11 October 2016

Intra-wingnut warfare

As Trump's implosion and near-certain defeat become too clear for any but the most self-deluding to deny, the rancor on the right is escalating.  A good place to watch this happening is Race42016 -- most right-wing sites are either pro-Trump or anti-Trump, but Race has numerous commenters from both camps, who thus have plenty of opportunity to react to each other.  Here's a sampling of comments from yesterday's open thread -- remember, this is how people are now talking to members of opposing factions on their own side:

54. John22: Watchinitall, you need to resign from the Rep party along with the rest of your establishmentarian cohorts and crooked big business open border masters. When Trump wins in November I hope the first order of business is to throw you NeverTrumpers out of the party.

59. Watchinitall: 54. Are you married? Single? Have you ever had any experience with a woman after rape or sexual assault? Do you have a conscience, or are you a predator too? When Trump loses hugely in November, the suburban Republican white woman will be the reason, not me. How many wives and mothers can wee get rid of and still have a viable chance in future elections? Your insults are as childish and meaningless as Trump's. You've thrown in with Trump to express your deeply felt hatred toward the Republican Party. Note for the future: If you hate the Republican Party, GET OUT! Don't talk about throwing me out. In the future, I guarantee you that any candidate with a whiff of Trump stain is going to be hounded mercilessly out. No to race-baiting. No to class warfare. No to insult-a-thon campaigns without substance. No to celebrity worship. No to conspiracy theorists. No to isolationists. No to slander as a primary campaign tool. No to Bernie Sanders-lite Republicans. No to New York liberals pretending to be Republicans for an election. No! No! No!

102. Phil: The never trumpsters are nothing but a bunch of out touch Thurston Howell,III nose in the air holier than thou, that have never ever done a thing wrong in their life and think the POTUS needs to be the same. When Bill Clinton was given a pass with Monica (which was a deplorable act while in the oval office) and now Trump with in a private conversation 11 years earlier has some potty talk and our Thurston Howell,III's want to throw him under the bus. You people are not living in the real world. My gosh get out the house and outside your little circle of friends see what is really happening. Fools each and everyone of you. Hope you don't drown when it rains outside with your nose held so high!

118. Franklin: Why don’t you shut up you pig and go to HELL!!! Mike Lee is a constitutional conservative and is hated by the establishment. He clearly has not surrendered his values. I wish Mike Lee would run in 2020.

160. Smack1968: Beautiful. More political shots fired in the much needed GOP Civil War. Burn it all down. Trump led GOP must die a grizzly political death. Burn baby burn!

176. Freddy Ardanza: The entire GOP has lost its soul and should pay the price

197. Uncdave: we would be winning in a landslide if Rubio were the nominee. This is why we can never let 35% of the "poorly educated" choose our nominee again. We are about to lose a landslide loss election to the most hated Democratic candidate in history because we nominated an Orange perverted Fascist as our nominee.

199. Phil: Go ahead nevertrumpster have your glow today, because by the end of the week when post debate poles and one week after the tape is all forgotten about, Donald will be right where he needs to be. Another debate thrashing of Hillary like last night, and Trump wins and puts all you Thurston Howell, III's in your place. There is not another Republican Candidate this year that could weather the October surprise that would have been leveled on who ever the Republican Candidate would have been. This is something you elite have never and will never get. Just go and join the Democrats, because that is who you are, since you are into complying to their PC way of doing things! Just leave, we don’t want you in the New Republican party of patriots that Trump has built!

208. DanL: I'm in my 40s and been a dyed in the wool, life long republican. I despise Hillary and think that she will be a terrible president. But I and my wife will vote straight democrat this election because the GOP needs to be beat to a bloody pulp for nominating and supporting Trump. I am done with the republican party and want it to die. I would very much like to see center right republicans get together with center left democrats to make a new party and thereby marginalize both the far right and the far left.

239. Damani Independent: While you are right that Hilary will win in a landslide, you are absolutely wrong that republicans will win in 2020. That is the mistake many would make in their analysis... The problem is not Trump, the problem is the base voters, the alt right and conservative base that propelled Trump to the nomination. The Republican Party is finished, they would lose this year and in 2020 and 2024... Until the party is willing to divorce itself from the radical conservative base.

293. Martha: Heavens, I've never seen such stupidity in my entire life.....Trump doesn't care if he loses. He probably wants to lose. He knows he has a fanatical following of millions that he can milk now for a decade. You think Trump gives a rats ass about holding congress? Your values? Any values? He is the biggest ignoramus to come down the pike. You bought him, and I hope you got some giggles out of it, because you have destroyed everything.

357. Doug NYC-GOP: Good God Martha – You need to get over this "holier than thou, self righteous Town Crier" act you’ve been on all year. You are becoming a caricature of the classic, nagging back seat driver shrew.

371. Independent 4 Life: Its the never trumpers fault if killary is elected. Instead of uniting and getting Trump elected they acted like babies because none of their establishment hacks got the nomination. If Hillary is elected and she abolishes the 2nd amendment and appoints liberal supreme court judges blame yoursels nevertrumpers don't come back begging on your knees begging for forgiveness that the conversative movement forgi. They won't but they'll be a,new home for you's. In the Democratic party where you belong

381. Martha: Consider my posts pay back for the way you all screwed the rest of us who knew better than to nominate a sexual pervert who wants to date his own daughter. It’s not just a difference of opinion we are suffering under. Its a difference of priorities and values. A lot of you, apparently, don’t value common decency or respect for women. You nominated a loser and now all of America will suffer. Pardon me if I’m not polite about it.

= = = = = = = = = =

After Trump loses, this infighting can only get more bitter and more vicious and, let's face it, more entertaining -- especially if Republicans suffer substantial down-ballot losses as well, which is looking increasingly likely.

Trump himself is not going to help.  As Republican leaders back gingerly away from him, he's gone into full temper-tantrum mode, lashing out in all directions and trying to settle scores.  Who knows how he'll react after actually losing the election, but my guess is, he won't do anything to calm down his enraged Trumpanzee legions or reconcile them with the party establishment he believes has betrayed him.

Update:  Here's a woman who knows how to make an exit.


Blogger Green Eagle said...

It's a beautiful sight, and all the more so in that the odds of the Republicans learning anything meaningful from this disaster are somewhat less than 1%, so we can count on a spectacle like this pretty much every four years into the distant future, sort of like the Olympics, only with hate.

11 October, 2016 23:26  
Anonymous nonnie9999 said...

I honestly don't know whether to weep for the end of civility or stock up on popcorn to watch the very entertaining GOP civil war.

11 October, 2016 23:54  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Green: Hoping it will lead to a permanent split. If not, things will only get worse next time if the Trumpanzees are still in the party and the nominate someone even sillier like Ted Nugent or Phil the Duck.

Nonnie: Definitely popcorn for me. Civility is part of what helps disparate elements of a community function together, so its disappearance among the enemy is something to be celebrated.

12 October, 2016 00:49  
Blogger Shaw Kenawe said...

After the wingnuts cheered on every vile and hateful thing Trump said, they're now surprised that the American people have come to their senses and have had enough and turned on him? They're not fast learners, are they.

I've linked to your post over at P.E.

12 October, 2016 06:31  
Blogger Kevin Robbins said...

out touch Thurston Howell,III nose in the air holier than thou, that have never ever done a thing wrong in their life and think the POTUS needs to be the same

I don't understand this. I never thought of Thurston Howell as being holier than thou. I did love Jim Backus, so maybe that skewed my thinking.

Thanks for the discovery of that thread, Infidel. I'm feeling the comforting warmth of schadenfreude. Or maybe that's given off by the DEMONS FROM HELL, Obama and Clinton.

12 October, 2016 10:07  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Shaw: They've lost all sense of what they sound like to normal people, that's for sure.

Kevin: Any kind of metaphor in the hands of these dingbats is an endangered species. Half the time it's so off-course and belabored that you can barely tell what point it's supposed to make.

And yes, happiness is a warm demon.

12 October, 2016 18:01  

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