20 July 2016

Brief update (2)

It now turns out that the surgery won't be until mid-September.  Yeesh.

Not much for me to do on the internet this week.  Tumblr is all full of Poke Mongo or whatever it's called, Turkey's lunge toward fascism is too depressing to write about, and everything that needs to be said about the Republican convention is already being said, in spades.

Amid all the convention mess, one genuinely important thing has happened.  What has been de facto inevitable for months is now de jure irrevocable; the Republicans have formally nominated a cross between Benito Mussolini and the Three Stooges as their candidate for President.  What was once the party of Lincoln is now the party of Trump.  And it will be branded as such for all the miserable and hopefully-short remainder of its existence.

Oh, and as for the fracas over Melania Trump's speech:  I don't believe she herself plagiarized Michelle Obama's words.  No plagiarist would choose such an easily-detected source.  What must have happened is something more intriguing -- sabotage from within the campaign.  Whoever wrote the speech did that.  The "Rick Roll" flourish was the saboteur's victory whoop, showing off his assurance that what he had done wouldn't be caught until the speech was delivered, because the Trumps are too out-of-touch to recognize even a universally-known fragment of pop culture.

There have been a lot of stories about conflict and turmoil within the Trump campaign.  At least one insider was hostile enough to the cause to torpedo Trump's wife on her big night, despite the likelihood of severe consequences once the Trumps figure out who was responsible.  Over the next three and a half months we may see more sabotage from within.


Blogger Comrade Misfit said...

What must have happened is something more intriguing -- sabotage from within the campaign.

If true, that would an epic bit of ratfucking.

20 July, 2016 11:34  
Blogger Jono said...

The Trump saga continues. If he wins we're all screwed. If he loses he'll make a fortune from all the publicity.

I hope your surgery goes well when you can get to it. I just spent all day yesterday having some skin cancer removed. Will I get my movie star good looks back after I heal? Only if I can get an artist in plastic surgery to make me look that way.

20 July, 2016 12:43  
Blogger Ahab said...

An inside job? I certainly hope so. The possibility suggests that the Trump campaign is poor at vetting its staff, yet another reminder that the campaign is mediocre.

20 July, 2016 16:10  
Blogger Paul Wartenberg said...

I hope the delay is not causing too much discomfort or that there's a risk of further problems.

20 July, 2016 18:23  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Of course they've now trotted out a subordinate who has taken responsibility yet remained unpunished (as if Trump would have refused her resignation if she were the real culprit). The alleged explanation for what happened doesn't account for the "Rick Roll" part, and just doesn't seem very plausible to me. I still think there's most likely an intentional saboteur.

Given the amount of rancor and conflict within this campaign, it's evident that they're very poor at vetting people.

About the surgery, thanks. I don't think the delay increases the risk -- and I have every confidence in the outcome when I get to it. Delaying it just prolongs a sometimes-painful condition.

20 July, 2016 19:05  
Blogger Burr Deming said...

You are in our thoughts before, during, and after September.

As to your thoughts on Trump internal sabotage - it's more believable than any conspiracy theory I've heard from my conservative friends.

20 July, 2016 20:09  
Anonymous Jack Jodell said...

Good luck on your upcoming surgery, Infidel. I've still been posting, but haven't been as active on other sites due to the heavy demands being placed on my time dealing with caring for an increasingly infirm 94 year old father. These reactionary Republicans are getting wackier all the time, so it's up to all of us sane individuals to keep pushing forward and keep fighting the good fight! All the best to you.

21 July, 2016 10:38  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Burr and Jack: Thanks. Trump certainly represents a quantum leap in crazy, even for them. The wingnuts are more divided about him than I've ever seen them -- I suspect there will be more cases of sabotage from within.

23 July, 2016 04:24  

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