22 January 2011

Link round-up for 22 January 2011

Massachusetts resident Tabby Sal is trying to evade jury duty.

Gorilla Bananas has doubts about the latest Dutch taxation plan.

Now here's a mission for Jesus I'll gladly undertake.

Oh, how I wish my town were really this cool (there's some truth to it, though).

Bad music could save your life.

In China, there's a use for empty wine bottles.

Check out this negative-space sculpture (slightly NSFW, found via Mendip).

Hooray! Typing in all caps is about to get more difficult.

Prudery is still around -- it's just gotten more fatuous.

There are some odd technicalities hiding in the Constitution.

Here's an interesting dilemma: a little lie to preserve a child's happiness.

Parents and a school challenge a bully (found via Republic of Gilead).

Congress is considering a plan to ensure that states could never again hire top-quality employees or sell bonds.

Green Eagle has an interesting idea about unemployment, which our current establishment would never have the guts to consider.

Against "normalcy": a reminder of what a truly inspirational leader sounds like.

Beck and Hannity are off the air in Philadelphia.

The Tuscon shootings were a case of stochastic terrorism. Liberal Values has more insight into rhetoric, violence, and denial.

"You're going to have to shoot them in the head."

Tea Party leader Gabriel Carrera has an ugly history (found via Republic of Gilead).

The "enthusiasm gap" is gone.

Palin, in a hole, keeps digging.

Feminisnt advocates a free-market approach to prostitution.

Porn makes the world a better place.

Martin Luther King Jr.
would have been no friend to today's anti-gun crowd.

A terrorist attack is thwarted in Spokane.

The hideous case of Dr. Kermit Gosnell shows what would become the norm if abortion were made illegal.

Even after one escapes religion, it can be a struggle to undo the damage.

Keep reminding people what's in the Bible. More here.

It's not genocide if God tells you to do it (found via Republic of Gilead).

There are cases where civility isn't the best option.

In some people, the mentality of the Dark Ages is alive and well.

If you can't write your bigotry into law, declare war (found via Republic of Gilead).

This is what happens when religion encroaches on civil law.

Jolly Roger recalls why he quit church.

The evidence is clear -- prayer doesn't work.

PZ Myers dissects Alabama Governor Robert Bentley's twisted "apology" for his recent declaration of religious bias.

The DC area is no longer culturally Southern (found via Mendip).

Parsley's Pics has a huge round-up of information on media bias.

Here's a reminder of what liberals have accomplished -- and conservatives have opposed.

Americans in general now view the Tea Party movement less favorably than ever before (found via Green Eagle) -- much less favorably, in fact, than they view Russia. More here.

A "smoking gun" letter found in Ireland confirms that shielding child molesters from the law was official Vatican policy (sent by Mendip). More here.

Lively and liberal Berlin attracts a surprising community of fans.

A ruling in Britain affirms that discrimination in public accommo- dation is wrong (found via Republic of Gilead) -- take that, Rand Paul!

When people from a puritanical society migrate to a liberal one, there can be problems.

Corrupt, domineering EU bureaucrats are blaming Ireland for the problems which they themselves inflicted on it.

Don't fall prey to China envy. Many Americans think China is already a superpower, but the Chinese themselves know better. The head of the ruling oligarchy really wants just one thing from his meeting with Obama.

They crossed out "God" and wrote in "the people".

Technology may soon make driving safer and more relaxing.

A pilot project in Jordan tests plans for the reforestation of the Sahara.


Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

Good Morning Infodel, lot's of good morning read's here too.

Huffington Post/ MLK Gun's ... I knew the Doctor had a few gun's, and of course needed protection probably more than anyone else in town too! Dont think the cop's were too quick to help. But yeah ... the gun issue again is getting to be a big concern, and everytime these fruitcake's pop up like this Arizona guy, it just pushes anti gun folk's a lil further. I'm an NRA guy (over 30 yrs), but dont even hunt no more, and for me, gun's are just home defense and/ or sporting equipment for the range. I cant blame anti gun folk's for their outrage, or familia's of these victim's, but it's just a handful of these type's that are responsible for this, who get too bent out of shape when time's get difficult. What is nauseating too, is every time the MSM show's him, he has a smile big as Texas, and look's like a friendly character, he's not friendly as he appear's obviously.

Spiegel, Boy fend's off wolves with metal, made me wonder if they liked it? But reminded me of an old friend DeeAnn, she bred and raised wolves as a hobby (animal lover), but she had an expensive custom designed audio system built into her home (exterior as well) with it's own sound control room, she was a huge heavy metal fan, and these wolves were raised around it of course. But it was almost like relaxation music for them it seemed. I never realized just how big wolves could be until dating DeeAnn, but this one named Nick, took a liken to me, and everytime I would come over, he would greet me by standing on his back leg's, and putting his paw's up on my shoulder's, and I'm 5'11", but we were face to face level, that ole boy just loved me for some reason, and I liked him too!

Hillblogger 3 ... I have heard of dead folk's getting called to jury duty, but never a cat(?)

PDX is that cool, you just been spoiled having lived there so long. :)

Gotta make a few run's Guy, Later

22 January, 2011 07:27  
Blogger Pamela D. Hart said...

Infidel: I just want to say, “thank you”, for providing these link-roundups. I’ve found a lot of great information, and blogs, thanks to your obvious hard work, diligence and fair-mindedness in listing blogs from every persuasion and topic.

22 January, 2011 12:07  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

RC: My most recent lady friend was more solidly "left" politically than I am -- and she was a gun owner. Guns and their place in our culture are not just the property of the right.

Boy fend's off wolves with metal, made me wonder if they liked it?

I kind of doubt that. They probably felt more like a group of people arriving at a restaurant and deciding the muzak sucked so badly that they couldn't eat there, no matter how good the food was.

Pamela: And thank you, for a moving and challenging story.

22 January, 2011 13:35  

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