26 June 2010

Link roundup for 26 June 2010

There are things that mankind was just not meant to understand.

Mendip is unimpressed with turtle terror.

I hope this form of protest catches on (seriously, I hate noise).

Green Eagle dissects an especially-deranged essay from right-wing website Renew America. In case you can't believe this is real, the original essay is here.

General McChrystal would have been fired immediately if he'd told Rolling Stone something else.

The Texas Republican party platform plumbs the depths of bigotry and hate. Fortunately, it cannot prevail.

It was the Mormon intervention that tipped the scales in favor of Proposition 8.

BP's approval ratings put it in disquieting company.

Only 18% of Texas voters support Barton's apology to BP -- 64% support Obama's efforts to make BP compensate the victims.

Third-party efforts on the left help only the rightists. In fact, the rightists are helping them.

Rep. Bart Stupak says BP is obstructing Congress's access to key witnesses in the Gulf oil disaster.

Sarah Palin's endorsement is a turn-off to a majority of voters.

Twenty states are considering illegal-alien laws like Arizona's.

Fly's Picture Place has photos of strange ancient rock art near Vernal, Utah.

Shameful facts emerge about Spain's record during World War II (found via Mendip).

Australia's new Prime Minister may be an atheist.

Store displays in Scotland provoke accusations of racism.

Belgian police have raided the local Catholic Church headquarters, and a retired archbishop's home, during an investigation of -- oh, hell, you already know what it was an investigation of (found via Crispian Jago).

A creationist politician embarrasses Northern Ireland.

Back in the US, sanity prevails -- a creationist "school" will not be allowed to confer degrees in science.

Scientists have discovered a huge storm with raging winds -- if you're not impressed, check out where the storm is.

Newspapers retract their debunked claims about the University of East Anglia "climategate" e-mails.

Why do humans masturbate so much more than other animals? Because we have imagination. (But goats have the edge in another way.)

We're all frustrated that the Gulf oil gusher hasn't been stopped, but mumbling at your imaginary friend isn't going to help.

Scientists are excited at finding an ancient graveyard in Canada.


Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

Good Morning Mr.Infidel!

Just a few here that caught me, and thanx......

Geeeezzz.... more crap in Texas from the Texas Republican Party Platform? When will they stop?

Snicker's Bar piece from Pharyngula, just when I thought I heard it all! :)

What an awesome photo set from from "Fly's Picture Place" .... really nice work there, as well as on nature's part. :)

Discovery News on the raging storm on that planet .... what an intense story, hate to get dropped off there.

Nice read to from Discovery News also on the Dino Cemetary up in Alberta.

Informative read from Newsweek as well on "Climategate", though some of this crap shouldnt suprise anyone.

Thanx again Guy .... take care ....

26 June, 2010 06:37  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

RC: Geeeezzz.... more crap in Texas from the Texas Republican Party Platform? When will they stop?

Maybe when the good people of Texas vote them out?

It seems not so long ago that we had no way of knowing whether planets beyond our solar system even existed or not -- and now we're getting weather reports from them.

26 June, 2010 08:51  
Anonymous TomCat said...

Thanks for the linkage, Infidel!

I'm still glad I'm not a goat. ;-)

26 June, 2010 10:30  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Me too -- enviable as their physical flexibility is, I'd rather have human flexibility of imagination.....

26 June, 2010 16:18  

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