24 November 2011

Quote for the day -- now this is blogging

"It’s been an entertaining week, hasn’t it? And by entertaining I mean entertaining like getting tazed in the onions, sure there’s dancing and wild hooting involved but you’re going to be sore as hell the next morning. A bunch of drunken rednecks booed the first lady on national TV in an outstanding show of classy Southern sportsmanship while she was at a NASCAR race to promote jobs for veterans returning from war. In defense of these mouth breathers, corpulent swollen carbuncle in the sweaty ass-crack of humanity, Rush Limbaugh, called the nation’s first African American First Lady “uppity” and then tried to pretend as if that statement wasn’t blatantly racist. Here’s a question for you, if “uppity” isn’t racist then how come you’ve never heard anybody, ever, refer to a rich white man as uppity? There’s a word that always follows “uppity,” whether it’s spoken out loud or not, it starts with an N. Ten points if you can figure it out, Good Ole Boys help the Yankees. Rush fans claim his words were taken out of context. Heh. Maybe they should be taken that way, because taken in context it’s abundantly clear that he was defending the hecklers specifically because an educated black woman had the unmiti- gated gall to suggest that their overweight diabetic chicken-fried butter eatin’ and soda swilling kids should maybe have a salad or two and, you know, exercise."

Jim Wright's latest rant at Stonekettle Station -- go read it, the rest is just as good.


Blogger LadyAtheist said...

*lol* great writing! Thanks for sharing

24 November, 2011 11:54  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

حسان ورانيا كتير متمنيه نلتقي فيكن انتو الإتنين فيس تو فيس وهاد شرف كبير..........:-)

19 May, 2013 11:35  

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