19 June 2016

Link round-up for 19 June 2016

OK, this means war.

Explore the amusingly blasphemous world of Biblical misprints (found via Mendip).

Canada commemorates the fiftieth anniversary of Star Trek.

"I told you this intersection was dangerous."

Here's a duet your cat may appreciate.

This exercise system is French -- very French (found via Mendip).

Here's how foreigners can identify Americans.

Two thumbs up!

Obama sends a thank-you note.

Does this look submissive to you?

You Might Notice a Trend has bumper stickers for the Presidential campaign.

It's an abomination -- the Bible says so!

See more of the world's most beautiful libraries.

Beware of scammers trying to exploit Orlando (found via Zandar).

Wow, a bookstore owner who can't read.

Here's a historical object you can see only in this one photo (found via Lady, That's My Skull).

A religious-nutball news site freaks out over a "Satanic" opening ceremony for a new tunnel in Europe (the video looks pretty cool).  Don't miss the goofy pearl-clutching comments!

Trump's anti-Muslim rhetoric is counterproductive, but it's not quite unique.

Political vultures of all stripes are circling Orlando.

History would have been different if Gore had won in 2000.

You weren't the gunman, but.....

Evangelicals need to face up to how their rhetoric encourages killings of gays (found via Republic of Gilead).  Progressive Eruptions has a round-up of extremist Christian pronouncements on the subject.  Ranch Chimp has some Christian and Muslim views.  Finally, enough is enough.

If you think the NRA is "terrorist", consider this point.

Look at all the Christian love.

Green Eagle has a report from the wingnut fantasy world, with a startling D-Day graphic.

Yes, there are out gay Muslims (but what a difficult life that must be).

Prayer does serve a purpose.

Who hates?  All these.

Here's a thoughtful assessment of Omar Mateen by an atheist who knows Islam well.

Wingnuts use Orlando to whip up anti-immigrant feeling, but Trump's efforts fall flat even with other Republicans.  Gays are refusing to be intimidated, with defiant actions such as the Keep Kissing Project, while some call for the community to arm itself.

Matt Damon talks back about teachers.

No one should be able to kill 50 people at once -- it's time to crack down.

Faye Kane has an interesting post about failure, using the Titanic as an example.

Here are some observations from the LA pride parade.

The British referendum on the European Union turns wacky with a naval clash on the Thames.  One driving force on the Leave side is working-class anger and frustration.  The claim that Leave would drive down housing prices is a point in its favor.  The decision will be serious but not difficult.

Ancient stone structures on the small island of Menorca drive home an important point about religion.

What does "white" really mean?

Religion strikes again, in a French town.

Read why Médicins Sans Frontières is rejecting funding from the European Union.

Anonymous has been having some fun with Dâ'ish (ISIL) on Twitter (found via Mendip).

Cities around the world commemorate Orlando.

Iraqi forces have liberated Fallujah.  On to Mosul.

Check out this treehouse town in Costa Rica.

These doctors don't deserve the name.

The loan business in China is.....different.

Even some evangelicals are coming to accept evolution (found via Republic of Gilead).

Why did the neanderthals lose out to our ancestors?  Inbreeding may have played a role.

Nicotinamide riboside shows promise for revitalizing the elderly, but we need more data.

Dinosaurs may be back in five to ten years (found via Mendip).

Don't let history repeat itself.

Some conservatives understand the Trump disaster, but others refuse to take responsibility.  His stain on history will last long.

Even Ramesh Ponnuru thinks Democrats have a chance at winning the House.

Trump's comments on 9/11 over the years reveal a lot about him.

Yes, people are excited about Hillary.

Here's a Twitter report on a Trump rally which will scare the hell out of you (found via Green Eagle, who has some observations).

There's more at stake than just the Presidency.

Some corporate sponsors are pulling out of the Republican convention, but not all of them.

Trump has a problem in the inland west -- Mormons.

The enthusiasm gap now favors Hillary.

Alicia Machado's personal experiences with Trump have motivated her to get politically involved.


Blogger Paul Wartenberg said...

Where I got the "None of you understand" bumper sticker...


19 June, 2016 05:37  
Blogger Ahab said...


Yep, I'm American. Several of the characteristics on the Snowstorm Thirteen list describe me. Of course, it's a cultural thing. Americans are taught that firm handshakes demonstrate strength and confidence, introducing yourself is good manners, etc.

Regarding the bumper stickers, Hillary Clinton should totally dress up like Rorschach and make "Watchmen" quotes during her campaign.

19 June, 2016 07:53  
Blogger Shaw Kenawe said...

Wow! This was an exceptionally great list of links.

The French exercise link was hilarious, as was the dangerous intersection. The bookstore sign was hilarious on so many levels. But the "Who hates" broke my heart because it's so goddamn true.

Thanks again for the links.

19 June, 2016 17:22  
Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

That was really an impressive and beautiful show put on for that Gotthard(?) tunnel, reminded me a little of a "The Residents" (music crew) show! ... but quite a piece of work, I had no idea about the tunnel they were building, or such a big impressive production to open it!

Beautiful collection of libraries too

Not sure about recreating dinosaurs ... although it is a cool thing to do, what would they do? I guess have an amusement set up or something, maybe they can make 'dancing' dinosaurs and choreograph a show ... or make a bunch with the red- ass and one day unleash them on Wall Street during happy hour {:-)

Really liked that little treehouse community down in Costa Rica ... Later Infidel!

20 June, 2016 06:00  
Blogger A Proud Progressive said...

My Friends, .I bring you both Good Nres and Bad news.

First the Good news, Free Stinkie's , aka Free Thinke, has notified the blogging community that his computer has died. And that indeed is Very Good news.

But unfortunately he is in the process of getting a new computer and will return to the blogs when the new machine is up and running. And that is the Bad news.

21 June, 2016 06:08  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Paul: Thanks for the source.

Ahab: It's funny, most Americans would probably consider all those behaviors simply normal, not realizing that they're nationally distinctive. I suppose people everywhere feel that way about however they behave, if they don't have much contact with foreigners.

Shaw: Thanks! My internetting does take me to some entertaining places -- and some passionate ones.

Ranch: The tunnel ceremony was kind of weird, but certainly held one's attention. Maybe the Satan stuff was inspired by the idea of the tunnel being so long it even went to Hell.

If they do recreate dinosaurs, they better have a heck of a big theme park -- with strong fences. Maybe we can convince Trump the dinosaurs are Mexican so he'll build a wall around them.

Proud: Let us observe a moment of silence for ThreeFinke's computer, which no doubt died from all the toxic nonsense he used it to post. May his next computer prove tougher and simply refuse to post his drivel.

21 June, 2016 18:20  
Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

You know Infidel ... the whole "satanic" thing was uncalled for in this, when I was searching for videos of this Gotthard show on YouTube, I could NOT believe the insults and comments left (I'm sure by mostly Americans), insulting everything from Swiss culture, Europeans, connecting this event to this Illuminati crap because a bunch of rich folks were there and saying that it resembled future slavery for Satan, they said it had "sex" in it, etc, etc ... it was so disgusting I thought about mentioning it in my posting I done on the on the event for my music/ arts section of my blog, but I didnt want to give any freak religious fundamoralist the benefit of even mentioning their views, they dont deserve mentioning. I seen NO SEX, the horned animal had to do from what I thought and seen, with the Alpine Ibex animal which is widely known in Swiss culture and the Alps ... instead, these freak f'n Christians tried to connect it with the classic "Baphomet" drawing of Eliphas Levi (1850's)I assume, Goat of Mendes, etc ... it's RIDICULOUS! ... these goddamn religious freaks ... see goddamn devils in their breakfast cereal! ... they could look at an infomercial of the 'hair club for men' or a new power drill and find something to connect it with Satan, their f'n brains are so out there ... they're more freaked out and paranoid than a meth addict!

22 June, 2016 04:49  

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