28 August 2016

Link round-up for 28 August 2016


Who was he talking to?

Pigeons are of Satan.

Interesting, if true.

Beware the, er, what?

This week's cuteness overload:  baby animals.

I'm immortal (found via Clarissa)

What is it with goats, anywayAlso, cats!

Volleyball goes international.

Goofy bird.

The rapid growth in the number of us non-religious people is the biggest demographic threat to the Republicans (link from Pinku-Sensei).  Many Americans have dumped religion because they learned about science.

Hasten the day.

What is the best use of the money?

Blogs are extinct again, apparently.

This psychiatrist is a dangerous embarrassment to the profession (link from occasional commenter Blurber).

Access to the life-saving EpiPen is threatened by corporate greed.  Comrade Misfit has put up several posts on this scandal.

Hillary's a bigot -- wait, what?

Sorry, this is stupid.

Here's what global-warming denial looks like today, and will look like tomorrow.

This crackdown is long overdue.

Wow, another case of Trump calling for a Presidential candidate to be shot.

Seattle is the latest example showing that raising the minimum wage creates jobs and boosts the overall economy.  Beware of scare tactics.

The alt-right may be targeting the Mormons.

Science and religion can't be reconciled.

I just bet these people are Trumpanzees.

Pastor Ken Adkins, who viciously condemned the victims of the Orlando massacre, is back in the news.

Crazy Eddie looks at the centennial of the National Park Service.

Religious nutbars rant against higher education for women.  And those hats look stupid.

Ann Coulter's wretched book gets a makeover.

Americans are being humiliated.

This neighborhood showed a great response to bigotry.

Paul LePage is a true Republican.

North Carolina is getting tired of HB2 and the wingnut governor who foisted it on them.  The state might even be turning blue.

Texas now has the highest maternal death rate in the developed world, and the reason is pretty clear.

This monument is long overdue.

Assange is a monster.

Abortion is still illegal in the Irish Republic, forcing women to travel to the UK for the procedure.  Here's the story of two of them -- and the vile reactions of the religionists.

Trump's bullshit is already making things worse in eastern Europe.

The Iraqi state starts to show an open mind on Kurdish independence.

Obama needs to rein in Saudi Arabia.

Which country enjoys divine favor?

Arrogant, preachy American Christians take aim at Botswana.

Hillary's tough speech on Trump's alt-right ties struck a nerve.

There is a real Benghazi scandal.

RedState denounces Trump's latest vileness, and savors an "I told you so".  Other Republicans push him to drop out.  The "shy Trump voter" concept isn't reality; voters don't trust him.  But he may refuse to accept defeat, and the Trumpanzees are pivoting to blame the media when it happens. After the dust settles, get ready for Trump TV -- and the Republican civil war of mutual "purges".

Hillary has friends in low places.

Trumpism is the culmination of a dark history (link from Pinku-Sensei).

Hackwhackers has a round-up on the Clinton Foundation.  Progressive Eruptions looks at the wingnuts' worst lie against Hillary.  Whenever you see an "incriminating" quote from her, remember this.

Trump asked what black voters have to lose.  Black journalist Isaac Bailey replies.


Blogger Pinku-Sensei said...

I'm glad to have provided three links for your roundup this week. Sorry I don't have any to share in the comments today.

Nothing like falling down the rabbit hole and then walking through the looking glass by the Republicans nominating Trump to make Red State a voice of reason. Tancredo attacking the LDS Church over immigration just confirms the suspicions of what motivates Breitbart and the rest of the alt-Right. Hillary calls them out for being bigots and what happens next? More bigotry!

28 August, 2016 10:22  
Blogger Paul Wartenberg said...

Pinku could have gotten four links but was a little late updating the Trump drink orders for the coming Hillary debates.

28 August, 2016 14:31  
Blogger Ahab said...

:: comes inside after a long day of picking goats in the goat tree orchard ::

As for the pigeons in the pentagram, Lord Baphomet provides bread crumbs and popcorn for his feathered worshipers.

I'd vote for Hildabeast over He Who Sports A Combover any day.

The Memorial to Peace and Justice is overdue. Let it remind Americans of their country's sordid history.

Of course Satmar Hasidim rabbis want to prevent women from educating themselves. Education not only opens up employment opportunities outside of the home, but it opens women's minds. Educated women will not be content to stay home, make babies, and do whatever their husband and rabbi command.

28 August, 2016 14:49  
Blogger Pinku-Sensei said...

Paul, I'll update the drink orders when you post a new set of rules for the general election debates. Until then, the current drink orders stand. Besides, I am already doing research on the drink orders for the Vice Presidential Debates. I'll recycle the recipes for the two Jims (Gilmore and Webb) for Kaine (all three are from Virginia) and I have already found two recipes for Indiana for Pence.

28 August, 2016 20:09  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Don't worry, RedState in general is as nutzoid as ever. Trump is just too out-there even for them.

Nothing scares a scowling religious fanatic like educated women. Their preferred kind of social order can't survive unless women are kept ignorant.

30 August, 2016 03:07  

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