24 July 2010

Worst of times, best of times

The gay-bashers have been having quite a field day lately, with the Texas and Montana Republican party platforms explicitly calling for the re-criminalization of homosexuality (indeed, some of the platform language implies criminalization of all non-reproductive sexual activity, even by heterosexuals), and other Republicans advocating the same, with their old obsessions about abortion and pornography thrown into the mix. It's been a sledgehammer-hard reminder that in the US, the right-vs-left divide is in essence a theocratic-vs-secular divide.

But there have also been some subtler reminders of which side is inexorably winning. Earlier this month a federal judge declared part of DOMA to be unconstitutional. NOM's summer bus tour is not exactly setting the world on fire, with counter-protesters outnumbering the "crowds", and they're getting touchy about it. Constance McMillen won her case, and there will be many more like her; the younger generation is much more assertive and less afraid. I've even seen some conservative bloggers flinch from the most extreme bigotry of the theocratic far right, and even some libertarians are questioning whether they should continue to be aligned with it.

But the most startling development was Argentina's decision last week to legalize gay marriage -- the first country in South America to do so. Not only do the legislature and the President support the move, but so do 70% of the Argentine people, despite a campaign against it by Christian groups. Perhaps we need to re-examine some of our own perceptions about Latin America.

The world is changing, and fast.


Blogger tnlib said...

Good for Argentina - and good for us as well. I wonder how my religious rightie relatives are balancing their religious beliefs with their love for those relatives who are gay.

24 July, 2010 08:59  

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