22 September 2016

Back home

Finally back from surgery, though dog-tired.  Thanks for all the supportive comments on the post below.  Will post more when I can.


Blogger Paul Wartenberg said...

HE'S ALIVE!!!!!!!!

Somebody owes me a fifty

22 September, 2016 18:26  
Anonymous NickM said...

Excellent News Infidel :-)

And for shame Paul ;-)

23 September, 2016 04:56  
Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

Just take it easy a few dayz ... it's common to feel a little tired, you can contribute that also to the pain killers ... I mean ... they are "downers" not "uppers", so instead of wired, you're tired if your inactive, eh? The longest surgery I had was a few years back ... I had kidney stones, I didnt know I had them (but had slight blood come up in a urine screening), after a deeper screening involving CT scan as recommended, they detected some large stones in both kidneys (I assume from my poor eating habits when I was younger and hardly drinking any water too ... I mean, over the last several years I have really changed my diet drastically, and I drink water these dayz by the gallon!, no soda's, all that chocolate milk or other crap like I used to do younger) ... but anywayz, it required 2 surgeries, one on one kidney on a tuesday, it was 4 hours, then stay in the hospital, then on thursday they put me in another surgery for the other kidney (damn near another 4 hours), by thursday late afternoon I went home ... I was so damn sluggish and felt I was walking on a cloud (brought back memories of the old dayz getting high on opium, without the sluggish part {:-), they gave me some Hydrocodone script to take home, although I really didnt feel much pain at all actually, but figured to get high just for old times sake {:-)

I first went to this dude (doctor) that was recommended, way out in some affluent suburb, at some hospital that looked more like a nice hotel, way too fancy kind of joint that was doctor owned investments (should have seen this place, marble, imported wood, hardwood floors, etc), this guy wanted to do some process, where I come in four like 4 visits, they bust them with sound waves and I pass them through a tube in my dick, the sound wave sessions are 3000 waves or whatever, he said there is a chance that some can get caught/ blocked in the stem in my dick or whatever while passing them, so you have to watch it, etc ... I looked at him and said "Hell guy, isnt there an easier way to do this?" ... because I had a couple buddies who just got the surgery ... he said, there is ... but it would require surgery and being cut on ... I told him "I dont care about being cut on". Went to this other lady (doctor) in central Dallas (big city hospital, without all the fancy looking extras) ... she looked at it and just said ... "no problem, I had have you in and out in 3 dayz!" ... this other guy was just going to fiddle faddle with multiple visits in a fancy joint (I have decent insurance $$$$) ... worked out fine!

23 September, 2016 06:19  
Blogger Kevin Robbins said...

Welcome back. Lots of chicken soup and probiotics.

23 September, 2016 09:29  
Blogger Comrade Misfit said...

Get rest, do your PT if ordered to, and forget about the rest.

The bullshit out here will go on, regardless.

23 September, 2016 09:41  
Blogger Shaw Kenawe said...

Yay Infidel753!

Some good news.

Take your time recovering.

Be well.

23 September, 2016 13:11  
Blogger Leslie Parsley said...

Must have been ESP! I heard my old friend call and came running. I hope whatever the reason was, it wasn't too serious and that you're on the mend post haste. Doesn't sound like you'll be doing much bike riding right away, though. Please take care and don't push yourself too much. Will check back shortly.

23 September, 2016 16:00  
Blogger Flying Junior said...


That's a happy dick story that will without a doubt offer much hope to male kidney stone sufferers!

We're glad you're back Infidel753!

Can you predict this election as well as you did the Romney massacre?

23 September, 2016 22:40  
Blogger mendip said...

Best of luck on a full recovery!

25 September, 2016 12:00  
Blogger Fran / Blue Gal said...

Glad you're home! Take care.

25 September, 2016 17:52  
Blogger nonnie9999 said...

Don't eat too much Jell-O. You'll start to jiggle. Hope you are feeling better and stronger every day.

For those suffering with kidney stones, I wrote this years ago for someone trying to squeeze a few out:

To the tune of Cover of the Rolling Stones (Dr Hook & the Medicine Show written by Shel Silverstein)

Well, I'm a big tough guy,
But thought that i would die,
When I got sick the other night,
I thought, "I'm in trouble!",
I was bent over double,
And my wife was sick with fright.

She threw me in the car,
Sped right to the E.R.,
And they did every test that is known,
Oh, I cried like a baby,
Cause there ain't no maybe,
The doc said I have a kidney stone!

Kidney stone,
Oh man, it's a pain like no other,
Geez Louise! It's hurtin' like a mother!
Gonna go right out of my mind,
If I don't pass this kidney stone!!

Now I do like kisses, and I love my missus,
But right now I don't need hugs,
Just pour me glasses of water,
And pass me that vial of drugs.

Now I never thought,
I could be this distraught,
This sure is no way to live!
I sit here drugged and loopy,
With eyes red and droopy,
And they got me pissing through a sieve!


Normal urination,
Would bring such elation,
If I could get this damned thing to pass,
Being sick is such a bummer,
To hurt like this is a pain in the ass.

I've got a busy life, with the kids and the wife,
But right now it all must be postponed,
This pain in my gut,
Really kicked my butt,
So, for now, I'm just gonna stay stoned.


27 September, 2016 12:20  
Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

NONNIE999: ... Pretty good lyrics Nonnie ... thought it was well put together! I never tried to pass a stone or whatever, or really had pain, they detected it during an annual check up, I had no bloody idea ... but a couple buddies told me that it really is a pain in the ass to them, I guess they were pissing them out or something.

29 September, 2016 07:09  
Blogger nonnie9999 said...

Thanks, Ranch Chimp. I never had kidney stones, but I know people who have, and from what I gather, it's not very pleasant.

29 September, 2016 17:17  
Blogger Tommykey said...

Best wishes Infidel!

03 October, 2016 09:26  

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