09 October 2016

Link round-up for 9 October 2016

This dog is all ready for Halloween.  But certain Christians are out to ruin the fun.

The horror, the horror.

Cookie Monster turns philosopher.

Who sent Trump's tax forms to The Times?

These rules could apply to many areas of life.

I really identify with this -- and with most of these.

Totally tubular, man.

Pwned -- by a 'dillo.

There's dominoes, and then there's dominoes.

Here's a preview of Trump's porn video.

This shows how big the Sun is.

In the Halloween spirit, here's an offbeat short story of raising the dead.

This beetle has a shitty defense mechanism.

Don't worry, Michelle, your garden will be safe with Hillary.

Clearly they have something to hide.

I'd buy one.

This mayor exists.

A peaceful future requires a national minimum income.

Anything coming out of Wikileaks should be assumed to be a forgery until proven otherwise.

Did Obama's policies fail?

Trump is dividing the NFL along racial lines.

If you use Yahoo mail, read this.

Here's a nice guy, spreading the word of God.

Check out this smoker's curtain (found via Squatlo).

How bad a businessman is Trump?  This bad.

2016 could be a breakthrough election for legal marijuana.  Some may object, but there have always been people like this.

Young Jews encounter the age-old evil of anti-Semitism.

To Hell with forgiveness.

This Green candidate is an unabashed saboteur.

These people exist.

Theresa May isn't taking any bullshit from the EU.

In Poland, religious extremists in power threaten a total abortion ban -- but women protest en masse, and the law is defeated.

The Catholic Church in Mexico is up to its old tricks. But here's a Catholic love story with a happy ending.

Pence lied about the Iran nuclear deal in the VP debate.

The liberation of Mosul should come sooner rather than later, but we need to be prepared.

This is South Africa now.  How long can it last?

For a while, Hurricane Matthew threatened the US space program.

Hillary gets a surprising endorsement (found via Progressive Eruptions).

Dear Republicans just now dumping Trump -- it's way too late.  Well, he still has some supporters.  Tim Alberta at NRO surveys the wreckage.

Pennsylvania law allows serious interference in voting.

Just imagine a sitting President doing this stuff.

Women Republicans are abandoning Trump faster than the men are.  Some staffers are defying orders to stay on board.

The Trumpanzees' Wikileaks letdown reminds Driftglass of something.

A Republican win would mean wholesale disaster.  In many ways it's the same old party.

Former Nader supporters warn:  don't repeat the mistake.

Has Trump contributed anything positive?  David Frum makes the case.

[Image at top:  Mass protest in Warsaw, Poland, against a draconian anti-abortion law proposed by the country's Christianist ruling party]


Anonymous Zosimus the Heathen said...

Wow, those folk from Answers in Genesis sure know how to put the "fun" (and "mental") in fundamentalism; is there anything sad sacks like them won't try to ruin with their crappy tracts and general killjoy attitude? (It reminds me of this other fundamentalist I heard about, who claimed he was going to some big carnival in Rio de Janeiro, and boasted that he'd had a large banner with "You deserve hell" printed on it in Portuguese, especially made for the occasion. I bet he gets invited to a lot of parties!)

Re the charming individual known as Brother Dean, I'm a little disappointed that I didn't get to see him in action when I was in Tucson, some years back now (I even made a few visits to the U of A campus, which I gather is one of his favourite haunts, while I was there!) - if nothing else, it would've made a fascinating story to tell people back home! This isn't the first time I've heard of him, though; indeed, I remember hearing rumours that he was behind the creation of a lovely subreddit called Philosophy of Rape (which I think, I hope, has since been banned). Such rumours were certainly plausible as the "philosophy" expressed on that subreddit was very much in line with his views on rape. Rape was frequently euphemized as the "correction" of "harlots", which I suppose, if nothing else, demonstrates the almost impressive capacity for self-delusion toxic little turds like him have - just the ability to espouse the most hateful garbage, and still see oneself as the good guy!

09 October, 2016 07:00  
Anonymous Marc McKenzie said...

In regards to the Green Party candidate being a spoiler by going after the Democrat...well, sad to say this but we have seen this movie before. Remember 2000 and Nader's nonsense? Most of the people I spoke to who were all about voting for Nader kept repeating that it was Al Gore who was the real problem, that Gore was WORSE than George W. Bush, and one of them kept waving a copy of Alexander Cockburn's book AL GORE, A USER'S GUIDE under my nose to justify his anti-Gore attitude.

Funny enough, I don't remember Cockburn writing GEORGE W. BUSH, A USER'S GUIDE.

It is good to see former Nader supporters expressing regret for their decision back in 2000 and also encouraging others to not make the same mistake this year. Because the hard, harsh truth is that there is only ONE candidate qualified to be President this time, and yes, she is a woman, and no, she is NOT Jill Stein.

09 October, 2016 10:52  
Blogger Kevin Robbins said...

Incredible selection of links. Hadn't heard that Bill Weld had said that. Can't help but wonder if it's partly because he realized he could be part of the same support group as Pence: What was I thinking signing onto this ticket.

Thanks for the link to Michelle's Garden, too. Thinking we don't have to worry about Trump putting up a hotel in that spot anyway.

09 October, 2016 11:48  
Blogger Shaw Kenawe said...

Loved all of these, especially the nuns' story.


10 October, 2016 07:35  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Zosimus: A lot of these preacher types are clearly not concerned with converting people -- if that were the goal, their tactics would be different. It's all about getting attention (due to resentment about being ignored) and feeling superior. A bit Trump-like, really.

Marc: That's one way in which 2016 differs from 2000 -- in 2016 we have the experience of 2000 to learn from. As I've said before, anyone who can look back on the Bush years and say that having Gore as President would have been no better is beyond help.

Kevin: For a while, some of the more rational right-wingers were touting Johnson as a sensible alternative to Trump. They seem to have fallen silent since "what is Aleppo?" and the world leader thing, though. Maybe Weld realized he's chained to a doofus instead of being part of the wave of the future.

Shaw: It's always nice to find a genuine "happily ever after" story.

11 October, 2016 02:10  
Anonymous NickM said...

Well, as a non-doctrinaire libertarian of sorts I get that from Weld. Clinton is not my ideal candidate by a long chalk but Trump is utterly deranged. OK, I'm a UK citizen but Trump is so unstable, bizarre and dangerous his election would be the sort of on ongoing train-wreck with a bad turn at all points. I mean globally as well as to the USA. And yes, I know the USA quite well.

Infidel, can you please stop calling them "Trumpanzees". It is grossly offensive to our relatives who are much closer to us than Trump fans.

11 October, 2016 03:08  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Nick: Well, I used to call them Trumpolines, but people said it sounded too fun and carefree. I think Trumpanzees fits. Chimpanzees can be pretty vicious.

11 October, 2016 07:24  

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