08 January 2011

Link round-up for 8 January 2011

The Atheist Camel has predictions for 2011.

Dave Barry reviews 2010.

Watch natural selection in action.

When all else fails, call us fat.

Many people have fallen for a silly hoax involving the Ground Zero Mosque and Justin Bieber (who should sue).

The Virginia DMV revokes a clever license plate (found via Uzza, who's reading a crappy book).

Saudi Arabia captures a spy for Israel.

Check out these Islamic consumer products.

Where on Earth does Palin get this rubbish?

The media need a new way to report on preachers of doom.

A little debate covers a lot.

The Psalm 109:8 meme hasn't gone away.

A former Navy officer looks at the Captain Honors scandal.

Far more Americans want to reduce the deficit by raising taxes on the wealthy than by cutting defense, Medicare, or Social Security (found via Jerry Critter).

Obama's approval rating continues to climb.

New secular conservative blogger The Heathen Republican attempts to define universal moral principles, and provokes an interesting discussion.

This takes guts, which is why it's needed.

The US government warns that lives may be endangered by Wikileaks, but concedes that there's no evidence that anyone was harmed as a result of previous leaks. Politics Plus is skeptical.

Cannonfire looks at Assange's accusers.

Besides Obama, Congressional Republicans have another target.

Illegal aliens take jobs Americans wouldn't take? Wrong.

The RNC debate highlights a shrinking tent. Steele is among the few who sees the danger. Frum Forum looks at some deeper problems (read the comments too). O'Donnell hasn't helped either.

Gays have become a wedge issue dividing the right; for some, they'll always be pariahs.

The Grassley "investigation" of church financial abuses was a snow job. But this bunch just had to get caught.

Fundamentalists flagrantly lie about Nazism and homosexuality.

One of the world's rising powers has its first woman President.

Christians in Iraq suffer a rising tide of Islamic violence.

Afghan women speak out about their abusive society (sent by Ranch Chimp).

The great treason of 1861 had theocratic roots (found via this post, which is also of interest). But don't look to Haley Barbour for the truth.

PZ Myers looks at the recent popular drivel about a genetic basis for political orientation (my take here).

Worried about recent animal die-offs? Technology is to blame. More here.

That "study" linking vaccines to autism was fraud -- deadly fraud.

Religious "explanations" don't explain anything.

Extreme winter weather is a warning.


Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

Howdy Infodel!

Sure as Hell would love to stay and finish more of these, but gotta go work in a few.

But ... what a kick ass vid posted by SE Bastard! Geeezz man ... does that bring back some old memories of some of the stupid shit we done when young ... shit! ... some of it even bring's back memories I just as well forget! (OUUUUCCHH) Boy, could I tell some stories ... but loved it! Cheer's to the Bastard!

Atheist Camel prediction's ... funny as Hell ... on #3 though as far as stopping all evolution in Texas school's ... "NOT!" :) ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh ... that's more of a fundamoralist's pipe dream than a prediction, and I will bet my paycheck on that brother ... these f'n unragged headed fundi's in the Lone Star State thinking their just gonna mozy on into Austin and pull these fantasies of their's show's how unbalanced and ill thinking they really are! :)

Ahhh ... I love Dave Barry and hadnt seen that one, so thanx on that ... as far as the 2010 review. No the Yankee's didnt make it to the World Series cause Texas Ranger's (Dallas) took them out and went instead ... but what happened to Texas/ Dallas in the Series? ... we got our asses whipped like red headed step children by the San Francisco Giant's! Oh Well ... :)

I will return when I get back to Dallas .. I hear tomorrow we have a winter storm arriving here (not Houston or the coast though) and I hope to be over work by then, since I have long drive's.

Take Care Bud ....

08 January, 2011 08:16  
Blogger Christine Vyrnon said...

I'm not sure whether to be amused or to be angry about the Psalms 109 thing. Thank god we can experience more than one emotion at a time.

08 January, 2011 08:54  
Blogger mendip said...

Another wonderful collection - thanks! The article on the good Captain Honors is especially appreciated. As for Ol' Virginny's license plates - there's a whole subculture of citizens out there, driving along in order to find, note, and protest any plate that they decide is wrong, funny, or disagreeable (to them, at least) in any way. I suspect an entire wing of the state's bureaucracy is kept employed, just to satisfy their whims.

08 January, 2011 09:22  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

RC: That was an action-packed video, all right! It's amazing how diligently the less-amply-brained individuals of the world engage in stunts which seem designed to remove them from the gene pool -- either by death or severe self-inflicted impacts to the groin area. Darwin would feel vindicated.

By the same token, as long as there are people in Texas who think they can shoot it out with the cops, there will be evolution in Texas. Why teach it in the schools when you can watch it happening?:-)

CV: It's rare that religious extremism doesn't make me amused and angry at the same time.

Mendip: My favorite-ever personalized license plate was this:

3M TA3

It must have easily sailed past the unimaginative bureaucrats who approve such things -- but just imagine seeing it in your rear-view mirror.

08 January, 2011 11:03  
Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

I just wanted to add, that I think the piece by Black Sun Journal was excellent. I been telling alot of folk's for years about simple basic's in climate adjustment's, and our impact on our enviroment. I felt basically like I was pissing in the wind, and no one gave a shit one way or the other. Many folk's care more about who's having sex with who. I reckon too, it depend's on who your talking to, and most I was talking to didnt know much of anything on these thing's anywayz. But that's my point ... I am far from being a scientific mind, lack formal education, and just a basic feller ... how come all these well educated folk's cant see what's up? Or is it that folk's got this inbred thought of ..."Oh well ... the world's going to end anywayz" I dont know what the deal is with alot of folk's, but I will bet my paycheck, when our wayz start to drastically impact our lives ... folk's will whine and give a shit then. I dont know if folk's realize this ... but we have the technologies RIGHT THIS MINUTE to chnage everything as far as our energies and other fuel need's. It's all a matter of when the "money" will debut their new investment's I reckon.

Pres. Obama's rating going up? Heh, heh, heh, heh, heh ... well ... nice thought for me since I still support the man fully, but I question some of these rating's, we'll see I reckon. I even talk to many democrat's around the neighborhood and around town that seem to more and more decline in supoort for Obama ... sometime's I feel like the Lone Ranger. I'll vote for him again ... even if he called me a commie bastard!

Laughing in Pugatory had this ole boy laughing up a storm right here in Texas!

As far as your response of the dumb shit some of us do when were young ... well ... I'm guilty as Hitler on that I reckon ... but I certainly didnt want to die, or even get injured frankly ... I reckon it was more of thrill seeking, action or whatever, turning a blind eye to the consequence's that are possible. Kind of like how I would alway's look for that rollercoaster that was faster, and bigger, or that car with more horsepower or whatever. In a weird way, these global warming denialist's do the same thing. Oh well ...

Glad I finished my run's yesterday and early, by midnite, it was sunny dry, 50's etc ... today right now low 30's constant rain changing to snow, and alot more to come through the next week, that's North Central Texas in the winter for ya! :)

09 January, 2011 06:52  

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