07 August 2010

Link roundup for 7 August 2010

Germany faces the menace of radioactive pigs (found via Mendip).

"DNA wasn't invented then."

As the November election approaches, the enemies of the Obama administration are relentlessly talking down the US economic recovery and predicting doom; Scott Winship dissects an example of their efforts.

Net neutrality is under threat again.

AFL-CIO president David Trumka warns that the government must act on unemployment.

Fareed Zakaria talks sense on taxation (found via Green Eagle).

Conservative Professor Bainbridge lists the top ten embarrassing things about conservatism.

Unbelievers need to stick together.

Leah Elliott Hauge posts about the aesthetics of Catholicism (see my comment on the post, though).

The Atheist Camel replies to a Christian e-mail.

There's no baby in the bathwater of religion.

Christopher Hitchens, stricken with cancer, fights on; predictable asinine Christian blather here (more compassion here).

Yes, the Catholic Church really does consider ordaining women to be as bad as child molestation.

Free-expression hero Geert Wilders has been busy lately.

Green Eagle challenges the left to address its own bigotry.

Many journalists who report from Israel operate in a bubble of unreality.

Here lies a rhinoceros, who died for nothing.

Russia is suffering widespread fires which have engulfed much of the country in smoke, amid its worst heat wave in 130 years.

Have fun inventing your own pseudo-science -- and you may even make money!

The triceratops may not have existed (found via Mendip).


Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

Howdy Mr.Infidel!

What a nice selection of link's here Guy. And first of all I want to say I was saddened to hear of Mr. Christopher Hitchens diagnosis of cancer ... I love what this Guy write's and question's he come's up with .... and hope that he hold's on as long as possible. Sad being that I feel in not much more time, we will have much greater mean's as far as stopping cancer completely, we are so close man, so close.

That Chernobyl's illegal immigration offshoot of radioactive piggies invading Germany is quite a piece from Mr.Mendip ... it shouldnt be long before a similar big screen movie of it. I reckon eating oil drenched Gulf shrimp is better than radioactive pork chop's, heh?
WTF is next? :)

Politic's Plus piece on Net Neutrality is a piece that really interest's me, and frankly I think it should for most. This was so confusing to me at first trying to understand just what who is doing and what the objective is, it is finally sinking in on what the BS is behind this, and from what I been reading elsewhere's as well, it isnt pleasant, and we had to expect some shit like this to happen ... you know history, and how after time, everything seem's to get contaminated when it get's too mainstream, but this is really sad ... because to me, it's just more slippery slope shit.

What a goddamn piece from Pharyngula on Queensland classroom antic's ... and I thought Texas had some sickening proposal's! I must say I never heard the one about Noah and the Egg's! :)

Mr.Zakaria in the Washington Post has some point's ... put it this way pardna ... I dont give a shit who or what side of political flunkies that have the majority or whatever ... but if you take a solid look at the math over the last couple year's of our expenses, someone is going to have to fork up taxes, and letting all these so called investor's just get a free fucken ride endlessly across the board is not going to cut the mustard, this is everyone's interest's.

Liberal's to demonstrate their fairness about Israel? .... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh ... that may be a cold day in Hell with this political correctness and cowardice ... I better shut up before someone mail's me some anthrax. :)

Later Dude .... THANX ... off to Waco in a bit ... 102 for a high today, thank technologies I'm driving a fairly new vehicle with kick ass AC

07 August, 2010 06:41  

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