30 January 2023

Image round-up for 30 January 2023

A few more pictures from my collection -- click for full size.

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I never knew dragons were so keen on lollipops

Hammer-headed shark sculpture made of hammer heads

1983 office technology

Tampa airport

Silver bowl, first Persian Empire, 6th-4th century BCE

The southern Baltic Sea

New York Navy Yard, 1915

Egyptian bracelet, 14th century BCE

29 January 2023

Link round-up for 29 January 2023

Various interesting stuff I ran across on the net over the last week.

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He's a slow learner.

There is dumbth all around.

It's a dog's life.

This person exists.

This person exists.

This person exists (NSFW).

This cloud exists.

Tremble before the menace of barfing dinosaurs.

Every dog has its day.

All hail the power of corgis.  This one rides a carousel.

Time to go bowling.


Atheist kids try church.


It's face time.

Schools go nuts.

He built his own alarm clock.

Cats put their abilities to good use.

Armor is hot.

Choose the better place.

I don't think this is how telephones work.

Why can't I reach my dinner?

Build it your own way.

Happiness is bad for the economy.

God doesn't interfere in humans' free will.

Sometimes justice prevails.

Amazon manages to grab a little more money.

Keep your steel wool away from batteries (found via Hackwhackers).

Beware this art commission scam on Tumblr.

Learn the right way to pick up a chameleon (this is important, if you have one).

Death from the skies!

America is haunted.

If you want to write well, you need to read a variety of types of writing.

The World War II Navajo code was more complex than just speaking in Navajo.

This animal exists.  (Now try to imagine how weird actual aliens would probably be.)

Child mortality has dropped enormously.  The change since 1950 is mostly due to vaccines.  The past was very different.

Remember Lili Elbe.

Cas d'intérêt has more resources for practicing a foreign language.

See an odd cloud formation from Michigan.

Scandinavia remembers the past.

Check out the fantasy art of Vsevolod Ivanov, inspired by ancient pagan Russia.

Knowing a second language helps to stave off Alzheimer's.  It also has other benefits.

Remember Karl Marx.

Only his feelings matter, not anybody else's.

"Let her speak, please."

Big Business Brain runs the show.

Modern schooling violates the nature of children.

Different people become atheists for different reasons.

I'm so glad that I got out of academia before this totalitarian lunacy descended on it.

There are good reasons why you shouldn't shoplift.

AI is being used to shittyize journalism.

Forced-birthers celebrate their triumphs.

Tucker Carlson wants to invade Canada (found via Hackwhackers).

Gender is a linguistic (and recently ideological) term, not a biological one.

This is disgusting.

Amazon is laying people off by e-mail.

"[Florida] is getting more ethnically diverse and younger each cycle, yet the Republicans are doing better every election."

Some employers don't understand why people look for jobs.

Connect All the Dots blog debunks Owen Jones, point by point.

Last year Union Pacific railway spent more money on stock buybacks than on workers' pay and benefits.  They can afford that paid sick leave.

The case of the six-year-old who shot his teacher happened because officials ignored repeated warning signs.  Too often violent behavior in young people is ignored until something truly disastrous happens.

Stupid insurrectionist is stupid.

Dave Chappelle speaks out against the thugs who violently attacked the audience at one of his shows.

The National Prayer Breakfast has been removed from the control of the creepy cult that founded it -- but more needs to be done.

It's too early to make predictions about the 2024 election.

Trans people in the West suffer murder at a lower per-capita rate than the general population.

The world's elites flew to Davos on over 150 carbon-belching private jets to nag the rest of us about using the wrong straws and light bulbs.  Why can't they do this shit on video-chat or something?

Salman Rushdie's new novel is a triumph over the religious thuggery that tried to destroy him.

You can make an assault rifle at home using an affordable 3D printer and blueprints available on the internet.  The guy in the video has spent a lot of time refining his techniques, and offers the info for free.

If you have WiFi, it can be used to spy on you.

Thousands of prison inmates in Louisiana have been kept in prison long past their release dates.

Examine the contradictions of gender ideology.

As religion declines in the US, there are more churches for sale than ever before.

A Republican candidate made a vulgar and embarrassing speech, so the party expelled -- the two women who blew the whistle on him.

New York's attorney general speaks out against use of facial recognition to blacklist people from public accommodations.

The opposition to letting men compete in women's sports is becoming more outspoken.

Mike Pompeo lionizes a murderous theocratic tyrant.

Congress is much more religious than the country as a whole.

Older voters are leaning more Democratic.

It gets dangerous when language doesn't reflect reality.

Kansas forced-birthers are still trying.

SickoRicko blog looks at the Holocaust and its implications.

A new Democratic Congresswoman who won in a red district has some advice for the party.

In Canada, male sex criminals are routinely put in women's prisons.

Kill people who disagree with usKill, kill, kill!  And wear the T-shirt.

After a huge public outcry, the Scottish government has backed down on putting a male rapist in a women's prison.  The case highlights the absurdity of Scotland's new "trans law".

Poland puts Germany in its place, while the Putin regime spews the usual bullshit.

We must give Ukraine whatever it needs; Russia must be humiliated.  Any concessions or face-saving will increase the risk of further war.

Putin has destroyed Russia's economic leverage.

The "cutting-edge" T-14 tank is just another dud.  Even Russia's fake inflatable tanks don't work properly.  On the other hand, working tanks can be a problem too.

We need to be prepared for the possible disintegration of Russia.

Erdoğan doesn't believe that a country which allows free expression should be let into NATO.

Pakistan descends further into barbarism.

Don't forget the women of Afghanistan.

The world is beginning to see that China is a declining power and that its rise was always hugely overhyped (I've been saying this for years).

More links at Fair and Unbalanced, WAHF, and Miss Cellania.

My posts this week:  a video on smartphonized society, some truths and inspirations, and an obvious solution to the deficit.

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Liberals often have something worthwhile to say.  Conservatives sometimes do.  Cynics never do.

One could argue that only atheists truly behave morally, since they do good because it is good and abstain from evil because it is evil, not merely because they anticipate reward or punishment in an afterlife.

There's a saying that taxes are the price we pay for living in a civilized society, and I wouldn't mind paying for a bit higher level of civilization around here.

Most people who fetishize "diversity" don't want real diversity in the sense of a diversity of ideas.  What they mean is people of different races, sexual orientations, etc who all hold opinions within the narrow parameters acceptable to the same ideology.

Today marks fifty-nine days since railway workers were robbed of their right to strike for paid sick leave.  Issue the executive order, Biden!