13 November 2011

Link round-up for 13 November 2011

People need to be more careful with guns.

Do not steal this woman's brownies.

Do not use a pick-up truck as a cooking utensil.

Octopi Wall Street!

Here's Palin's Oval Office (found via Hysterical Raisins).

Murr Brewster looks at the role of ferret sperm in the economy of Wyoming. More sperm problems here.

"Morbid and tacky" indeed -- that's religion for you. Maybe Jesus wanted his followers to be tacky.

What do the US, Liberia, and Burma have in common that makes them different from all other countries?

Make a joyful (and extremely rude) noise unto the Lord.

This real-world Rip Van Winkle couldn't cope (found via Histories of Things to Come).

Here are five things that aren't in the Bible.

Rick Perry's campaign has only one big problem -- unfortunately, it's Rick Perry.

Fundie nuts at the Family Research Council produce a horribly- misspelled prayer against the Occupiers.

Michigan Republicans think certain bullies are OK (found via Republic of Gilead).

Police resort to slimy tactics against OWS.

Andrew Sullivan looks at how the Republicans are teabagging themselves to death.

Here's how that story about a Christmas-tree tax got started.

It's official -- Joe Walsh is a pro-family guy.

Misogynists viciously attack Sady Doyle for pointing out how vicious misogynists are.

North Carolina is trying to make amends for a ghastly forced- sterilization program in the 1960s.

Texas made the right decision here, even if for the wrong reason.

Angry Black Lady has been chronicling the Penn State cover-up. Paterno's latest comment just makes it worse. Don't forget Mike McQueary's moral failing. The disgusting pro-Paterno riot attacked any sense of safe space at Penn State, but this student showed real courage. The program deserves to die. Republic of Gilead has a collection of links.

The hard-line right wing remains unimpressed with Romney (more here). And voters are unimpressed with the hard-line right wing.

Voting one's self-interest is OK only for some.

The Republicans will try to divide us -- don't let them.

Anti-prostitution nuts are about to make another stupid mistake.

God still thinks women are dirty.

What does the Cain scandal say about conservatism?

If you think rising inequality isn't a problem, read this.

Politics Plus reviews the Republican debates. Andrew Sullivan despairs.

The Christian Right is weaker and more divided than we think.

Here's an interesting comparison of teabaggers and Occupiers.

The Feds finally go after the real criminals.

The Republican party should have listened to this guy.

Here's a survey of English-language blogs.

Britain squelches plans by two despicable groups -- one Islamist, one far-right -- to disrupt Armistice Day.

More dirty behavior by the Murdoch empire comes to light in Britain, and there may be bigger revelations to come (found via Hysterical Raisins).

The Greek people are in revolt against the EU elite, and it could spread.

It's time to put the euro currency out of everyone's misery. Britain is preparing for its collapse. A top German economist says Greece would be better off returning to the drachma.

Don't panic over Italy.

British conservatives' effort to limit immigration isn't working out too well, and their own spending cuts may be part of the reason.

Standard & Poor's blunders again.

Entrepreneurs abandon austerity-strangled Europe for dynamic India.

Face it: the hard left got Libya wrong.

The Syrian revolution rages on, with 3,500 people now dead at the hands of the regime; other Arab states move to ostracize Assad.

A senior religious nut asks his fellow religious nuts to stop setting fire to themselves (found via Kriss the Sexy Atheist).

The black rhino is now extinct, a victim of idiotic superstition.

Strange things can happen when part of your brain develops a mind of its own.

Newly-svelte monkeys offer hope for human fattards.

The man who discovered Pluto is on his way there.

Space aliens will be very alien, if they exist at all, which is unlikely.

Solar power is going mainstream.

Scientists believe a true cure for AIDS is achievable.


Blogger okjimm said...

Great Round UP!!! some good and funny stuff!!!!

13 November, 2011 08:15  
Blogger Ahab said...

When I saw the line about a rude noise unto the Lord, I thought someone farted in a church somewhere! :)

13 November, 2011 10:02  
Blogger Manifesto Joe said...

I hate to bring crass commercial considerations into things, but would you be interested in a blog link trade?

13 November, 2011 13:50  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Okjimm: Thanks -- there were some pretty funny items this time. It's a funny world.

Ahab: Well, that would have been more cool than the actual story.

MJ: Linked!

13 November, 2011 16:05  
Anonymous nonnie9999 said...

another treasure trove of linky goodness. thanks infidel!

13 November, 2011 22:44  
Blogger Manifesto Joe said...

Been a bit distracted as of late, but will reciprocate ASAP.

17 November, 2011 00:17  

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