17 July 2016

Link round-up for 17 July 2016

For this week's cuteness overload, it's cats and kittens and baby foxes.

Scottish epithets aimed at Trump are far wittier than his own pedestrian insults.

Don't annoy the frog.

Most terrifying luxury suites ever.

What if dogs had their own 911 emergency number?


Many American hit movies have been copied by foreign filmmakers, especially Turkish (found via Mendip).  Some of these actually look interesting and the reviews are intelligently done.

Squatlo has some striking lightning-storm photos.

Baby, we made it, we're twenty-one percent.

This is why cats are the way they are.

Here's a staggeringly detailed visual analysis of the greatest SF movie ever (found via Mendip).

One picture sums up religion vs. atheism.

Malgorzata Chodakowska creates unique water sculptures.

If you use a hider app, read this.

Check out this unearthly ice cave (click pictures to enlarge) and these Antarctic ice formations.

Spelling is important.

Here's the real story of the Tombstone flying monster of 1890 (found via Mendip).

What was God thinking when he created animals?

Pray for Orlando.

It would be pretty cool to have one of these.  Just imagine visitors freaking out.

There's something more dangerous than texting while driving.

This gay man is actually happy to be in Idaho.

Check out these photos of women in history.

An Orlando survivor has an open letter to the murderer.

A Republican explains how Obamacare affected him.  But here's a Republican who is just disgusting.

Troglodytes get pwned by the Constitution, again.

Here's what the wingnuts have been up to.

Ironically, the Dallas police department is one of the better ones in the country.

Is it 1968 again?

Scott Lively wants to be the acceptable face of bigotry -- nobody's buying.  Then there's this church (found via Republic of Gilead).

Squatlo wishes for an end to the world's worst and longest-lasting plague.

Don't shop at Macy's -- or go anywhere near it.

Since when are hate and mass murder considered Christian values?  (Actually, you might want to ask the victims of the Crusades about that one.)

Americans don't get the reality of socialized medicine.

This is modern Britain.

Dogs barking, caravan moving on:  Now that Britain will soon be free to make its own trade deals outside the EU, countries like South Korea, Australia, and India are rushing to get in on the opportunity.  Here's some advice for the US -- and keep calm and carry on.  Al-Jazeera looks at Brexit and the Arab world.

No, it isn't true that great numbers of Brits were Googling "what is the EU" and suchlike right after the vote.  (Will the people who were claiming this have the grace to retract?)  Brexit-bashers gloated at the fall in the UK stock market, but it more than recovered in less than a week, and is now even higher.  Here's a profile of the new Prime Minister.

The British vote for independence has invigorated calls for similar referenda throughout the EU.  France's most popular candidate for President is calling for a Frexit vote, while more than a quarter-million Austrians have signed a petition for their own referendum.  Will the EU understand that the real issue is lack of democracy?

"My Stealthy Freedom" is a (relatively) safe way for Iranian women to defy the mullahs' dress code.

Facebook is no friend to Arab atheists.

Happy birthday to the Armenian alphabet.

Geneva may soon have a coffee shop with a difference.

If you want to be a citizen, you have to adapt.

Arrogant Christians destroy an ancient pagan temple in Mexico.

How about a bus that drives above traffic jams?

When Tim the elephant was injured by a spear, he knew exactly where to go for help.

We've lost our first mammal species to climate change.

Republicans squirm away from the meaning of Orlando.

Hillary's election will start to undo the corrupting of the Supreme Court.

Jared Yates Sexton, whose twitter report on a Trump rally startled the blogosphere, has been deluged with threats.  But there's a reason why Trump is trying to tone it down.

Here's Bernie's post-endorsement message.

How nutty is the Republican platform?  This nutty.

Most media have ignored the child-rape lawsuit filed against Trump in June.  Here's why they're wrong.

Good point.

Read the manifesto of Historians Against Trump.

Don't be this guy. It didn't work last time.


Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

Good to hear you got your surgery scheduled, I knew folks that wouldnt even go to the doctor unless they are dying, or refrain from surgery, I guess they worry about it ... I know this guy, actually I known his sister a long time, he had to move here from Las Vegas to live with his sister, he was working construction out there, he lost his job, (he's about 40), his intestines are coming out or something inside if him (dont quite understand it), he did not have enough insurance with the out of pocket to get surgery (much needed surgery) in Las Vegas, they gave him run around after run around, county hospital out there ... he came to Dallas, and he is getting his surgery through our county hospital (Parkland Memorial), but it took a couple months to get it lined up here.

I really liked the Peruvian mountain suites, although yeah, it would probably make you think twice. They even had what looked like little wooden patio decks outside on top. Be cool for a type of romantic weekend with a mate though!

non- religious people are 21%? ... I dont know about that(?), seems a little hard to believe in a country like this that 79% of people are religious ... if they are, I bet most are lying or phones, Trump is even playing that religious shit, I mean, look at this dude ... this nation is full of shit from the get-go man {:-)

Doesnt surprise me how many American hit movies inspired so many foreign movies though ... like Hollywood is the movie place of the world! There is quite a history you can find on the movie industry in LA and how it came about, and take tours out there ... it's really interesting to see. **** I remember seeing that "Blade Runner" flick years ago too, just couldnt recall what in Hell it was about, I was probably stones anywayz when I watched it.

Beautiful ice caves and formations images

"cum in her, it is fun"? ... okey dokie, I'll do it if she sayz so {:-) (I know, my spelling is f'd)

Yes, Dallas PD has really made so many improvements over the last several years, I just hope this recent incident here in Dallas dont reverse relations now.

Christians destroying ancient Temple in Mexico dont surprise me, they have attacked their art, writings and culture down there since the Spaniards invaded centuries ago, most of the treasures to be found and explored down there havent even been recovered yet, they are so far back in the jungles. But you see here, that christians dont have much reason to laugh at muslims for destroying art, temples or whatever in places like Palmyra, Syria (ISIS) ... that just shows you how in line with them some of them are ... same ole shit, different tribe.

First mammal extinction due to climate change (it's disgusting they sugar coated the term "global warming" into "climate change" to begin with) ... the same folks who "deny" evolution, will tell you that this is just "part of evolution" ... again, just to show ya, they're more full of shit than a sewage treatment plant.

I have heard about the newest GOP Health Crisis of porn ... this is another f'n sham, many these MF's themselves whining about this watch porn and are the top customers in our underground American brothels, or screwing each others spouses, children etc. When I first heard this, I figured they will try to make some kind of business out of it ... no shit, they done it with those homo- reversal therapy joints (milking insurance as well), or satanic abuse recall psychiatric care, etc, etc ... call porn a health hazard and make a buck off of giving therapy to folks over it, eh? ... that's all these MF's think about man ... how to make a f'n buck. Enough from me, Thanx for the links read Infidel ....

17 July, 2016 07:40  
Blogger Pinku-Sensei said...

Welcome back and thanks for linking to me! Is it 1968? Not exactly, but close enough as a measure of tensions and political violence. Still, the comparison was getting widespread enough to merit multiple refutations from the print media, which means it hit a nerve.

Like Ranch Chimp, I was appalled but not terribly surprised that a mammal species has gone extinct because of climate change. I'll be sure to blog about it and mention it to my students.

17 July, 2016 09:40  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Ranch: The Las Vegas man's problem sounds like a possible hernia, which is not something that should be delayed like that. Delay can make the problem worse and the eventual surgery more complicated and dangerous. It's lucky for me that I do have insurance.

I'm sure that many people who claim to be religious are only superficially religious, and that's been true for a long time. The rise of militant atheists like Dawkins and Hitchens has made it easier for people to admit to themselves that they don't really believe.

The Dallas shooting and the similar one in Baton Rouge have the potential to lead to a terrible breakdown between the police and black civilians (as if we didn't have a bad enough problem already). It's going to take intelligent leadership to prevent that, especially with assholes like Trump throwing fuel on the fire.

Pinku: One can often find past analogies for present situations, but the details are always different -- the existence of the internet affects everything, for example. And I don't think there's ever been a major-party Presidential nominee who was anything like Trump. Still, the past always holds worthwhile lessons.

17 July, 2016 14:14  
Anonymous Blurber said...

The post, "Jehovah's Witnesses Destroy Ancient Indigenous Temple in Mexico" adds to the list of the sites celebrating the beliefs of native peoples destroyed by wacko religious nuts.

18 July, 2016 09:38  
Blogger Shaw Kenawe said...

Yes. Great to see you back and the best of the 'net every Sunday.

18 July, 2016 13:57  
Blogger Ahab said...

Sticky Frogs! I follow them on Twitter! I enjoy following the adventures of Gumby, Tiny, and the other frogs.

The photo of the man of science holding books and wielding a telescope would make a wonderful poster for all of us non-believing types.

Chodakowska's water sculptures are lovely and brilliantly kinetic.

Those ice formations were stunning!

SpotMini definitely triggers an uncanny valley response in me. A lurching, headless robot-dog would make for an interesting conversation piece when guests are over, though.

23 July, 2016 15:51  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Blurber: It's no different than Dâ'ish destroying ancient pagan sites in the Middle East.

Shaw: More coming tomorrow.....

Ahab: Yes, there is a great amount of strange beauty in the world. We all need to get away from politics every so often and enjoy it all.

23 July, 2016 19:46  

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