20 November 2011

Link round-up for 20 November 2011

These pick-up lines look like the royal road to celibacy.

This guard dog should get the job done.

See the best little outhouses in Texas.

Lying to cover up an affair is understandable, but it can have unforeseen consequences.

Warning label writers must think we're pretty stupid (from Shaw Kenawe).

Satan has been naughty.

You could build a whole world with just Morgan Freeman.

This may be the most embarrassing political endorsement ever.

Stop taking Ayn Rand seriously.

The Seattle Occupier movement is being taken over by bullies, apparently.

It's time for conservatism to dump that far-left bleeding-heart liberal, Grover Norquist. And what about this tax-the-rich socialist? More here.

Under-age prostitution is a very different phenomenon from what activists envisage (found via Feminisnt).

Green Eagle brings you the best quotes from the right wing.

Stop the bullshit excuse-making for Mike McQueary. And stop the nauseating prayers and religious obfuscation.

To fix the budget, go after the tax breaks.

If you don't see why this is a problem, you are part of the problem.

Religious moralism breeds truly disgusting attitudes toward sex abuse -- and even toward killing.

See how the law treats an ordinary person and how it treats the financial parasite class.

Gingrich is as classy as ever. And he's trying hard to win over the Christian Right.

Smartypants debunks the myth that Democrats caved.

Fundie activist Lou Engle thinks abortion is a form of demon worship.

There are people in Wisconsin who want to commit vote fraud.

Ed Brayton visits a pitiful creation museum in Missouri.

Police went to great lengths to hide their brutality in Zuccotti park from the media.

Fundies continue to press their attacks on contraception.

The Patriotic Millionaires group continues to push for restoration of sensible tax rates.

The Bush recession will have a lasting impact on the younger generation.

A lobbying firm proposes an $850,000 propaganda war against the Occupiers.

Captain Stephen Hill, the soldier booed at the Republican debate, speaks out (found via Smartypants).

We'd be far worse off without the social safety net.

Warren Buffett talks class war.

The Occupiers are right about the 1% and about public opinion, but they need a change in emphasis.

What have liberals done that's so offensive? This.

To achieve change, we must understand the rules of the system. More here.

Prospects look good for rolling back Kasich's vote-suppression law in Ohio.

PCTC dissects the lie that Obama is implicated in the nationwide attacks on the Occupier movement.

2012's election offers only two choices: Democrats or disaster.

US conservatives could learn from their British counterparts. More here.

A Catholic Church official assigned to investigate priestly child molestation has been jailed for possession of child pornography (found via Ed Brayton).

The Council of Ex-Muslims of Britain salutes Christopher Hitchens (more on this group here).

Merkel contemplates sacrificing the German constitution on the altar of European unification.

The EU sides with Islamism against oppressed women and gays.

Tens of thousands of Italians march in protest against their new EU-imposed quisling/banker government (restaurant here).

The euro currency is a failed experiment based on out-of-date thinking; Europe must stop trying to save it and prepare to abandon it.

Time Magazine's Paris correspondent opts for appeasement in the face of the Charlie Hebdo bombing.

A tough old Russian tank will parade again despite lying at the bottom of a river for almost 70 years.

Australia shows it is possible.

Egyptian atheist blogger Aliaa Magda Elmahdy protests Islamic puritanism and hypocrisy by posting nude photos; Islamists go apeshit.

As Syria descends into civil war, rebels attack the ruling party's headquarters.

Rich, obese, inbred, outnumbered by imported foreign laborers -- meet the Persian Gulf states.

Here's a book exploring the forgery of the New Testament (for the Old, see here).

Yes, there is a correlation between low intelligence and being fat.

Here's what our ancestors looked like two million years ago.

Chimpanzees use planning and strategy to hunt monkeys.

Not only apes, dolphins, and elephants, but now also octopuses show evidence of high intelligence.

Stem cells emerge as a weapon against chronic heart disease.

MIT researchers have built a chip that can simulate the activity of a brain synapse (though simulating an entire brain will take more work -- the human brain has about 100 trillion synapses).


Blogger Ahab said...

- Those lines posted at Manboobz were ... um ... interesting. I hope those men never breed, and at this rate, they never will.

- I know the photo is probably doctored, but I'd love to have a criminal-eating dog like Jethro. Plus, he looks cuddly.

- A country of overweight, spoiled, entitled Qataris who are used to having everything done for them? This does not bode well for their future. On a bright note, the next generations of innovators and hard workers in Qatar might come from the children and grandchildren of Qatar's immigrant laborers.

20 November, 2011 18:22  

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