27 November 2011

Link round-up for 27 November 2011

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Christ, what an asshole.

Enter the Knatolee's World duck limerick contest.

Who's this new rip-off band imitating Justin Bieber?

Here's a religious view of the laws of nature.

Romanians get stereotyped.

Murr Brewster looks at Republican propaganda.

Who's the real bad guy -- God or Satan?

What if the police went after the real criminals?

Would you risk your job over a mere number? (sent by Mendip).

Joseph Cannon unearths the spiritual ancestor of the teabaggers.

Here's a Facebook history of World War II.

General John "Black Jack" Pershing knew how to handle religious fanatics.

Rush Limbaugh speaks out on the Occupiers.

Misogyny is disgusting, but what's the proper response?

Here's yet another example of someone who turned atheist after comparing her own religion to another (as discussed here).

Cynics, this one's for you.

Halal turkeys? There's less here than meets the eye.

Hollywood's long-simmering fascist streak rises to the surface.

A fundie "school" in Indiana commits horrific abuse of girls.

Even some conservatives are rejecting the myth of the non-tax- paying 47%.

If you think this isn't a problem, you are part of the problem.

Weird right-wing hatred has a long history.

A military religious bully is exposed.

Here's an intriguing idea: Elizabeth Warren for President in 2016.

Obama's base remains solid heading into 2012.

Beware the reality-denial of the non-pragmatic extreme left.

And beware of stories that seem too juicy to be true.

Huntsman has some interesting ideas for re-regulating Wall Street.

Most of the Republican Presidential candidates are committed to a fundie world-view.

The Christian Right hates it when the US defends gays against persecution (found via Republic of Gilead).

Republicans have embraced ignorance in every field, and they must pay the price. When the facts don't support their ideology, they resort to denial and name-calling.

People are speaking up for the truth.

It's not just Europe -- austeritards have hijacked the debate in the US as well.

"Black Friday" idiocy illustrates a competitive weakness of the US (though I'd say these idiots aren't typical of most Americans).

Watch dramatic video of a foiled robbery in London.

Immigrants assimilate better when ordinary people uphold standards of behavior in everyday interactions.

Britain's Conservative government wastes money on religion.

The conventional wisdom about the euro crisis is largely wrong.

2,000 people march against austerity in Dublin.

The Greek quisling regime is composed partly of actual fascists.

Even German bonds aren't selling, as investors realize the euro is doomed. Britain prepares to weather the collapse.

As the EU stumbles toward break-up, a new union rises in the east.

British right-wing brats apologize to Obama after an ugly incident.

Daniel Radcliffe goes up in my estimation. So does Australia.

The power of rootless capital threatens democracy world-wide.

Suspicious of the interim military government, Egyptians return to Tahrir square.

In a snub to Islamists, Libya's interim cabinet consists entirely of secularists.

Israelis show solidarity with Aliaa Magda Elmahdy, and the trend is spreading.

Developing countries are getting angry about inaction on global warming.

Idiotic superstition is wiping out the rhinoceros.

Planning a plane flight? Watch out for germs.

Patients, remember who really cured you.

Wind power gets a big boost in Pennsylvania.

Human biology makes natural use of fetal stem cells.

We're getting better at understanding brain repair.

Here's a review of the work of pioneering evolutionary biologist Lynn Margulis, who died this week.

Dinosaurs looked very different from how we picture them.

HIV infection rates are plummeting thanks to modern drugs.

Illinois researchers discover a potential chemical weapon against telomere deterioration, a key element of both aging and cancer.


Blogger Ahab said...

I must say, 9Gag is the shiznitz. I really enjoyed the Facebook history of WWII.

Also, Frank Miller has been getting a lot of criticism for his attacks on OWS, as well as the political messages of his works. GOOD! He needs a dose of reality.

:: runs off with several of the links ::

27 November, 2011 10:59  
Blogger Knatolee said...

Thanks for the Limerick Contest plug! The deadline is December 4th.

02 December, 2011 05:24  

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