15 January 2011

Link round-up for 15 January 2011

Modern children assess artifacts from the primitive past (found via Mendip).

Get toad.

Terry Gilliam's next movie is a steampunk fantasy of 1884 (found via Mendip).

Jesus acquires an unexpected and none-too-welcome ally (found via Ranch Chimp).

Don't pay $100 for this Warrior wisdom.

Yes! PZ Myers is heading our way!

Check out the Christian Right's latest project: Adopt a Liberal (more here).

Truth 101 is moving to Democracy Central.

If you own a house in the Portland area, you may want to check out this foreclosure defense workshop.

Obama's momentum keeps going.

Yes, this is hate -- religious hate.

John Freshwater, the crazed fundie teacher who burned crosses on students' arms, has been fired.

Tennessee teabaggers want to white-wash history (found via Plutocrap).

Fred Karger won't get the Republican Presidential nomination, but he has reasons for trying.

Green Eagle looks at Jared Loughner's politics and the nature of terrorism.

Another nutcase obsessed with fragments of right-wing ideology has threatened Democratic politicians.

Words have consequences: a Jewish group is campaigning to get Beck dropped from Fox News. Read this too.

Ron Chusid carefully explains what the real problem with the right's violent rhetoric is. The right needs to face the reality of the situation and get out of denial. Threats and violence have been escalating for years. Andrew Sullivan weighs in. Melissa McEwan comprehensively debunks the lie that "both sides are just as bad". More here.

Politicians were among the worst offenders (note that most of these lost their primaries or elections).

There's a key difference between left and right (I made a similar point here).

Colbert looks at Palin's speech. Sarah Jones says that the speech was in character. Even The Crossed Pond is unimpressed. And if the gunsight map was harmless, why was it immediately removed from Palin's site after the shootings?

Credit where credit is due: the head of Fox News tells his people to tone down the rhetoric.

Clear Channel has removed a Limbaugh billboard in Tucson (one look at it will tell you why). More on Limbaugh here.

Erick Erickson has the solution.

Oh, and forget about exploiting the Tucson shootings to attack gun rights.

No, Obama did not insult the British by praising France.

The acclaimed film The King's Speech distorts history.

Prime Minister Berlusconi of Italy is accused of abusing his power to conceal a relationship with a young prostitute (he'd fit in well with the US Christian Right).

Christians in Muslim countries are in an increasingly dangerous position (don't forget this, though).

Gothic Atheist examines the career of Salman Taseer. His death was a victory for the forces of darkness. Christopher Hitchens looks at his murderer.

Anti-vaccination nutters have Jack D. Ripper syndrome. Some are still in denial about the Wakefield fraud, and they have allies.

This early Texan spawned a successful bloodline.

Making meat sustainable is not enough.

The concept of the soul is incoherent.

Where did your honey come from? It matters (found via Mendip).

Science can change its mind -- that's why it's reliable.

Ibn al-Haytham anticipated modern optics centuries before Newton -- but he lived in dangerous times.

2010 tied with 2005 as the warmest year since modern record-keeping began in 1880.

Bad weather world-wide has led to food shortages, which in turn are contributing to civil unrest in some countries.

Regeneration of elderly people's immune systems will be possible in the near future.

North Carolina researchers take a major step toward synthetic blood.

Kepler 10b is the smallest exoplanet discovered so far -- a mere 1.4 times the size of Earth (sent by Ranch Chimp).

Miniature robots will play a big role in the military of the future (found via Mendip).


Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

Good Morning Infodel!

Quite a few link's of interest of course, but just a couple short comment's before work I would like to drop.

The piece from Discovery had an interest for me especially, because I have read up a little on this area where I live, and also the large array of fossil's and bone's that have been found even here in Dallas, when buiding subway tunnel's even with the ancient sea turtle's methane gas. But what this area probably looked like even only some quarter of a billion year's ago even is amazing to me.

This link from Mendip on these micro- robotic's for military I actually caught a documentary on some time back, on one of them cable network's, just cant recall which one off hand, but it was really cool too. They even have some other defense project's I been seeing to be used to stopping combat force's without even killing them. Sure as Hell could use some of this stuff in some of the current war's.

NOAA link with link's is a good read ... this stuff has been also all over everywhere in bit's and piece's, so there is no excuse that any one cant absorb this. What is still sickening, is that there is actually still debate in ... yes ... 2011, not on the problem that need's to be dealt with ... but on who's fault it is, before long, if we dont take further action and effort's ... it's not going to bloody matter who's fault it is. Just look anywhere's on the globe at present of what's happening also. I'll shut up now ... Thanx Guy!

15 January, 2011 07:42  
Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

The global food chain thing is another issue that's folk's should seriously look at .... and one of the reason's I say this is because I am also for moderating population growth. I have been so amazed and in a way outraged over recent year's visit's to nation's struggling by the Pope for instance, telling folk's to not use condom's, it's a sin or whatever. And I'm not anti baby either, but I just feel it is damaging to the familia to just over populate at this point of our evolution, especially now with folk's living longer and such ... not to mention tightening up on food, the spread of dangerous diseases, viruses, etc in some of these land's. I just feel we should provide more education in this for folk's, instead of telling them to have more babies. Just my opinion only.

17 January, 2011 04:46  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

On micro-robotics, things are moving. How often have you heard that phrase "I'd like to be a fly on the wall when they're talking about such-and-such." Future top-secret meetings in Tehran or Beijing may actually have a high-tech American fly on the wall, listening in.

As for the food shortages, the root cause is the spate of bad and unpredictable weather, which is unfortunately going to continue due to global warming. Population growth isn't the problem. Birth rates in most countries are already below replacement level.

17 January, 2011 05:45  

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