experimental evidence that cell phones may harm bees (sent by Ranch Chimp) -- which raises anew the question of how they're affecting us.

Aubrey de Grey gives a short interview about the internet.


Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

Ranch Greeting's Mr.Infidel!

I real nice round up you have here this morning and several other read's that I havent finished, but I wanted to comment on a couple thing's here.

The post of Mr.Evil basatrd concerning the online scam of TTJ Property Mngmt is an informative piece for those job shopping, there is so much employment scam's right now across the board because of folk's and desperate job searches ... be sharp! And the other posting by him as well, was a great piece as far as the length's and route's that the catholic diocese may take, which everyone should expect, they may have gave it lyin down, but their not going to take this lyin down themselves, good job from Mr.Evil Bastard!

As far as stories and theories just for read ... the one about Ms.Earhart from Discovery News was quite a good read too. A first for me.

Interesting post on the Republican Party and Sen.Graham's(SC) view's too. At least for me .... because I have been very confused over the last few year's of exactly what the Republican Party of today is? It just seem's so out of whack to me ... not even sure if they have a platform actually or who is running it, or just about anything else .... even what the definition of conservatism is any more, I actually consider a few of my view's as conservative even, but it is very difficult to identify with today's GOP even if you have conservative business view's. Just found it interesting because I have had a difficult time understanding today's GOP, almost seem's like several parties instead of one party.

The Bee thing for me that I sent.... is just one of them thing's that concern's me, mainly because of the pollination and eco factor's ... kind of look at some of our insect's and such as the first horticulture and agricuture work force I reckon .... before human's/ animal's.

Have a nice 4th of July weekend Guy ....

03 July, 2010 09:41  
Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

Another thing that caught me, was the story in Atheist Haven on the "Hillbilly Preacher's". But made me think of an incident I'd like to share. Back sometime early 1970's (I was 18/19 or so I reckon) I was in an old piece of shit car in southern Tennessee round Chattanooga .... very rural town, just passing thru to go to the Atlanta area. I stopped on this rural road to drop in a store, struck up a conversation with a women probably late 30's with her teen daughter, she was talkative, friendly, welcoming type, I was buying some junk munchies, but she suggested and invited me to come home and eat a homecooked meal with her and her familia or daughter. Very rural way out home in a wooded area, modest, very clean (not really hillbillies, but very rural type's).It was only her and her daughter there who looked a couple year's younger than I, maybe 15 top's. There was all this religious plaque's and book's, picture's of Jesus and other stuff all over the house, they just smiled and welcomed and were very, very friendly, but didnt talk really much religious even though the home was saturated with this religion stuff. But the girl halfway finished eating, and left the table, and didnt return and said nothing. I then finished eating, and the mom took me in the living room and was showing me family picture's etc, then walked me down the hall to a bedroom door, and signalled me to go in (open the door,etc)I did and the teen girl was naked on her back leg's open an arm's stretched out on a bed, mom smiled and said ..."go ahead" ... as odd as this may sound, my instinct's made me paranoid, something wasnt right, and this girl was staring at the ceiling with no life almost as in a coma, mom kept smiling at me and telling me to go in with the girl .... I tripped out and started to tell her I need to go, she even tried to hold me back, that is when I insisted I need to go, something wasnt right and I didnt trust this at all, I got the Hell out quick though. Just in short.

Later ......

03 July, 2010 10:04  
Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

I see Dr. de Grey' point as far as access to info and sharing ... I feel the same. Only been on live a lil over 2 year's but loved all the info I can access the most and what it has to offer. Kind of like another dimension for me.

04 July, 2010 07:34  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

RC: Thanks for the comments. I think that the platform of today's Republican party can be summed up in two quotes: "Whatever it is, I'm against it" (Groucho Marx), and "God hates fags" (Fred Phelps).

I too would have been highly suspicious in the situation you describe in your second comment. Tempting as the situation might appear, that's not normal female behavior, and one would have to be very naïve to take it at face value.

04 July, 2010 10:58  

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