12 January 2011

Video of the week -- two countries, two shootings

Relatives of Pakistani governor Salman Taseer -- murdered for challenging his country's religious fanatics -- speak out on the Giffords shooting. Found via Ranch Chimp.


Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

Good Morning Infodel!

I posted this video on a recent post that was about the Tucson event ... because I feel with all the shit going on, that many folk's are not looking at a serious issue around the corner of importance. As I stated ... in various posting's also ... when time's get tough to any extent, folk's are going to be more easily attracted as well to these fundi group's and parties, kind of like President Obama once said in his campaign about folk's clinging to gun's and God, which he was attacked by many for saying, but I actually agree with him on, and these group's capitalize off misery.

But my concern to point out is/ was religion in general. I am all for a person's right to believe or worship what they choose as far as spirituality, but I believe that we all give too much say so and green light's, funding and consideration to religion's, I also dont see a thing spiritual about them. And I feel there should be much more restriction's on religious "group's and institution's". History show's us clearly what these mega religion's have done to the civilisation and progress of the species. As long as we been around, we should have even made a Hell of alot more progress than we have. Organized religion's who disguise themselves in cloak's of glory, freedom fighter's, and mediator's between human's and god's, have been not only a catastrophic entity to the species, but also an insult to anyone truely spiritual.

In my opinion an old problem is currently surfacing again ... and the reason for much of the conflict and issue's that we are facing. I feel "if" we dont reckonize this and address this issue, we are simply feeding it. This even effect's us here in Texas big time, what folk's dont see with these cult's that try to infiltrate the Texas School Board, these inde cult's are popping up stronger than I have seen in my 54 year's on every continent it seem's, not just here. I'll shut the Hell up now.

12 January, 2011 05:39  
Blogger Cyc said...

I just wrote about the assassination of Salmaan Taseer along with a bit of a biography. Pakistan and its people really has lost one of its greatest benefactors.

12 January, 2011 13:58  

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