11 September 2016

Link round-up for 11 September 2016

I'm not so sure these categories are wrong.

Hey, how was your day?

Trump resembles one of Star Trek's less-interesting villains.

A new life begins.

Romeo and Juliet could have had a happy ending.

Greek tragedy lives on among us.

Know your extremists.

Is Taylor Swift a Satanic clone?

Some San Francisco houses are almost an art form.

Glowing blue lava, because why the hell not.

Frogs on the Moon, because why the hell not.

Pachyderm painkillers poison peaceful potheads.

Conversion of atheists to Christianity is basically a fantasy.

I can't help but think this continent deserved better.

Facebook censorship plumbs depths of stupid.

In the wingnut war on public broadband, Americans lose.

Yes, he's a true Trump supporter.

Texas wastes money.

Here's something worth cheering for.

Let's see what the wingnutosphere has been up to lately.

Mother Teresa was no saint.

The best businessman in the world (found via Progressive Eruptions) once applied for a loan.

You are more than your economic productivity.

North Carolina is still trying to discourage black voters.

Batocchio looks at the spectrum of political debaters.

Britain's "most hated man" has finally gone too far.

After the Brexit vote, the UK thrives while the Eurozone struggles.  But the EU has fine leadership (found via Clarissa).

Remember Moehanga, discoverer of Britain.

The situation of women and Islam in Europe is being distorted by some reporting in the US.

Putin doesn't want you to think little of him.

Interested in Trump's plan for dealing with Dâ'ish/ISIL?  Here it is.

Mataiva is remote and cool-looking (but how did a town of 280 people afford that bridge?)

President Duterte's insults against Obama have cost his country a lot of money.

The North Korean regime has banned sarcasm (found via Earth-Bound Misfit).

Christianity brings civilization to Africa.

The internet is confusing people about the origin of the American Indians (found via Clarissa).

Crazy Eddie looks at the biggest bugs ever.

The first crude autonomous robot weapons made their debut in 1944 (found via Lady, That's My Skull).

Support biodegradable materials.

Solar power is making a huge difference, with several cities now powered entirely by renewable energy.

Immunotherapy to treat Alzheimer's seems to be working in human trials, while a more radical approach shows promise in mice.

The MSM witch-hunting of Hillary is getting absurdly one-sided as they shamefully normalize Trump.  After being called out, they're at least starting to nibble on him.  Kudos to the Dallas Morning News.

A lot of Gary Johnson supporters will dump him when they find out his real positions.  And many who reject Hillary need to know her real positions.

Yes, many Trumpanzees are a "basket of deplorables".

Trump is dividing marriages.  He insults the military while threatening war over trivia.  And he's empowering and legitimizing the worst of America (found via Republic of Gilead).  The only good thing he's doing is destroying the Republicans' future.  For the present, don't let this happen.

Pam Bondi isn't the only state AG with a suspicious Trump donation (found via Progressive Eruptions).

[Image at top found via Bruce Gerencser]


Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

Figured to view some of your links this morning, turned on the news this morning (several channels) ... it was basically 9/ 11 stuff ... and of course a side dish of the usual, Clinton and Trump talking shit about each other, I didnt bother to listen to any of it, so I turned it off.

The Futurism piece of solar power changes was a positive ... I knew that China was investing in this, but didnt know how much, I have to look up that, I have seen what they done in Germany though and it's pretty impressive. Of course the fossil fuel cult will say it's impractical ... and Germany is only about a quarter of U.S. population. I listen and read up on some of the energy investments that are peddled here in America ... all they talk about is the future of fossil fuels, your largest giants already have plans going well into 2050 actually, and big plans in your largest countries (for fossil fuel usage and demand... so all this talk here in America about how green we're going, I question ... these same entities are major funding in our politics, media and court elections appointments as well, every time Obama/ our government made a couple billion investment in a green/ renewable venture, they werent able to without a fight, and had to extend more drilling, fracking, new offshore extractions and the rest ... to me, it's like U.S. taking 1 step forward and 3 steps backward ... just my opinion.

I dont think many folks know what "Libertarian" is about ... they look at things like less taxation, legalizing drugs, etc ... but dont really see that it is nothing more than a far right wing agenda, they are talking about Johnson gaining ground ... of course Johnson or Stein (green party) would never make it ... and if they did, the Congress wouldnt let them do anything ... I like Stein myself ... but she also is considered a lunatic or whatever by the mainstream ... I think their green energy plan (green party) is a winner, and a damn good investment for $500 billion, too much to get into though here. But I know a few libertarians here in Dallas on a personal level, and I know what they like to see America as ... we have debated it several times ... America is over 320+ million people ... I think the libertarian agenda would be disastrous though (maybe would work in a country with a population of like New Mexico ... which is where Johnson was Governor, or North Dakota where he was born), no matter of the little sprinklings it tosses on the icing that sound great ... and I also think it is a major push of folks like the Koch brothers ... just more neo right wing being pushed, even trying to force democrats now to lean right by funding them more ... this crap is going on all over the world too.

Beautiful Victorian houses in San Francisco from Cool Thing of the Day

11 September, 2016 10:16  
Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

(had to do this in 2 pieces, it wouldnt post all because too many characters)The "Tai- Wiki- Widbee"? piece about these high school football stadiums in Texas is a reality that we here could well do without ... it is absolutely awful ... I attended my friends granddaughters graduation a few months back in Allen at that Allen Stadium ... AFTER they had to close it a year and redo it, because right after it first opened, there was all kinds of severe cracks in the foundation (yep, they spent over $60 million non that damn thing ... Allen is kind of affluent as far as North Dallas suburbs) ... but yeah, it's a big thing here, there is so much money of course in grooming a large pool of kids to be the college and NFL stars of the future, only a small fraction will ever make it though. The Metroplex already has way too many stadiums ... geeez ... it's unbelievable ... yeah, it be nice to spend it on actual education, science or whatever ... but no ... they just want to cut that or privatize it to make another buck. They are also building another new Texas Rangers baseball stadium in Arlington, right next to the existing one that is "only" 20 years old, and the Dallas Cowboys Stadium next to that ... imagine that, and the cost is enormous of course.

I heard alot of hoopla about Mother Teresa in sainthood or whatever they call it ... people act like God himself and some high court of Heaven elected her, and she is now sitting with a crown in Heaven or whatever ... just goes to show you that all religion is man made ... otherwise God would do this shit ... not have living flunkies on earth making this shit up, eh?

Taylor Swift is what now?!!#**? ... reincarnation of Anton LaVey or clone of Zeena? ... the devil or whatever? ... You know, I think I seen something on YouTube saying Swift was some kind of devil worshipper or whatever ... no I didnt view it ... that is too twisted for me to understand (I would need a masters in theology and a dose of LSD too), I think Lady Gaga is another one. But these folks see devils in their breakfast cereal ... and every President left or right is either the antichrist or Hitler, it's endless man ... fundamoralists are probably thinking Mother Teresa is also the devil ... they certainly view catholicism as satanic. A young man came up to me one day on the street, I was wearing an official Church of Satan Baphomet necklace (I have several, and even one of the aluminum disk ones from over 30 years ago I still have, and several non CoS ones) ... he asked me what it means? ... I briefed him about the 5 points on it and Leviathan, Baphomet, CoS etc basically. He then asked me if I believe in the devil ... I told him ... "no, I'm not a Christian" ... poor kid looked confused as Hell and questioned my answer ... I asked him if he believes in the devil? ... he said yes, but he dont worship the devil ... I asked him if he was a Christain? ... he said yes, I them told him "there you have it ... Christians believe in the devil" ... I had to run, and told him to have a good day (no more questions). I do know a little about satanism tough, I still have a nice collection of satanic jewelry, art and literature, music, some from over 30 years ago ... the Church of Satan was the first satanic group/ organization I ever joined, which was back in the 1980's ... I founded and ran a small local Dallas order/ coven that lasted from 1989 to 1998 (it was actually 2 different orders, we had another order that was an inner circle one as well), and I belonged to a few others in Texas.

Have a good one Infidel ....

11 September, 2016 10:20  
Blogger Shaw Kenawe said...

Can I get that blue lava in a lamp?

Loved the nun cartoon. Hitchens called indoctrinating children into a religion before they can think for themselves child abuse.

Mother Teresa in all her saintliness allowed hundreds of women to suffer and die painful deaths by withholding palliative medicine because her religion said that if one suffers in this life, one spends less time suffering in the afterlife. However, when she became ill with heart disease, she availed herself of the very best medical help this country offered. Suffering for thee, but nor for me.

11 September, 2016 11:37  
Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

**** Sorry Infidel ... I didnt post/ catch this paragraph ... I just screwed up, no excuse

Earthbound Misfit ... I didnt know about the new heroin additive OD thing ... I know that these mixes of home made/ bathtub dope been going on for years. We had a real problem here in Dallas about a decade ago ... this was heroin, I believe heavily laced with some type of Tylenol ... it was cheap ... and you didnt need to run it (IV/ needle), you could smoke it from aluminum foil, and it was big in the Dallas high schools ... a bunch of OD's though. A good buddy of mine and musician OD'd on heroin one night in my car, we just left a club, there were 4 of us in the car ... the other 2 guys were Joe Christ and Greg Spike, both of them are now dead too, but not from drugs (he was the only one using it), by the time we got him to Baylor Hospital Emergency at about 3am, he was dead ... I was torn apart emotionally trying to explain to his mom and dad ... enough on that though.

11 September, 2016 11:39  
Anonymous Zosimus the Heathen said...

The blue lava was very cool (in the non-literal sense of the term of course!); it sort of put me in mind of blue stars (though they're blue for a totally different reason).

The updated versions of ancient Greek tragedies were very clever. Freaking depressing, but very clever.

Re drugs being cut with elephant tranquilizers, I recall there was a drug (I think it may have been PCP) that was nicknamed "elephant tranquilizer" - who knew that one day people would be taking the real thing (albeit inadvertently)? Sadly, the official Australian attitude towards illicit drug use isn't that much more enlightened than the official US one. Police usage of drug-sniffing dogs has become increasingly widespread here (in some cities, people are even being molested by these wretched animals on the street and in train stations), and attempts to try such novel ideas as safe injecting rooms for heroin users, and pill testing at raves and other events where drugs are likely to be widely used, seem invariably to be shot down by conservative politicians. Even worse, seemingly every politician in this country with the power to change our failed drug policy instead vows to get "tough on drugs, like really tough on drugs, like really, really, really tough on drugs" (because that approach has worked so well all the other times it's been tried). It's all very depressing.

12 September, 2016 06:30  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Ranch: It's true Germany's population is only a quarter the size of the US population, but its land area only 1/26 of that of the US, and it gets significantly less sunlight per square mile (being further north). Whatever they can do to exploit solar power, we should be able to do even more.

There are a few positives about libertarianism (I'll have a post about that at some point), but their economic stance is a formula for accelerating the concentration of wealth in the hands of a tiny oligarchy. They reject most of the functions of government that are necessary for a normal society.

Probably some wingnut saw a photo of Zeena LaVey, noticed the resemblance to Taylor Swift, freaked out, and took it from there. It's like the people who see Jesus on a piece of toast and then can't drop the idea. Everything looks a little bit like something else.

Shaw: Bit by bit the truth about Mother Teresa is coming out, largely thanks to Hitchens. This sainthood will become an embarrassment to the Church.

Zosimus: As long as drugs are illegal, they will be manufactured by crooks and will therefore be even more unsafe. I wouldn't want the really hard stuff fully legalized to be used at will, but what we're doing now isn't working.

14 September, 2016 03:35  
Anonymous Marc McKenzie said...

Blue lava!? And here I was thinking that this was something from a Roger Dean cover...

Thanks for the link on the treatments for Alzheimer's. Speaking as someone who has seen the horrific effects of that disease, I hope that these lead to viable treatments.

The false-equivalence from the media in regards to Clinton and Trump is enough to make one ground their teeth to powder. But the media has been hostile towards Hillary for over twenty-years. It also doesn't help that there are those who are running to Stein or Johnson because in their view "both Hillary and Trump are the same!" Yeesh...

And speaking of Gary Johnson--I heard my cousin say that he would consider voting for Johnson (because, you know, Hillary is corrupt) and it took a great deal of self-control on my part to not explode at him. I should send him the link you included about Johnson, but I wonder if it will have any effect.

And finally...I just noticed that my DA page is on your list of links. Thanks, man--I appreciate it very much. Although I must ask why...(kidding, kidding!)

14 September, 2016 19:14  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Alzheimer's is one of the most-researched diseases, since the number of cases is growing as people live longer. I too have my reasons for hoping treatments are found quickly.

Of course I don't know your cousin, but the Johnson link might help. A lot of people genuinely don't know what libertarians stand for. The idea that some Bernie supporters are said to be considering Johnson (when in economic ideology socialism and libertarianism are polar opposites) show that they don't know much. They just hear "legal marijuana" and think it sounds cool.

I've had your page there for a while -- I really like your art style!

14 September, 2016 19:28  

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