08 October 2016

The upside of Trump's latest vulgarity

The substance of Trump's just-revealed 2005 paean to groping is so appalling that no commentary I could offer would really contribute anything.  Its concrete effect on the political landscape, however, may have a positive side.

For some time I've been concerned that when Trump lost, large numbers of Trumpanzees would refuse to recognize the result, claiming the election was rigged or stolen in some way.  On many wingnut sites, as in 2012, discussion has centered on claims that the polls showing Trump losing are somehow skewed or bogus.  The fever-swamp certainty that Trump is winning would have made his defeat seem shocking and illegitimate.

But since yesterday's revelations, that's no longer the case.  Yes, a hard core of true believers still insist Trump is winning -- but among most, the conviction has set in that he is now doomed.  In effect, they've given themselves permission to accept that his coming defeat is real.  Even if they still believe (as many Trumpanzees somehow do) that Trump is the victim of media bias and unfair play, nevertheless they're ready to accept a Trump defeat as being the result of more people voting against him than for him, however much they insist people voted foolishly.

And Hillary's mandate, and American democracy, will be the stronger for it.


Anonymous Marc McKenzie said...

Well said.

Strangely enough, I take no joy out of seeing this trainwreck. The GOP made their bed, and they will have to sleep in it. At the same time, it is still frustrating to see the "But-but HILLARY!!" line of nonsense coming from some on the far Left--despite the Everest-sized heap of evidence showing Trump to just be the worst nominee for President in, well, decades, you still have some on the far Left moaning about how horrible Hillary Clinton is, and fretting that the bombshell about Trump has overshadowed the (most like altered) documents released by Wikileaks that are supposed to show that Hillary is chummy with big business. Never mind the fact that this transcript was from an event done before her 2016 campaign and that there is no "smoking gun" there--it doesn't matter.

And of course toss in the few unrepentant Sanders supporters who plan to throw their votes away by running to Jill Stein or Gary Johnson.

Yet I will not rest easy until after Election Day--while Hillary's chances of winning are now on the upswing, she's not taking it for granted, and neither should we.

08 October, 2016 10:12  
Blogger Kevin Robbins said...

Infidel, I love to see people look on the bright side. Hopefully the totality of the piece of crap that Trump is will resonate with his supporters and dim their sorrow. If the Clinton campaign was behind the release of the clip, good work on their part. I can see where some might see that as a dirty trick. In light of that, here's a little bit of lunacy that got missed because of the utter stupidity revealed from the clip.

The Mexicans are stuffing the ballot boxes.

08 October, 2016 11:53  
Blogger Shaw Kenawe said...

I agree with what Marc wrote.

I am also relieved to read today that, for what it's worth (and it's probably not worth much), Trump has vowed to NOT leave the race. I want to see Trump ride his train wreck of a campaign all the way to bloody hell.

08 October, 2016 13:26  
Anonymous nonnie9999 said...

I have to admit that I feel great joy in what has transposed. The GOP has been exposed for what it is and what it has been for a very long time. I don't feel even an iota of pity or empathy for them. They made this bed, and now they can sleep in it. I hope they lose the House and the Senate. Let them go lick their wounds, and maybe they'll realized they rode off the rails long ago and need to go back to when the Republican party had some honor.

08 October, 2016 20:54  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Marc: Very wise. I'm feeling a lot easier now than when the polls were closer before the first debate, but we can't afford complacency. Got to keep fighting for every vote until we have this won.

Kevin: Trump is basically throwing out anything that comes into his head now. The idea of illegal Mexicans flooding toe polls is obvious nonsense to everyone except the kind of trogs who support Trump in the first place. And the tape is hardly a dirty trick if it's the truth -- Trump really did say those things.

Shaw: He's not going to bow out now, not when it would mean admitting others were right where he was wrong. It's just not in his nature. He doesn't even care about the good of the Republican party. It's all about preserving his self-image in his own mind.

Nonnie: Nope, no sympathy here either. The party spent years fomenting paranoia and hatred among its own followers. They didn't care who got hurt by that as long as it got those followers fired up to vote. Now they get to be on the receiving end of their own flamethrower.

11 October, 2016 02:01  

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