24 January 2011


Suicide bomb, Domodedovo airport, Moscow -- at least 31 killed.

If only there were really a Hell for slime like this to burn in.....


Blogger Cyc said...

I wrote a bit more on this (actually I meant to earlier yet I didn't have the time). I wanted to go and write the history of such attacks yet for each 'major' attack I would find a handful of 'minor' attacks, all decided upon by the thing that is media. It left me cursing humanity more then when I started...

24 January, 2011 22:30  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

In Russia there have been a lot of terrorist attacks, but reporting of them in the US media is sporadic. Same with India and Thailand.

This unfortunately contributes to the false impression many people have, that jihadists almost exclusively target the West. Any non-Muslim population, or even Muslims who are of the wrong sect or too moderate, can be a target.

25 January, 2011 04:23  

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