03 October 2009

Link roundup for 3 October 2009

Can someone sic this kid on that blasted gecko I keep seeing on billboards?

There is no ceiling cat.

A reminder: don't mess with elephants.

Can Islam be funny?

I don't see that this (found via Mendip) is particularly ironic. Most vegetarians would probably eat meat if that were the only way to save their lives, just as most people would probably eat human flesh under such circumstances.

When rightist blogs talk about the left, they always seem to con-jure up some weird straw-man caricature bearing no resemblance to any actual leftists I know or have heard of. Forever in Hell dissects an example.

Reid says the public option will be there (found via Dissenting Justice).

Bill Clinton says 2010 won't be like 1994 -- for one thing, today's Democrats haven't repeated his error of attacking gun rights.

The fruits of conservative governance: Texas's under-regulated medical examiners create ghastly miscarriages of justice.

If you read only two links from this roundup, let them be this one and this one. There is a domestic terrorist threat in this country. It is real.

Republican decline is rooted in the fact that even the party's own leaders overestimate the importance of the teabagger fringe. McCain's efforts to reform the party could benefit from following Goldwater's example. Lindsey Graham is trying too (found via The Middle of Nowhere).

Secular conservative (increasingly an oxymoron these days) Heather Mac Donald calls out the right for racism and hypocrisy.

Russell Blackford discusses older and younger atheists, and the vital importance of blasphemy.

Sick, sex-hating religious fanatics are outraged at women being able to feign virginity (in a society where not being a virgin can result in being murdered).

PZ Myers is unimpressed by snotty Christian advice for atheists.

Yet another brave ex-Muslim gets death threats -- in Oklahoma.

The Middle of Nowhere has a follow-up post on Polanski and the arrogance of elites.

As long predicted, global warming is driving a rise in the level of methane in the atmosphere -- which will increase warming still further.

Even linear extrapolation of past life-expectancy trends suggests that half the babies born in developed countries this year will live to be 100. Of course, I'm more optimistic.

Over the last few years, longevity science has become much more respectable.


Anonymous JollyRoger said...

I thought it was the Rushpubliscums who were driving up the methane levels?

03 October, 2009 08:43  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Well, if you factor in the hot air they produce, and the tidal effects of Rush Limbaugh.....

03 October, 2009 10:01  
Blogger TomCat said...

Thanks for an excellent list.


03 October, 2009 14:40  
Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

On "Reconstitution's" piece about Texas Justice ...the most shocking part to me this week on this... is how shocked some people were about this...especially Texan's ... heh,heh,heh,heh,heh ...talk about being out of touch with the real world. :) I been telling folk's for year's here how thing's are done in Texas...and how innocent people here get killed commonly. This posting is good and touches an important issue...but believe me...what you see there is just a "taste" ...kind of like one of them "trailer's"(for a flick) :) Put it this way... you can get away with alot of shit in this place...I KNOW TOO WELL...heh,heh,heh. As far as this case of questionable execution, this kind of crap is commonplace here...I cant go case to case and prove it here...but I just know the mentality of some of these folk's...which is ... "If you get 8 or 9 out of 10 right...that'll do" that's the bottom line.Texas .. is Heaven and Hell...all combined under the same roof ... for especially criminal's. You can get away with so much shit here that I could never get away with in NYC or LA because of lack of regulation, weak enforcement, and just plain ole sloth.Yet...on the other hand...it is the kind of place where you can get pinched/busted on a seriopus offense...and if your average or poor ... can find yourself in a nightmare of injustice...especially if you have a prior record...your good as guilty.... and feel hopeless. I have been incarcerated myself here in Texas...for actual offenses that I DID commit and have seen some shit here locked up that would make most folk's head spin...that this actually happen's in the USA.At the same time...it is the kind of place where you can get away with small crime(non-violent)... in some cases as easy as stealing candy from a 4 year old if you know your shit,and how the system work's,and how to manipulate it.As far as innocent's dying here ...well...this has been going on since they re-instituted the death penalty here back in the 70's ... and alot more when they had it before that.And so many Texan's are basically desensitized to it...it's a mind-state as well. I have seen thing's while even locked up myself...that I just turned my head to and didnt say a word...is that wrong? Of coarse it is...but if I spoke up...I know what would happen to me.... I would be next in other word's.So you can call me a coward for not speaking up...and that's fine...I know if I did say anything...I might as well wish I was dead ... so unless you have actually lived in a reality like that...it is hard to say what your reaction would be.Some folk's who never been to Texas think of it as a place that's "hot" ...(refering to weather/summer) ... it can be very cold.... in a non weather sense. Why do I love this place?, because I live alot better here and have more freedom here(as weird as that may sound)than I had when I lived in town's like LA,NYC,Chicago,etc. I understand how that is difficult to believe,especially if you never been here.But at the same time ... I sure wouldnt want to be on the shit end of the stick here,it's also that "bad". Weird,heh? .....

03 October, 2009 16:54  
Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

Another thing I wanted to comment on...Yes..Reid and many say that public option will be there, which is great...and I can only hope for it...and still hope for it to be in there.So why am I so skeptical? I have been posting about this so much...it's all about the "scam" and how they "play". Which is ...one, as I stated a problem can be.... when this get's dragged out...it give's them time to "think" and recreate their strategy.In short...if they do slip in the term "public option" what will it actually be twisted into...vs. what it was initially meant to be?Meaning ... they are going to put in the term "public option" because they know...those who dont...could cost them an election...so...if your them...what do you do?(think like them)I mean...how can you please the voter's...and please those who control(even though you know your balls are nailed to the wall)with the pocket puppet's on the Hill as well as the Spin Doctor's of the press? Simple... by presenting "PO", and through a bunch of twisting by clever attorney's ... twisted into something else that isnt what it sound's to be.Which the corporate end is working on with flunkies like Baucus...rest assured,the longer they take...the more were going to get fucked...bottom line. And presentation and talk, is one thing...actually getting a passing vote...heh,heh,heh,heh,heh...is a whole other issue and task. I am hopeful...YES ... but also practical as well, and aware of their game's.If...like Michael Moore clearly stated...there is NO "PO" ... and I am talking about real PO...not this crap that they will try to twist it into ...there simply is no change...and not a damn thing will be done...but now getting fucked more than we did...with now the corporation's having TOTAL control and the ENTIRE market...and the power to penalize us who dont buy from them...bottom line.This is a very deceptive reality we live in.So YES ... I am very skeptical,especially now...of where this is going...I been listening closely to them in session...and see alot more than what meet's the eye.Hope I'm wrong on this one.

Domestic Terrorism? Of coarse I have talked alot about this...and yes...we will see a rise in it...along with violence,umemployment,bankruptcies,and other thing's...that will frustrate folk's who will go over the edge...bottom line.I know...the statistic's show this...and that,etc,etc, and thing's are getting better.Exactly...thing's will get better for some...and a hell of alot worse for other's.No...I am not talking doom and gloom..as some may think...I am talking about what to expect...and of coarse..this is what I expect.All these stat's and figure's etc,etc. are not even showing the entire picture ...in cities like Detroit for instance...unemployment is up to 28%...and believe me...it will rise more than that...and that's not even counting those like myself in these stat's...we dont exist..cause we dont draw assistance...or bother to look for regular employment(personally I make more money working for myself than I ever could at some job, although I do also have occupational risk's that may be greater)....most will be employed...and doing fine...yet still tightening their belt's and outraged for other reason's...but the increase in crime,poverty,joblessness...will increase which will flame anger's.

Thank You Sir.

03 October, 2009 17:28  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Don't worry, jobs will recover throughout the country fairly soon now -- even if it happens earlier in some areas than others. Wait and see.

04 October, 2009 11:33  

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