09 August 2016

Republican horror show

If Donald Trump were a centipede, he would still be running out of feet to stick in his mouth.  Every time we think he has sunk as low as he possibly can, he finds a way to outdo himself.  If you haven't yet heard about his "Second Amendment guys" outrage and his campaign's fumbling attempts to explain it away, follow those links.  I don't really feel up to commenting on this right now, but fellow bloggers Paul Wartenberg, Squatlo, Shaw Kenawe, and Comrade Misfit have taken that on, and no doubt many others will in the next few hours.

As Squatlo says, "This is so far beyond the pale someone should (at long last) yank a knot in his fucking chain. There has to be someone somewhere within the Republican Party willing to step up and demand he resign as his party's nominee."  Let me make a prediction:  it's not gonna happen.  Throughout this long, excruciating story, from the time Trump first emerged as a major contender for the nomination more than a year ago, the less-crazy element of the Republicans has been talking about the need to stop him.  But they have never been able to agree on how, or when -- or whom to support as a replacement candidate.  They have always ended up reacting feebly or not at all.  On the first day of their convention, the leadership actively suppressed a last-ditch effort to stymie Trump's nomination -- and even that would probably have failed anyway.

At every turn, anti-Trump Republicans have displayed cowardice, incompetence, and disarray.  They have stood by as this disgusting and preposterous man re-branded their party with his own ugly image, and they have done nothing.  They will continue to do nothing.

Two months ago, I said, "we're going to hang this millstone around the neck of the Republicans and conservatism forever. They will always be the party and movement that nominated Trump, the party and movement whose leaders mostly backed him even after it had long been clear what he was. The more tightly we can bind that millstone to them all, the better."  Republican leaders have decided, by default, to accept this millstone -- but they are only now discovering just how heavy it will become.

And remember, we still have three more months to go to before the election.  If there are further depths of outrageous behavior out there to be plumbed, Trump will reach them.


Blogger Grung_e_Gene said...

Infidel you are correct, this will not mean the end of Trump. This will further cement the fanatic devotion conservatives have for Trump.

He won them over body and soul during the primary by ditching the dog-whistles and giving right-wingerwhat they've been craving for a while, unvarnished racism and outright bigotry w/o the sly winks. That's why the other Republicans couldn't call him out then and that's why they can't dump him now.

09 August, 2016 19:49  
Anonymous Zosimus the Heathen said...

Not surprisingly, the neoreactionary/alt-Right/Dark Enlightenment crowd (who I still keep a periodic eye on) just love Trump, and all plan to vote for him come November. Which is really, really ironic given how often they claim that democracy is a bad idea because most people (in their view) are too stupid to know who they should vote for!

09 August, 2016 23:34  
Blogger Shaw Kenawe said...

Yeah. This latest madness won't get him kicked from the Gooper ticket -- although some of his fans are leaving, if we can believe the reports of people walking out of a second rally he held after the one where he suggested the assassination remedy to thwart Clinton's SCOTUS nominations.

Unlike some blogs I've read, I DO NOT want Trump kicked off the ticket. What I hope to see is a defeat in November of apocalyptic and catastrophic proportions. Can we get Canada into the electoral college in time? And Mexico? Because to have an entire continent reject Trump would be the perfect ending to 30 years of the GOP's self-destructive behavior. And the moral cowards who continue to support Trump need to be shamed into the next century.

10 August, 2016 11:55  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Grung & Zosimus: He's brought all the worst and craziest elements out from under their rocks, reactionary extremists of every stripe from the KKK to the conspiracy lunatics, all convinced they've finally got a candidate they can call their own. No, they won't desert him.

Shaw: Hell, no. The Republicans nominated this barbarian and they deserve to go down with him, not wriggle out of the consequences of their actions. The people who are walking out on him must be the more sane ones -- and those have been trickling out the Republican coalition for years now. Trump is just accelerating the process.

12 August, 2016 08:39  

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