18 September 2016

Link round-up for 18 September 2016

This corn is too beautiful to eat.

NASA celebrates Star Trek.

If Trump wins, the White House will undergo some remodeling.

You can't tell me this cat isn't communicating.

Don't fall for the myth of the white wedding dress.

One thing works, the other doesn't.

Welcome to the closet, fuckheads (found via this commentary from last year).

In the night, they are out there.

Next time you're in Minneapolis, check out Hell's Kitchen.

It's not aliens -- just listen to people.

Rent this apartment, and you'll always know what time it is.

Who's the painter?

Wow, scary neighbors.

To Hell with respect.

You just know this guy will vote for Trump.

Wingnuts should rethink their admiration for Putin.

We all know Barack is smart, but don't underestimate Michelle.

Here's another side to the Adblock Plus controversy.  I don't know who's right, I'm just passing the info along.

The NCAA and the ACC join the campaign against North Carolina's HB2.  The city of Charlotte must stand strong against this dirty dealNo compromises.  Crush them.  We are strong enough for that now.

I agree -- this guy is just a vandal and should be treated as such.

 For those who won't vote for Hillary, Nonnie9999 has a vision of the future.

Some in the sports world have weird priorities.  So does the University of Texas.

This is what Republicans do.  And here are more things that they do.

I've thought #6 many times -- someday we'll learn how he really felt.

Comrade Misfit has some sensible posts on September 11 from 2011, 2010, and especially 2008.

A London subway station goes full cat.

Spaniards protest the disgusting "sport" of bullfighting.

The Putin regime is running out of money.

Green Eagle raises an often-overlooked point about Israeli settlements (and here's the actual study being discussed).

Saudi Arabia's latest barbarity targets atheism.

India leads the world.

The Bonobo Project is trying to save one of our closest relatives.

This occurred to me some time ago -- Trump's behavior resembles the dominance displays of male chimpanzees.

The candidates respond to twenty questions on science.  The photo on question 2 is the Large Hadron Collider at Geneva, an example of large-scale government investment in basic science.  I shudder to think of Trump trying to assess particle physics, and can just see Gary Johnson saying "What's a Geneva?" (found via Ed Brayton).

The wingnuts have a lot riding on McCrory.

Trump's customer base doesn't seem to like his antics.

Hackwhackers and Samantha Bee put things in perspective.

Yes, they're deplorable.  Hillary knows exactly what she's doing and she spoke the truth.

Not just a crook, but a petty crook.

Hillary has reasons for being cautious around the media.

Trump's "birther moment" was a revival of old insanity -- even NRO thinks it was a blunder.  Here's how bad it was.  The media are not amused by his bullshit.

Don't fall for the lies about Hillary's paid-leave plan. Here's another candidate comparison.

The Trump rape lawsuit, ignored by most media and bloggers, continues to move forward.

The Governor of Kentucky goes full wingnut.

Obama lays it on the line about what's at stake this November.  Don't let all this progress be lost.

Zandar sees a landslide coming.

Apparently this is Trump's concept of "charity" (link from Kevin Robbins).  As President he would have huge conflicts of interest.

[Image at top:  Aleppo, the largest city in Syria, showing the devastation caused by the civil war -- a major issue the next president will have to deal with.  Gary Johnson apparently had not heard of Aleppo.]


Blogger Paul Wartenberg said...

Thank ye again for the link!

18 September, 2016 07:32  
Blogger W. Hackwhacker said...

Hours worth of good, eclectic reading. Thanks again!

18 September, 2016 08:27  
Anonymous Marc McKenzie said...

Interesting links as always, Infidel--thanks for posting them.

In regards to Luke Russert's #6...yeah, I agree. It just shows, once again, that Obama is a better man than any of us. Compare him to the Orange blowhard and it is no contest

As for those who want to vote third party...I swear, some of these folks have no sense of empathy, no concern for anyone who would suffer under a Trump Presidency. Just like many Naderites back in 2000, it's all about their "conscience", and they are quick to blurt out that the Democrat--whether Gore in 2000 or Kerry in 2004 or Obama in '08 and '12 and Hillary in 2016--is somehow worse than the GOP candidate. Add to that their desire for the GOP candidate to win because it would kickstart some kind of "revolution", would "burn it down", and you can see why I personally view these people with utter disdain. They simply do not care if anyone else gets hurt.

To hell with them.

18 September, 2016 15:49  
Blogger Kevin Robbins said...

That's an amazing collection of links. Thank you for the effort putting them together and for the shout outs. Loved this at electoral vote and will do my best to keep it alive.

Trump proposed, at various times, to donate either $5 million or $50 million to a charity of the President's choice if he was given hard proof of Obama's birthplace. Today's announcement would seem to be an acknowledgment that such proof has been received, so presumably a check is forthcoming.

I'm glad some folks have longer, better memories than I do.

20 September, 2016 10:42  

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